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peach tile mural

08/06/2023   POSTED BY

4 Ways to Use Tile Wallpaper in Your Home

The tiled wallpaper trend is hotting up for 2023!

Whether you want to freshen up your bathroom, kitchen or hallway; tiled wall murals are a versatile option when it comes to your interior decor! 

An increased number of people are choosing the ease of ‘fake tiles’ rather than installing real tiles. Who doesn’t want an easy life? I know I do! Keep things simple by choosing tiled wallpaper in your home rather than real tiles. Stick around and see how you can use tiled wallpaper in your space and improve your interior décor!

Tiled Wallpaper in a Kitchen

blue and white tiled kitchen

Mural In Photo:  Retro Mosaic Tiles Wallpaper

Kitchen tiling can be expensive! First, you’ve got to buy the tiles and then hire someone to install them (or struggle to do it yourself). It’s all just costly and time-consuming! With tiled effect wallpaper, you can cut out the hard parts and achieve the same desired effect. Fake it til’ you make it, as they say.

We recommend using a higher quality wallpaper in kitchens, as it’ll most likely come into contact with water and steam. We offer an antibacterial deluxe material that is a great choice for areas such as a kitchen. The more durable, the better!

The ‘retro mosaic tiles’ above look amazing in kitchens! Not only this, but it also embraces the ever-popular maximalist trend we’ve seen emerge over the last few years. An eclectic mix of clashing patterns and colours is what maximalism is all about!

Imagine this tiled wallpaper in a kitchen, either as a full statement wall or above a backsplash, complimented by white wooden cupboards and a blue, matching toaster and kettle for a matching and elegant look. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to pair it with clashing yellow curtains and marble countertops to create the desired maximalist look.

If you wanted an easy colourful/patterned backsplash, a good idea would be to use one of our deluxe materials and then cover it with a glass splashback cover, ensuring it’s protected and always looks good! These are available from lots of different DIY stores. To read more ideas on how to improve your kitchen décor, you can read our blog post on the hottest kitchen trends of 2023. Let’s get inspired!

Tiled Wallpaper in a Bathroom

Wallpaper in bathrooms is often something shy away from; if it’s not the correct material, it’s not always the best combination due to heat and moisture.

However, wallpapering a bathroom brings the opportunity for lots of colour and pattern combinations that otherwise wouldn’t be possible using ordinary tile. Similar to the kitchen, we would recommend our deluxe material for bathrooms, and remember; it’s best not to have the paper in direct contact with water! This will greatly decrease the lifespan of your lovely new mural and result in it not looking as amazing as it really should do.

As well as this, it’s important that the room has lots of ventilation!

mosaic tiles in bathroom

Mural In Photo: Mosaic Tiles Wallpaper

One of the patterns easily achievable with tiled effect wallpaper is mosaic tiles. Ordinarily, mosaic tiles are known to be fiddly and would definitely need to be installed by a professional due to them being very small and intricate. However, with wallpaper, it’s possible you could do it yourself! Making it not only easier but extremely budget-friendly.

Mosaic tile would also look amazing as a charming and unique feature wall in a dining area or in an entranceway emulating a classic Victorian style that adds character to any home.

If you’re looking for more ways to freshen up your bathroom décor, we’ve also written a blog post about bathroom trends for 2023!

Statement Walls

rose gold and navy tiles

Mural In Photo: Rose Gold and Navy Tiles

Statement walls are an ever-popular way to make a room look stylish with minimal effort. So why not combine tiled wallpapers and statement walls?

Westcott Homes predict that statement walls will continue being a top interior trend throughout 2023.

A feature wall can make a space appear larger by creating separate areas of the wall and allowing divisions to be made within the interior. They also allow limited spaces to come to life, making a big impact in a small place. Additionally, they create a focal point within a space, highlighting the area of the room you want people to pay attention to, such as a fireplace or large window.

Use a tiled wallpaper such as ‘Rose Gold and Navy Tiles’, to create a feature wall in a modern living area, complimented with a blush pink sofa, light wood furnishings and gold hardware. Doesn’t that just sound dreamy? Excuse me whilst I go and remodel my entire home…

Use as a Budget-Friendly Option

Budget, in 2023? Yep, that’s what I said!

It’s hard to believe that in the year 2023, anything is a budget option anymore, but you best believe it!

Compared to using real tile, tiled wallpaper can serve as a more cost-effective option, which realistically is as good a reason as any to hop onto a trend.

Tile costs more than wallpaper overall, and installation is a lengthy, difficult process, whereas wallpaper is much simpler. Not only this, tile comes with more problems than wallpaper, such as grout going mouldy and tiles falling off the wall which can be unsightly and annoying when it comes to rectifying it. You won’t have to worry about this with tile-effect wallpaper. This makes wallpaper a more budget-friendly option overall!

Check out this stunning ‘Peaches and Cream’ mural, available on our website. Its modern design would be great on an accent wall in a living area or dining room, featuring on-trend colours and an interesting pattern that embraces modernity and would be perfect for various different spaces within a home. This mural would look incredible with oak furniture complimenting the peach tones, with neutral white furniture such as sofas, curtains and scatter pillows.

peach tile wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Peaches and Cream

We hope to have provided some inspiration for your brand-new home décor featuring tiled effect wallpaper!

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