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birch forest covered in snow wallpaper with blue and white sofa

16/11/2020   POSTED BY

Snowy Landscape Wallpaper for Every Season

Have you ever thought about having a snowy landscape wallpaper? Well, you have come to the right place! We have a brrr-illiant selection of snow wallpapers for you to enjoy. Transform your home into a winter wonderland during the holiday season or create an idyllic, cosy ambiance to last the whole year through!

From snow-laden forests, snow-capped mountain tops, frosty rivers, snowy Japanese landscapes and more, there is the perfect winter wallpaper for everyone, including all tastes and ages – chill-dren included!

Can’t wait for the snow to fall before you get that refreshing, wintry feeling in your home? Then opt for one of these beautiful snowy landscape wallpapers so you can feel the magic of winter in snow time!


Winter wallpaper that could be from a Christmas card!

frosty forest with river running through wall mural in cosy lounge

Mural in photo: Winter Trees

Create a feature wall fit for a Christmas card with this stunning Winter Trees wallpaper mural. The colours in this winter wallpaper are utterly gorgeous and the neutral tones mean that it will work perfectly with your current décor – there’s snow need to break the bank!

Ideal as a jaw-dropping feature wall in your lounge or as a calming focal point in your master bedroom, this stunning landscape wallpaper will bring that magical, wintry feeling into any space.


Snow-capped mountains: cosy for Winter and cool for Summer!

beautiful lake and green forest with snowy mountains wallpaper with blue sofa and metal lamp

Mural in photo: Snow Capped Mountains mural

Mountainous landscapes topped with snow are a wonderful choice for any room in the home. Despite how you would think snow and frost would make a space feel cold and unwelcoming, they are in fact incredibly cosy and homely! We think it must be the same as when you’re all cosied up inside by the fire and you can hear the rain patter on the window! It’s comforting and cosy: far from feeling cold! And when the summer months come along, the colourful blues and greens will bring colour into your home and make you feel like you could splash into that blissful, cool lake! Ahh...

We adore the combination of snow and luscious greenery in this Snow Capped Mountains wallpaper. The colour green has many positive health benefits and allegedly calms our nervous system. So the idea of combining this colour with a calming, snowy landscape wallpaper is a match made in heaven!


Perfect Christmas wallpaper = snow-covered trees

snowy mall in central park wallpaper in grey christmas lounge

Mural in photo: Central Park Covered in Snow

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? When looking at this festive Central Park Covered in Snow wallpaper, you can't help but feel a little bit Christmassy! You can really imagine taking a horse and sleigh ride down this path! It’s just like a scene from the old movie White Christmas!

This beautiful and timeless snowy wallpaper ticks so many boxes. Together with sparkly silver Christmas decorations, your home will be transformed into a dreamy Christmas scene! And throughout the rest of the year, this serene winter wallpaper will create a relaxing ambiance in your home: great for helping you unwind at the end of the day…

black and white snowy park wall mural with beige sofa and cute white dog sat on it

Don’t you just love how one of our happy customers used this Central Park Covered in Snow wallpaper in their own lounge? We think that their Maltese’s wagging tail says it all really!


Snowy landscape wallpaper whether its hot or cold outside!

black, grey and off-white painted snow landscape wall mural in trendy modern office

Mural in photo: Snowscape Wallpaper

Got good taste all year round? Let it show, let it show, let it show with a snowy landscape wallpaper like this vintage Snowscape wallpaper! Painted in the 1800s by Japanese artist Kōno Bairei, this breath-taking piece of art proves that classic never goes out of style. 

We think that this Japanese interpretation of a snowy landscape will be perfect for contrasting with modern décor. Select furniture with straight and sleek edges. Try to choose pieces that are made with modern materials such as recycled plastics and reclaimed wood as well as monochrome metals. And when the Spring and Summer seasons come along, why not add a burst of colour such as pink or red into the room?


Dreamy winter forests to keep you calm in every season

snowy forest with sunlight peeking through the trunks in grey, trendy lounge

Mural in photo: Snow Covered Trees wallpaper

Forests are one of the most popular types of murals sold at Wallsauce.com and it's easy to see why. They're impactful, calming, suit most types of decor and can uplift almost any room! Snow covered forests are sold all year round but are most popular during the winter as people begin to redecorate in time for the festive season! They are also an excellent way to hibernate in style as they bring the outdoors in!

Because of the warm, golden tones of the sunlight filtering through the trees, we recommend choosing gold accent pieces as well as white décor to go with this stunning Snow Covered Trees wallpaper mural. And for the holiday time of year, choose a range of Christmas decorations in the same shades!


Winter animal wallpapers for all ages (and species) - whatever the month!

white and grey wolf in snow wallpaper in black and white living room

Mural in picture: Timber Wolf

Winter animal wallpapers will create a stylish yet adorable backdrop all year round for a home full of family fun! They are perfect throughout the festive season and beyond! Choose from fluffy, white polar bears and their cubs, gorgeous wolves racing through powdery snow or penguins gathered on icebergs! These animal wallpapers are so beautiful, they will melt your heart!

We love this stunning Timber Wolf mural in one of our customer’s homes. Once again, we have received the seal of approval from their furry friends!

illustration of polar bears and penguins in an arctic setting in black white toddler's bedroom

Mural in photo: Arctic Sundown

Snowy landscape wallpapers with animals in them also make great feature walls in children's bedrooms – especially if they are animal obsessed! This amazing Arctic Sundown wall mural creates the perfect snow scene for a nursery or young child’s room. Because of the collection of blue, purple and off-white shades, you aren’t just limited to sticking to grey and white. Choose purple bed covers and blue scatter cushions; not forgetting a polar bear-shaped rug! Cute!


Winter wallpaper so you can enjoy the snow all year round!

white and light-blue living room with birches covered in snow feature wall

Mural in photo: Snowy Birch Forest

Another firm favourite amongst our customers throughout the year is this stunning Snowy Birch Forest wall mural – and it’s no surprise why! The mix of white from the birch trees' bark and the snow contrast beautifully with the blue-tinged background. It really is the perfect snowy landscape wallpaper.

Choose a range of silver, white and blue shaded décor to bring out the gorgeous tones in this snow wallpaper. We can picture a white sofa placed against this stunning winter wallpaper and touches of blue from accessories such as a vase, scatter cushions or a blanket.


Aren’t these snowy landscape wallpapers snow nice? Tell us which is your favourite or carry on reading for more tips on winter décor trends!

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I will need murals of cities in China like Shanghai, Bejing, Honk Kong etc. Please advice me if you could get them and what is the cost. The walls are appr 3.5m wide by 2.4m high

Paula from Wallsauce.com


Hi George, Thank you for getting in touch. We have sent you an email containing an answer to your question. Please let me know if you need any more assistance. Kind regards, Paula

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