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vintage illustration of jungle wallpaper in trendy living room

28/09/2021   POSTED BY

Living Room Trends for 2022 [Key Looks Revealed]

You won’t be disappointed by these living room trends for 2022! In the last couple of years, we have waved goodbye to safe interior design where white, and especially grey, homes ruled the roost in the world of interior design. Of course, these tones were calming and minimalist. But now we are ready to take unique sitting room ideas by the horns and up our interior design game!

In this article, be wowed by the must-have living room colours from cheerful yellow to mossy olive green. Step back in time to retro-tastic mid century living room ideas. Embrace your bohemian side with organic decor and oh so much more… It's time to step up your lounge game!

Living room colour ideas for 2022

yellow painted walls in cosy living room

Image source: Mariakillam.com via Pinterest

2022 brings a selection of fun and familiar colours that are perfect for when choosing living room colour ideas. We are seeing a colourful collection of primary shades that are to bring a sense of playfulness into the home. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, says that their new selection of shades,

“...bring together our competing desires for comforting familiarity and joyful adventure through a range of soothing and timeless colours, along with joyous hues that celebrate playfulness.”

From the bright yellow tones of ‘Daffodil’, the inky-green water tones of Harbor Blue and much more. We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to living room colours for 2022!

Dark green panel effect wallpaper for living room trends for 2022

Mural in photo: Dark Green Panels

One of the hottest colour choices is the green living room. Said to be the "new grey”, green is currently everywhere in the world of interior design. A reflection of the shades of nature, this tone has a calming influence which is perfect for creating relaxing homes. And what’s more, the different choices of green are endless. From sage-green living rooms that take a gentler approach to this tone, earthy olive greens for a touch of the Mediterranean to dark green living rooms which mirror the dark hues of a wild forest.

A reflection of Pantone’s marriage of colour for 2021, ‘Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Illuminating’ yellow, show that grey and yellow living rooms are still a popular choice for 2022. These pairings of colours are great for anyone who wants an energetic yet calm lounging area: perfect for hosting as well as relaxing. Yellow brings in the energy whilst grey hones in on the calm.

dark blue painted living room trends for 2022

If these tones aren’t for you, then we suggest looking into blue living room ideas. Similar to green, blue offers a wide collection of shades to suit a rainbow of tastes. From the decadent tones of the navy living room, light and fresh accents of pastel blue to the near-black shade of smoky-blue, you can create a wide range of ambiences with blue.

Mid century modern living room trends for 2022

70s style living room with colourful decor

Image source: Mercurymosaics.com via Pinterest

The mid century modern living room is a trend that will continue to rise in 2022. And let’s face it. Retro has always been cool. It is the perfect style to blend with some of the bold primary tones of living room colours for 2022 as well as burnt-orange, mossy green and blush pinks. Once you have drenched the walls in one striking shade, get creative with furniture that throws us back to the swinging ‘60s or the disco-mania of the ‘70s to even as late as the Pac-Man era of the ‘80s!

When it comes to achieving this style, it’s all about investing in statement retro furniture and decor. For statement walls, create a retro feature wall with a 1970s flower power pattern or a multi-coloured geometric design. As well as a chance to splash more colour into the room, a nostalgic pattern wallpaper is a helpful accessory for the rest of the room. Just use the colours and shapes in the design to inspire you with other ornaments and accessories. Have an orange flower in the wallpaper? Buy an orange vase! It's really as simple as that.

colourful geometric pattern wallpaper in 70s style living room

Mural in photo: Diamonds Geometric

When choosing furniture, focus on items that are round and circular. Picture curved coffee tables and egg-shaped chairs - even ones that hang from the ceiling! Not forgetting round footrests that serve as a seat as well as a handy table. Or why not be decadent with antique brass accented lamps and chair frames to add a touch of Art Deco luxury in your retro living room?

When it comes to wooden furniture, go the opposite of rounded and choose angular, cuboid shapes in rich walnut-toned or mango woods. Sideboards carved with a Terning style will add texture and cube patterns into the space that ooze the ‘70s years. If you want inspiration, visit your local flea market or charity shop to see what affordable goodies you can find! Or maybe your gran or mum might be feeling generous with their vintage items as well!

Boho living room with organic materials and greenery

white bohemian style living room

The boho living room is a reflection of the times. We are forever becoming more aware that we need to care for our planet and as a result, are more considerate when it comes to the type of items we buy to decorate our homes with. As well as choosing the obvious low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints and recyclable wallpapers such as Peel and Stick, finding organic furniture and decor alternatives are also crucial.

Again a nod to our love for anything retro, sustainable room accessories made from vegetable fibres such as wicker, rattan and hemp are a great choice. Shaped into rugs, lampshades, plant plots and even chairs, you can really embrace this raw material look in your boho living room.

green jungle wall mural in stylish lounge

Mural in photo: Leopard Landscape

To bring even more bohemian style into your living room, embrace indoor foliage. A trend that doesn’t look to be leaving anytime soon, the rise of home stylers becoming green-fingered was a craze that went wild in the past decade. But this isn’t anything new. Monsteras (otherwise known as cheese plants), Fiddle Leaf Figs and waxy leafed tropical breeds haven’t always just been surrounded by Instagrammable blush-pink walls and marble-topped coffee tables. From before the ‘70s and beyond, our green-leafed friends have been prominent in our homes.

Want to know how to display your plants? Choose an assortment of rustic, glazed plant pots that look like they were made by hand. The more unsymmetrical and beautifully imperfect the better. Choose ones that stand on their own or hanging pots that are perfect for dangling plants such as String of Pearls (AKA ‘Senecio’). Or, if you’re like me and can’t keep a cactus alive (there’s no shame here!) then why not make a bold gesture in your lounge with a botanical wallpaper mural instead?

Colour drench your lounge

dark green living room

Image source: Paintandpaperlibrary.com via Pinterest

Relating back to the top living room paint colours for 2022, colour drenching is a huge trend that is continuing to grace our homes. It is a reflection of our move away from painting everything white and being confident with our bold choices of colour. Colour drenching is a statement move by enveloping the entire room in a mid-strength tone to open up spaces. It ensures that the paint colour choice is always the main focus of the room. And most importantly, it is about making a bold design statement.

With your chosen shade of paint, decorate the entire walls in the same tone as well as the skirting boards, ceiling mouldings and even the entire fireplace. Because you have gone big by adding a colourful layer to your living room, choose decor in a complementary but different shade. This doesn’t mean you have to select items in a similar tone. Be adventurous by choosing light tones if your paint choice was dark or experiment with completely different colours that you wouldn’t have imagined would work so well. For instance, dark green and champagne-cream work together like a dream.

Leave a comment below to tell us how these living room trends for 2022 have brought your home up to date!

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Afton Jackson


Color drenching a lounge was definitely an idea I liked reading about from your article. If I can use the right one, a splash of bold color could really help define a space in our home to be as luxurious or calming as we need it to be. I'll consult a residential painting expert for sure so we can have them help us when we decide what color to use.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Afton! Yes - color drenching is a big must for 2022. We highly recommend it for your living room.

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