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Modern bathroom trendfor 2023 with a grey and white terrazzo wallpaper

14/10/2022   POSTED BY

Beautiful Bathroom Trends for 2023

It looks like the year 2023 is going to be a big year for our bathrooms as they take over the interior spotlight. So, why not allow us to take the stress out of searching for the best bathroom trends for 2023? Our bathrooms are the one place where we want to make sure both ourselves and our guests feel as comfortable as possible and not recoil in horror (yes, we’re talking about you, dreaded public toilets) but this doesn’t have to be the case for you.

Some people get ready in their bathrooms, styling their hair or perfecting their make-up and others love to spend hours soaking in a bubble-filled tub with a good book (I know I do!) so it would make sense to make this room look beautiful for all occasions.

So, sit back, relax and cast your interior-hungry eyes over these gorgeous bathroom trends!

Marvelous bathroom trends for 2023 include marble

Big bathroom trends for 2023 include marble wallpaper in bathrooms

Mural in photo: Dreamy Marble Effect

Marble has always been beautiful and always will be. From gorgeous marble sinks, worktops and stunning flooring and tiles, its only downside is usually the cost. We all know marble can carry a hefty price tag, so a great way to include it in your bathroom (without worrying about your purse strings) is to choose a marble-effect wall mural. Marble wallpapers can contain understated gold tones which ooze luxury or hold a plethora of beautiful colours. This will allow you to transform your bathroom without the need of purchasing expensive tiles or flooring (not to mention someone to install them)

If you are installing wallpaper in a bathroom, it is important to make sure it is well-ventilated. We always recommend the 'Premium Paste the Wall' option for long-lasting great results, which also has anti-mold and mildew properties too.

Big bathroom trends for 2023 include modern gothic

Black walls in a bathroom with a white marble sink and a gold mirror and taps

Image source: roomfortuesday.com via Pinterest

Modern gothic, or ‘gothcore’ if you will, has been reimagined for 2023 and its dramatic style is allowing more accessible design elements for the contemporary home. To achieve a gorgeously gothic style without over-powering your space you should opt for smooth, dark and layered surfaces. Mixed them with ornated brass or gold fixtures in the form of light fittings or ornate mirrors.

Modern gothic encompasses an industrial vibe with Scandi noir to create a beautifully moody style. It’s easy to see how the modern gothic style will surpass the bathroom trends for 2023 and stay with us for years to come.

Collect your thoughts with calming coral

Pink coral bathroom with coral walls and coral geometic tiles

Image source: sfgirlbybay.com via Pinterest

Coral is thought to bring comfort and peace of mind with its soothing and welcoming hue. The unique colour made its debut back in 2021 but it has started to filter out into our home décor. It is a beautiful combination of pink tones and orange shades which allows it to be a rich, versatile colour. The pastel tone of coral emits a vintage feel but can be given a modern twist. If you prefer a contemporary look, opt for geometric tiles and modern curved furniture or rose gold accessories.

For accent colours, opt for mint or sea greens, turquoise and darker blues, or for a beautiful contrast, pastel yellows. You could achieve this with painted furniture, opaque glass in form of vases or storage containers for your cotton buds and liquid soap. You could even use these colours for your chosen bath mat and/or shower curtain.

The moral of the story is if you are looking for bathroom trends for 2023 which radiate personality, coral is always the answer.

Trust terrazzo to give your bathroom style

Modern bathroom with black stone floor and black and white terrazzo wallpaper

Mural in photo: Grey and White

Terrazzo is making a comeback in 2023 and we are very pleased! The terrazzo design is as versatile as it is beautiful. The patterns come in many colourways, but also varying sizes, so you are guaranteed to find a design you will love. It is a great way to spruce up a small or awkward corner or if you have a particular space you are struggling to cover.

The terrazzo style is a great way to introduce patterns to your bathroom walls without overpowering the rest of your room. A terrazzo wall mural is especially great if you don’t like the look of bulky tiles as you can create a seamless wall and more importantly, it is much more cost-effective!

Always remember to check that your bathroom has excellent ventilation before installing a wallpaper.

Liven up your bathroom with layered textures

Bathroom with white tiles and patterned flooring with a mixture of metal and wooden accessories

Image source: tuacasa.com.br via Pinterest

One of our favourite bathroom trends for 2023 includes applying multiple layers to your room. In doing this you can create a cosy, yet funky style. Mixing wood, metals and other materials such as wicker allows you to embrace a balance between minimalism and maximalism. It can be harder to accessorise in a bathroom, especially if your room is more compact, this is why layering with multiple textures is important.

Layering will stop your room from appearing flat and uninteresting but is also a wonderful way to add personality to an area without the need for generic storage items. Metal baskets can be used as shelving or as toilet roll holders, reclaimed wood can be used as a makeshift bath mat or as candle holders and hanging wicker baskets can hold trailing greenery.

Embrace Eco-friendly bathroom trends for 2023

Reclaimed wood vanity with white sinks in a bathroom with wicker storage baskets

Image source: myblogdeco.fr via Pinterest

Eco-friendly and sustainable living is gaining more and more momentum as we realise the impact we have on our planet needs to change. It doesn’t have to be a daunting task and is easily achieved. A great way to start in the bathroom would be to choose reclaimed wood as furniture items, not only does this help with recycling, but reclaimed wood also looks amazing! It gives you the opportunity to save a wonderful but lost piece of furniture that you can adorn and upcycle to your heart's content.

Opting for rattan or wicker storage baskets is also a great way to be kind to our environment. Natural rattan is biodegradable and as it grows so quickly it can be easily harvested, compared to wood, which takes many years to replace by planting trees. Rattan is very diverse and comes in the shape of storage baskets, laundry baskets, rugs and even plant pots!

Join the ever-lasting jungle trend

Rose gold bath in a bathroom with a muted green jungle wallpaper

Mural in photo: Tranquil Jungle

The jungle trend is showing no signs of leaving us in 2023 and we couldn’t be happier. The jungle trend came to fruition as those of us who weren’t lucky enough to own gardens began searching for ways to bring the outside into our homes. The effect this has had on us has been overwhelmingly positive. Research conducted by the Mental Health Foundation showed that people who are more connected with nature are usually much happier.

If your bathroom is smaller in size and you don’t really have the room to include many potted plants, you can always opt for a jungle-inspired wallpaper. The visual imagery of tropical trees and thick shrubbery will also have a positive effect on your mood and mind. What could be more relaxing them soaking your troubles away in a bubble-filled bath as you look out onto a tranquil jungle landscape?

Although splashes every now and then won’t cause it to deteriorate, murals should never be placed in direct contact with water.

Bathroom filled with tall green plants and a green rug

Image source: tuacasa.com.br via Pinterest

Another great way to achieve the jungle look in your bathroom would be to introduce various styles of greenery to your space. There are many types of plants that would thrive in a humid location making your bathroom the perfect place. This is an excellent alternative if you are conscious of your spending and maybe don’t have the budget to have your bathroom walls altered. Choosing a mixture of tall and trailing plants potted in both wicker and wooden plant pots will help to accentuate your jungle vibe. For a beautiful finishing touch opt for a large green bath mat or shower curtain.

Are you as excited as we are for all the beautiful bathroom trends for 2023? Tell us what trends you’re looking forward to the most in the comments below!

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