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bamboo forest wallpaper mural

29/07/2015   POSTED BY

Top 10 Tree Murals & Forest Wallpaper Ideas

What Will You Find In Our Tree Murals Collection?

Forests are really quite enchanting places. Whether you’re watching wild animals roam around, on the look out for magical creatures, or just soaking up the beautiful natural vibes, there’s nothing quite as special as a walk amongst the trees.

So bring some of that enchanting feel into your home, with some of these fantastic tree murals. Read on for some great ideas on how to style tree wallpaper to add a hint of woodland flair in every room.

1. Look Up At The Trees

You never know what you’ll discover until you stop and take a second to see things as they really are and our Zen inspired bamboo forest tree mural is a perfect reminder of that. Take a moment to look up into the sky-grazing bamboo shoots as the sun bursts through. With an incredible graphic pattern and a vibrant green colour, this is a juicy pop of colour, perfect for enlivening any space.

2. Tree Murals In Nurseries

Tree mural wallpapers make a wonderfully calm and soothing backdrop for playrooms and nurseries too – with lots of lovely imagery to nurture big imaginations!  This touching mother and fawn mural is the perfect reminder of the special bond between parents and their little ones.

deer wall mural

3. Play With Light

If you’ve ever watched the play of light rippling through the leaves of a tree, you probably know what a hypnotic and captivating experience it can be to see. And this striking contemporary forest mural captures it brilliantly. Deep dramatic shadows and a burst of sunlight just beyond blend modern style with nature in a great balance.

black and white forest mural


4. Experience The Classic Tree Mural

The woods have always been a popular subject for artists through the ages – and this evocative work from the 19th-century master, Renoir, makes for a truly impressive wall mural. Capturing his portrait of Jules Le Coeur walking amongst the forest of Fontainebleau, this makes a wonderful gift for art lovers – and a really unique way of showcasing art in your home.

renoir wallpaper mural

5. Reflect And Be Inspired

The hustle and bustle of daily life can be tough on our systems – sometimes you just need to step away and have a chance to reflect. Which is why we love having this soothing and serene portrait of reflecting trees in our own workspaces. Perfect for a home workspace or to give your office a contemporary feel, this adds a subtle but striking impact.

reflection trees

6. Go Graphic

More a fan of contemporary art? Then this refreshingly minimalist shot of bamboo trees might be the perfect addition for your space. Capturing the vibrant, raw beauty of bamboo stalks, you don’t need to add anything else to show off this amazing burst of colour, and clean, simple lines.

bamboo wall mural

7. Dream Spaces

Lose yourself in a daydream with this drifting, serene glimpse of a foggy woodland. It’s the perfectly lyrical image, with just a hint of cool blue colour and a cloud of light, adding a soft and tactile feel to your walls.

foggy forest murals

8. Modern Minimalism

A great complement to a stylish, minimalist space, this spare and delicate artwork of an Australian pain tree adds a touch of nature to your space, with the lightest of touches. Pair it with a neutral toned room to show it off to best effect.

pain tree mural


9. Quirky Colour

If you fancy something a little more creative and playful, then you might just fall in love with these wonderfully whimsical birdcages, hanging off a tree branch. With a tiny pop of colour against the white skies, this is cute and contemporary in equal measures.

birdcage wall mural

Get more details on the process and pricing of murals with our online enquiry form or speak to one of our friendly team seven days a week on 01772 284110.

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