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maroon dark floral illustrated wallpaper in lounge with leather mustard-yellow sofa

12/11/2020   POSTED BY

Colour Trends 2021: What You Need to Know

It isn’t surprising to find that colour trends 2021 have been hugely influenced by the Coronavirus Pandemic. This is because our homes have been transformed. Not only are they our sanctuaries of rest and play but for many of us, our home is now our workplace. To blend all these elements into our humble abode is completely new for most of us. And as a result, it can be quite a task to tackle when you want to create a harmonious balance.

In this blog, we have carefully curated tips from interiors experts as well as top paint brands. They are here to teach us all about which colours to choose for 2021. And in response, we have created a stunning collection of wallpapers to go with every recommended shade…

So step away from your difficult, COVID-19-run day. Make your favourite hot beverage and notch up those dopamine levels by escaping to the beautiful world of interior design…

Brave Ground: Dulux's colour of the year 2021

nutty brown painted walls in a trendy living room

Image source: Dulux

If we're ever in doubt when it comes to colour trends, we always look at what Dulux has recommended. And as per usual, we haven’t been disappointed…

Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2021 is called Brave Ground. This warm, nutty shade is like a hug in paint form. Its woody tones connect you back to nature and the simpler things in life. It empowers you with strength and a will to meet your potential despite the barriers that have been placed in front of you. This earthy shade will give you a firm foundation in the new year where you can embrace change and creativity within your home.

Expert designer, Leslie Saul, reinstates how warm tones will be big next year.

'...warm, calm, natural colors are in, along with rich browns. These colors include warm tans, soft yellows, peaches, reds and of course creamy whites rather than pure whites. The palettes are warm and soft and calm.'

block printed brown shapes on beige background wallpaper with grey sofa with cream cushions and blanket

Mural in photo: Avenues by Nicola Evans

An ideal wallpaper to mirror the tones of Brave Ground is this artistic Avenues wall mural by Nicola Evans. Not only does it encompass those warm, nutty tones, but this retro abstract wallpaper characterises the raw and natural texture trend that will continue to grow in popularity next year.

Retreat into your home with dark-greys and inky-blues

inky-blue painted walls in sleek office with wooden desk and colourful wall art

Image source: Dulux

Dulux has also introduced their beautiful colour forecast for 2021 which includes three soothing sets of palettes: Retreat, Nourish and Reset.

Our place of retreat, our home, is now a mix of work, family and play. More than ever, we need to blur these three elements together so that it is multi-functional as well as stylish. Dulux’s Retreat palette recommends drawing on comfort, security and nostalgia by choosing neutral greys and darker hues such as charcoal-grey and inky-blue.

inky-blue and gold colour art deco octopus wall mural in bathroom with blue tiles to match

Mural in photo: Underwater Dream VI

An ideal Retreat palette feature wall is our Underwater Dream VI wall mural created by the talented SpaceFrog Designs team. The decadent shade of inky-blue in this Art-Deco octopus wallpaper is a rich, dark colour, perfect for multiple areas in the home.

navy blue and white painted walls in sleek kitchen with yellow accessories

Image source: Farrow & Ball

Inky-blue gets the big approval from Farrow & Ball as well. They suggest airier tones with a cool undertone to energise us, but create a calming ambiance in the home as well. These soothing grey-blue shades link closely to the sea creating a restorative escape for solace. It makes you imagine beautiful fjords and the Scandinavian coastal landscape.

nay wallpaper with monkeys and orange jewels illustrated on it in lounge with white panels and gold accessories

Mural in photo: Blue Monkey Puzzle

We love how blue is the colour to choose in interior design trends for 2021. And we couldn’t think of a more apt 2021 blue wallpaper than our Blue Monkey Puzzle designed by Julia Fonnereau. The mix of golds and rusty oranges in this ornate design are the perfect blend.

Nourish your soul with the colours of nature

mossy green painted walls in bedroom with tumeric-orange room accessories

Image source: Dulux

Dulux’s Nourish palette relishes in neutral colours that are drawn from nature. They represent our renewed appreciation for the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. Feed your soul with natural beige and brown hues or feel reignited by mossy and turmeric tones to encourage relaxation…

Home improvement expert, Jen Stark, encourages the use of these natural shades if you are aiming to create a safe haven.

‘Any room in your home where you want to project a sense of safety, comfort, or coziness, try deep blues, mossy greens and rich chocolate browns. Botanical wallpaper with a deep, mossy green wall and fresh-cut blooms help to pull a room together.’

vintage illustrated jungle wallpaper with wooden and wicker dining set

Mural in photo: Leopard Landscape

Sir Edward’s Leopard Landscape wallpaper mural relishes in those mossy and olive shades perfectly. The ever so subtle tinge of golden tones from the leopards’ coats and tree bark means you will easily be able to blend in those essential turmeric shaded décor items as well.

Reset yourself with invigorating colours

peach-pink walls in kitchen with green cabinets and abstract art work on walls

Image source: Dulux

Dulux’s Reset colour palette is brighter and more energising in the home. These lively oranges, greens, reds and terracotta shades are about embracing the ‘new normal’ and living life to the full - no matter what is thrown your way! Add pops of colour with retro artwork that embraces abstract style or line art and relish in a tasteful collection of colourful mid-century furniture.

abstract painted art with shapes in orange, brown, blue, green and purple shades in lounge with retro purple armchair

Mural in photo: Dreamland Orange

To mirror the colourful and retro style in the Reset palette, we have chosen our arty Dreamland Orange wallpaper taken from our abstract collection. The earthy terracotta and red shades are ideal for any communal space in the home such as the living room or kitchen. Red gives off energy making this rusty orange wallpaper a great choice for sociable areas in the home.

ox blood-red painted walls in trendy kitchen

Image Source: Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball are also relishing in warm reds as well as terracotta and rusty orange shades. They state that in these difficult times, it’s important to make sure the home is cosy yet stylish. And to do so is to select earthy reds and soft browns. You need to create a space that is ‘achingly fashionable’ during the day but still feels homely and warm when you relax in the evening.

maroon coloured dark flowers in living room with mustard-yellow sofa

Mural in photo: Moody Maroon

We suggest our gorgeous Moody Maroon wall mural to achieve that cosy yet fashionable look. Ideal for a romantic bedroom or an expensive-looking lounge, this dark floral wallpaper will certainly make your home feel Pinterest-worthy.

We absolutely adore colour trends 2021; especially the positive message of nourishing ourselves with warm colours and choosing shades to give us more energy! If we haven’t already made you feel a bit more positive about next year, we’re sure you'll be brimming with dopamine once you start decorating your home with these gorgeous new shades!

Please leave a comment below if you have any other trendy colours to share with us! Or why not take a search through our range of colour wallpaper?

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Chris Jackson


Amazing work. Please keep up your excellent work and keep updated me about new posts. Thank you.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Chris. Thank you for your comment. For the latest interior trends and inspiration, keep visiting our Ideas page. :)

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