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light grey and yellow retro wallpaper shelves with wooden shelf in front of it

29/04/2021   POSTED BY

It’s All About Wallpaper Shelves & Shelfies!

Wallpaper shelves and shelfies. Everyone’s talking about them. But what exactly are shelfies? This latest craze is all about shelves that are pleasing to the eye. SO pleasing, that you can’t help but take a selfie in front of them. Get it? Shelfie. Selfie. Shelfie. Selfie…

In this article, we are getting all over this cool new shelves wallpaper trend. We will tell you how to create your own wallpaper shelves and show you our top-pick wallpapers that are perfect for backing a bookcase or shelf. We’re even going to give some tips on how to style a bookshelf! And we've even got some of our favourite photos of customer's shelfies who have absolutely nailed this style.

So read on… why not treat yourshelf with a shelfie?

How to add wallpaper to a bookcase?

mounted tv and white shelving on colourful graffiti wallpaper

Mural in photo: graffiti wallpaper from our extended range

Adding wallpaper to a bookcase has never been easier! And because of this, everyone is backing their bookcases and shelves with funky wallpapers! Whether in a home office, a shelved feature wall in a kitchen, or even in a lounge, like customer @jennaraye.interiors has done. By adding wallpaper inside a bookcase or placing it behind floating shelves, you can really make a difference to your home’s interior design.

A shelfie creates a focal point in a room and can act as a work of art all by itself. It gives you a chance to display your style and personality. When you have guests around, they can immediately find out something about you. If you choose a vintage style wallpaper, you have an old soul or if it’s a terrazzo pattern, you’re a lover of modern style. You may have photo frames of your wedding or when you travelled in your 20s. That beautiful pebble you found on the beach or your collection of toy cars from when you were a child. Whatever it is you display on your shelfie, it is an insight into your soul… Ready for more? First, let’s find out which wallpaper material to use…

Choose Peel and Stick for wallpaper shelves

pineapple, tropical flowers and birds wall mural in home office with box shelves

Mural in photo: Floral Pineapple

Once you have decided on your favourite wallpaper design, it’s time to think about which is the best type of wallpaper material to use. We highly recommend a self-adhesive material, such as our Peel and Stick wallpaper. Instead of using a traditional paste wallpaper, all you have to do is peel off the backing and apply the wallpaper panels onto a smooth flat surface – whether that be directly onto the wall, on the back of your open kitchen units, or cut out to stick onto the back of your shelving. But we always suggest making use of our free samples of wallpapers so that you can try them out before taking the plunge!

Install shelves wallpaper behind shelves (that's a mouthful to say)!

red brick effect wallpaper in funky customer kitchen

Mural in photo: Old Brick Wall installed by Pixie @redfoxhome

If you have an open-backed bookcase, all you need to do is install the wallpaper directly onto the wall. When it comes to floating shelves, it’s super simple. Just treat your beautiful new wallpaper as a normal one and place it straight onto the wall. Afterwards, install the shelves on top of your wallpapered wall.

Cheat with a bookcase wallpaper

bookcase wallpaper with floating shelf holding ear phones

Mural in photo: Bookcase wall mural

Ok. You may have wanted a shelfie, but why not cheat with a pretend wallpaper bookshelf instead? We promise we won’t tell anyone! Look how great customer @readbyrebecca’s pretend shelfie looks! Even though the shelf in the image isn’t backed with a pretend wallpaper, it still makes an epic feature wall in her recording studio! And she has even created more of an illusion by installing an actual floating shelf onto the illusional bookcase wallpaper as well!

How do you style a bookshelf?

blue and white marble effect wallpaper behind floating shelves with flowers and photos

Mural in photo: White Marble installed by @sophia.going

There are SO many ways you can achieve on-trend wallpaper shelves. But sometimes knowing which items to choose and how to balance them out correctly on your shelf can be hard to do well. When shelfie styling, we think that less is more. Choose items that you really cherish (not just “stuff” you have accumulated over the years). It’s about creating a focal point in the room that is personalised to you and your sense of style.

Start by adding larger items. Books, potted plants, or even a lamp are all large items that are perfect to start with. When you have placed these strategically onto your shelves, step back and see if they balance out well. After this, start to add in smaller items such as a candle, a small framed photo, crystals etc. Remember to keep stepping back and removing or moving items around. You don’t want it to look all samey-samey, cluttered, or worse, too bare.

How you perceive these things all depends on your taste. After all, as long as you love your shelfie, that’s all that matters!

Some of our top choices for wallpaper shelves…

grey and green toned dotty wallpaper in room with floating shelves and chair

Mural in photo: Tribal Swirls

Whether you want big and bold wallpaper prints or something more subtle, we have a gorgeous range for your wallpaper shelves. We adore the soothing grey and sage tones in this Tribal Swirls mural from our ethnic tribal wallpaper collection. Paired with sage-green accessories and plants, the green tones in this patterned wallpaper really come to life. With the white flooring and natural wooden décor, we can really sense a raw, natural feel to this gorgeous dotty wallpaper.

giraffe wallpaper shelves with green plant and camera

Mural in photo: Gracious Giraffes

If you have a large spare wall available, why not go for a big statement wall mural like this Gracious Giraffes design by Kikki Belle? Paired with a leafy-green plant and an old leather camera case, this jungle-themed room could easily belong to a travel enthusiast. Because of the detail in this giraffe wallpaper, we’d recommend installing it on an entire wall behind floating shelves. This will mean you can get the most of the entire design.

brown, white and black terrazzo wallpaper in boho home office

Mural in photo: Brown and Black

Or why not adorn your shelves with stylish terrazzo pattern wallpaper? We adore this cute office area in interiors influencer @la_sidhu’s home! We love how she has cleverly wallpapered the actual shelf as well. Paired with natural wicker and wooden accessories as well as leafy green plants, there is a real Romanesque feel to this space. Also, by using wallpaper shelves in her office, she has created more space to keep everything organised – so important when working from home.

retro floral pattern wallpaper in grey and yellow tones with wallpaper shelves

Mural in photo: Ochre and Grey Paisley

Last but not least, we are totally in love with this Ochre and Grey Paisley wall mural. The pattern is full of detail which will really stand out behind shelving. Yet the choice of pastel greys and mustard-yellows are gentle and subtle. It's the perfect combination. Great for behind floating shelves like in the room above or for a fitted bookcase, this retro paisley mural is the ideal choice when it comes to wallpaper behind shelves.

Let us know how you get on with creating your wallpaper shelves. Or for more shelfie inspiration, see for yourshelf our range of gorgeous pattern wallpaper.

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