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oriental natural colour chinoiserie pattern with flowers and birds in pale grey and green lounge

04/12/2020   POSTED BY

The Top 8 Living Room Trends for 2021

We are SO excited about living room trends for 2021! From embracing the simple beauty of nature to using travel as an inspiration! Not forgetting a newfound love for bold and neutral shades as well as revelling in luxurious fabrics! Not only this, but 2021 living rooms are all about going maximalist by mixing pattern and colour, and finding the biggest and most show-stopping lighting! And don't even get us started on the new cottagecore trend... The big 21 is certainly an exciting place to be in the world of interior design and we can't wait to show you more...

Whether you're looking to completely make-over your living room or just want to know what shades or accessories are hot for 2021, we have everything you need right here. So sit back and relax because your lounge will be looking on fleek and chic in no time.

1. Living room colors 2021

inky blue marble wall mural above white panelling in lounge with gold decor

Mural in photo: Dark Blue Marble

We are seeing a calming and rich selection of living room colours 2021 that have been specifically chosen to nurture us after what has been a difficult year. Enjoy neutral and warm nutty shades, inky-blues, regal navy, dark mossy-greens, indulgent maroons and warm terracottas.

Living room trends for 2021 will also continue its love for navy-blue. Either paint the walls with a luxurious shade of navy, select navy living room accessories with neutral walls or opt for navy living room wall décor to inject colour into the room. Navy and gold living rooms will also continue to flourish. Choose a balance of gold and navy accessories to achieve this stylish look.

The dark green living room is a popular choice for 2021. This earthy grounded shade is not only sophisticated but it will bring a sense of the outdoors into your lounge. Opt for green painted walls and a selection of décor to match. Brass furnishings look well with this dark shade so try and find metallic items to go with these leafy tones.

2. Leafy green plant life

trendy living room with green sofa, book shelves and lots of green tropical plants

A living room décor trend that has been big in 2020 and will continue to flourish in 2021 is our passion for all things green and leafy! Tropical plants have made a huge comeback and don't just belong to the 1970s anymore! From huge monsteras, fountains of spider plants, strings of pearls and waxy tropical leaves, exotic plants add another element into any lounge. Plants are even a huge living room trend for 2022!

Either potted in wicker baskets and ceramic pots or hanging from hand-woven macrame plant holders, tropical plants are the must-have living room décor item for 2021. If you can't keep up with the maintenance, have you thought about using a palm leaf wallpaper instead? 

3. Living room trends for 2021: maximalist décor

orange and blue photograph of Moroccan building with colourful tiles wallpaper in living room with white cabinet and chair with purple round cushion

Mural in photo: Moroccan Palace

One of our favourite living room trends for 2021 is our newfound love for maximalist interior design. Minimalism has been big for many years but it seems that now we are leaning towards a plethora of colour, pattern and busyness.

Maximalist décor is about enjoying life: something we all need to learn! From multicoloured patchwork sofas, faux animal rugs, bold jungle, chinoiserie or Moroccan tile wallpaper, maximalism is very much eccentric – but oh so much fun!

Maximalist statement rugs are a big living room décor trend. With hardwood flooring still being a popular choice in trendy homes, a big, show-stopping rug is a must-have! Consider rugs that are oversized with bold patterns and colours so that it acts as one of the main focal points of the room.

4. Luxurious soft furnishings

gold framed prints in living room

More popular living room décor ideas 2021 are luxurious fabrics. Velvet is the fabric to adorn in your living room from your sofa, scatter cushions, curtains and ottoman. To make the most of deluxe fabrics, choose them in the most on-trend shades such as navy, forest-green, burnt-orange or ox blood-red.

5. Boho cottagecore

boho lounge with floral hummingbird wallpaper and wicker swinging chair and black and white patterned rug

Mural in photo: Hummingbirds Hedge

The cottagecore trend was born in 2020 as a response to our need for the simple country life and it is continuing to blossom into 2021. A lot of us are opting for living room décor with a boho country twist.

This ‘rustic vogue’ embraces modern farmhouse living room ideas where we see a blend of rustic furniture (modern and vintage) with floral patterned wallpapers, hanging dried flowers and leafy green plant life.

For cottage living room ideas, simply picture items that you would find in a country boho or farmhouse living room and base your décor choices around that. Then you will have created the perfect cottagecore living room.

6. Multi-functional living

retro lounge with wooden pull out desk with white and wood chair

For many of us, our homes have become multi-functional spaces. So it’s no surprise to discover that one of the biggest living room trends for 2021 is multi-functionality. The living room is no longer just where we catch up on our favourite shows, but is also an office-come-school-come-play-come-gym area. And that all sounds a bit messy, doesn’t it? So the key focuses are maintaining a minimalist living room with clever storage solutions.

If your lounge is a place of study or work, stick to neutral colours and as little décor as possible to maintain a clear, undistracted mind. If possible, do you have room for a foldaway desk or have a writing bureau that also serves as great storage for your kids’ homework books? Another handy storage solution is to opt for an ottoman where you can hide your yoga mat inside but also use as a nifty coffee table.

7. Travel inspired décor

oriental wallpaper with birds and pink flowers in grey and grey chic living room

Mural in photo: Chinese Chinoiserie Pattern

Another hot trend that is a result of our lack of travel in 2020 is integrating our passion for travel into living room design. From feeling like you’re travelling to distant tropical shores, on safari or exploring eastern lands, living room trends 2021 is all about adventure!

From jungle wallpaper, palm leaf printed soft furnishings and elephant and peacock wall murals, globally influenced décor also has vintage colonial vibes which looks great in older properties.

8. Opulent lighting is a must for living room trends 2021

grey and black living room with black arched lamp

One of the other big 2021 living room trends is grand and luxurious lighting. People are going mad for huge floor lamps for the lounge! From sleek tripod lamps, metal and glass sphere lamps and arched lamps for a cosy reading corner, tall lamps for living rooms are one of the must-have living room décor items for 2021.

Have you enjoyed our living room trends for 2021? Leave us a comment below to tell us your favourite!

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Afton Jackson


The part of your article that showed off how to use exotic plants in a living room space really caught my attention. The way this can provide a lot of color and healthy air within a house makes me want to design my upcoming house project to be able to have as many plants as possible. If I can come up with things like plant walls and garden areas indoors, then I'll make sure I find a custom home building contractor that can pull this off.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Afton! Yes plants are a big must. If you want more reading on the use of plants in the home, visit our blog all about biophilic design, here https://www.wallsauce.com/blog/biophilic-design



Tres bien, cet article sur les tendances 2021 ! J'adore la dernière photo du salon - il a l'air cosy et tres accueillant, avec une touche de verdure en plus

Amy @ Wallsauce


Bonjour Georgie! Merci pour votre commentaire. Si vous souhaitez voir plus de tendances pour 2021, jetez un œil à notre article Tendances du design d'intérieur 2021: ce qui va suivre, ici - https://www.wallsauce.com/fr/blog/interior-design-trends-2021

Rebecca Gardner


It stood out to me when you talked about how navy-blue is popular for living rooms in 2021. My sister mentioned she wants to use her tax refund to hire painters for her living and dining room. I'll send her this info to give her some trendy color ideas to discuss with her husband before hiring them!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Rebecca! :) Yes, navy-blue will continue to be a big colour trend in 2021. Instead of your sister just painting her home, has she considered a navy-blue mural as well? Please view our blue wallpapers here - https://www.wallsauce.com/wallpaper/blue-wallpaper-murals Or, if you'd like more info on colour trends for 2021, please visit this link for some great inspiration - https://www.wallsauce.com/blog/colour-trends-2021

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