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White decor colour theory for your home featuring marble wallpaper

14/09/2017   POSTED BY

Interiors colour wheel: Colour theory for your decor

White decor colour theory

White symbolises light, purity, innocence, cleanliness and (often overlooked) superiority. These qualities make white the colour for anyone looking to create luxurious or refreshing decor. White can be used in conjunction with almost any colour and perhaps the biggest consideration should be the colour it is used with rather than the choice to use white itself. For example, used with pale pink, white will symbolise cleanliness and innocence rather than superiority and purity. Used with gold, silver or black it is more likely to create feelings of eliteness and superiority.


Blue decor colour theory 

Blue is almost perfect when it comes to decor. The many positive benefits it holds makes it suitable for any room in the home and even for work or business use. Associated with calmness and a symbol of trust, faith and intelligence blue decor can fill a space with many desired emotions.

Use in rooms shared by the family to create a calming space that enforces feelings of loyalty and trust. Use in study or work spaces to signify intelligence and stability.

Blue colour theory for home decor

Mural in picture: The Alpilles1890, Vincent Van Gogh


Different shades

Light blue - tranquility

Dark blue - power, stability

Green decor colour theory

Although different in appearance, green is quite similar to blue. The many positive benefits it can add to a space make it a colour to consider when decorating family rooms. Green symbolises growth, relaxation (green room anyone?) and harmony. It will instantly add light to any room and it is versatile enough to work with earthy, neutral and bright colours; allowing it to be styled as desired.

Green decor colour theory

Mural in picture: Asian Garden and Pond

Black decor colour theory

As, just like white, black will match well with many colours how black is used will determine which persona black is likely to take in the home. Black is quite diverse and can symbolise many different qualities. It can be associated with power, elegance and mystery as well as fear and negativity. It can add the appearance of depth to a room and also create feelings of prestige. Combined with white, silver, gold or rich shades of purples, greens, oranges and pinks, black will take on the more positive qualities mentioned such as prestige, sophistication and elegance. Used in round and curly patterns, black will also feel more approachable than when used in angular patterns which will create more ‘stylish’ connotations.

Black colour theory - What does black symbolise?

Mural in picture: Angles 3

Black colour theory

Mural in picture: Antwerp Stairs


Yellow decor colour theory

Yellow, merely picturing the colour evokes feelings of happiness. Partly due to its association with the sun, yellow will create feelings of warmth, cheerfulness and happiness to any space. You’ll often see yellow used in playrooms or classrooms as it also stimulates mental activity. It is also a great choice for kitchens, as it is mentally associated with food.

Yellow does not match well with white, and it best used with darker colours or wood.

Yellow colour theory for home decor

Mural in picture: Camo Yellow

Red decor colour theory

Red is arguably the most powerful colour featured on this list. It is associated with passion, romance, strength, courage and desire. It is an emotive colour that actually increases heart rate. Used alone it is more suitable for adult spaces however used with bright, primary colours like yellow it will also work well in family rooms.

Red decor colour theory for your home

Mural in picture: Out of Love

Source, Colour Wheel Information.


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