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10/03/2017   POSTED BY

[Expert Advice] How to Match Wallpaper With Flooring Like a Pro

Match Your Wallpaper With Your Flooring Like A Pro!

Arguably the two most important choices when designing a room, your walls and flooring can completely alter a room’s appearance - so it’s important to carefully consider these elements when decorating a space. In this article, we’ll be taking you through many interior design tips and insights, so that you too can match your wallpaper and flooring like a professional.

Choosing Your Coloured Wallpaper

As with all things design related, your colour scheme should be your inspiration. Consider the core colours you’d like to work into your room; are you going for warmer or cooler colours, or do you want to mix the two together?

wine cellar mural in dining room

Mural: 'Wine Cellar' - For wood flooring, check out Flooringrepublic

It’s important that the colours you choose complement each other, as this will prevent any clashes and give the room a professional finish. If you need a helping hand when it comes to colour matching or figuring out whether particular shades are classed as warm or cool colours, it’s worth using a colour wheel.

Consider Your Décor

Unless you’re starting completely from scratch, it’s likely that you will have existing décor in your space, and this might impact on your interior choices. Identify the colours used in your accessories and furniture and consider how these will look when coupled with your wallpaper and flooring. If your décor colour is primarily cool, opting for darker flooring and walls will give the colour an eye-catching contrast. This could work wonders with brighter accent colours like orange or aqua.

A popular concept is to match a décor colour with an accent on your walls. For example, if you had a pink accent colour in your furnishings and accessories, you could match this with the subtle pink tones in a primarily neutral wallpaper. Couple with dark solid wood flooring to create a stylish and professional finish.


Mural: 'Summer Meadow - Sepia'

Envisage Your Style

Whether your style is vintage or contemporary, you should consider how your aesthetic will tie in with your wallpaper and flooring. Consider which styles are prevalent throughout your home, and colours you already use. Continuity throughout the home creates a ‘professional’ feel, particularly in smaller homes. In larger homes, you can mix styles in different rooms without losing the professional effect. This ensures the floors, walls and décor still match in each style. If you wanted to be bold with your style, a popular interior design trend this year is ‘Brazil’.  So why not combine natural flooring options like bamboo or oak with an exotic wallpaper to create a unique and vibrant space in your home.


Mural: 'Green Palms' For dark solid wood flooring, head to Flooringrepublic

Think Creatively

When it comes to decorating, we’d encourage you to be as creative as possible. Yes, there are certain design principles to keep in mind when decorating, but your home should beam ‘you’. There’s no greater way to make you feel at home than to décor ate your space, including your walls and floors, in a way that accentuates your personality. So, why not get that bold wall mural you were considering, or mix things up with painted wooden flooring? After all, professional interior designers reflect their own personality in their work, and so should you.


Mural: 'Graffiti - Digitized'

If you’re considering redecorating and changing your wallpaper and/or flooring, it can be tough to envisage your ideas in your home. Follow our guide and match your walls and flooring so that you can décor ate like a professional and keep your home looking fresh.

Flooringrepublic is a UK nationwide stockist of wood flooring. With many stores across Wales and England, Flooringrepublic not only sell many varieties of wooden floors, they also manufacture their solid and engineered wood floors as well as sourcing their own materials. Head to flooringrepublic.co.uk to see their vast range.

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Pearl Fulton


Great article and it is really useful, keep up the good work. 

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hi Pearl, thank you for your comment! We are glad you liked our article!

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