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marble effect wallpaper in bedroom

28/06/2022   POSTED BY

This Year’s Neutral Wallpaper Trend is About Warmth

When it comes to decorating with neutrals, there’s a lot to think about. These days, the market for neutral wall colours is vast, with subtle yet noticeable differences between each shade that can set the mood in a room.

Gone are the days when there was only white, off-white and dreaded magnolia to choose from. Your neutral wall colour selection can say a lot more about you than you realise and can transform your home from boring to balanced, or predictable to a little bit playful.

Tiny nuances in colour speak volumes and this year’s neutral trend is all about warm, earthy colours that are inspired by Mother Nature and the world around us. It’s time for cool tones and stark white walls to make room for the new balmy neutrals of 2022. Here are some of our favourite neutral wallpaper styles to inspire you…

Terracotta + terrazzo = match made in heaven

terrazzo wallpaper behind side table

Mural in photo: Earthy Terrazzo

There are no two ways about it. This is the most perfect pairing you’ll see in interior design this year. If you didn’t know it yet….rusty terracotta is kind of a big deal in 2022. Striking the ultimate colour balance between orange, brown, pink and neutral, this sought-after hue is a great way to add simple elegance to your home.

Our stylish Earthy Terrazzo wall mural does exactly what it says on the tin too – it’s an ode to all things earthy and vibrant, but in a muted and understated way. And with terrazzo wallpaper being the retro-cool cousin to marble, you’ll have endless content for your Instagram followers.

Brown and mocha hues for homeliness

watercolour effect wallpaper with gold touches in dining room

Mural in photo: Dark Beauty

This year, we’re loving brown neutrals. Shades of dirty, murky and mocha browns are taking over the interior world by storm, ruffling feathers with the all-white minimalist camp. But never fear minimalism enthusiasts, brown walls can still be understated and can fit in seamlessly with your uncluttered décor.

If you love the neutral wallpaper trend but you’re tired of stark white and simple beige, brown can help you add depth and create a more sophisticated ambience in an outdated living space. This ‘Dark Beauty Watercolour Marble’ wallpaper certainly isn’t the type of neutral design that many of you would expect, but it’s totally organic, giving you an easy colour palette to work with.

Warm neutral wallpapers with oodles of texture

neutral abstract floral wallpaper in boho living room

Mural in photo: Neutral Botanicals

If you’re going to take on the warmer neutrals in a minimalist home, make sure your design doesn’t fall flat. Give your space depth and dimension and add elements of intrigue by using texture to create focal points in the room.

This warm-toned Neutral Botanicals wallpaper is simple but effective, carving the perfect narrative for a minimal design scheme. It makes for a fantastic feature wall, so let it breathe by allowing plenty of empty space. Buy only what you need and keep your furnishings simple but high quality.

Rust, our hands-down favourite neutral wallpaper

abstract watercolour terracotta painting with neutral chair

Mural in photo: Distant Views

This gorgeous rusty red/pink colour is seriously sumptuous. It’s edgy yet feminine, grown-up but still playful, cosy yet chic and classy while being totally contemporary. We believe that rusty pink neutrals like this are able to stand the test of time because of how they impact mood.

Soft and gentle pinks do wonders for your mental health, helping to create a calm and relaxing environment. You’ll find lots of amazing artwork just like this one from Nouveau Prints, a design house based in Barcelona where each mural takes you on an artistic adventure.

Neutral wallpaper with a splash of colour

sage green watercolourful wallpaper in white bedroom

Mural in photo: Soft Olive and Sepia Art

Neutral murals don’t have to mean plain and boring. If you love colour, there are many wallpaper designs that you can experiment with. This pastel-toned Soft Olive and Sepia Art wallpaper is the perfect example of a colourful neutral that is pleasing to the eye.

We recently talked about sage green walls being one of the most coveted home styles of the moment, so combining warm and herbaceous hues is a great way to create a sense of balance in the home – and in a totally organic way too.

Soft beige meets floral explosion

neutral backed floral wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Growing Spring Flowers

Beige is a failsafe in interior design, and it’s a colour that will never go out of fashion. But even so, you may want to make it a little more interesting. Muted florals can bring a neutral wallpaper to life, reconnecting your indoor space with nature. Love indoor-outdoor living? This botanical Growing Spring Flowers mural is the perfect wallpaper for any kitchen, dining or living area that backs out onto the garden.

Finish off the room with organic elements such as wicker baskets, rattan or dried foliage – and throw in some live plants to improve mood and air quality. If you have a Scandinavian style home, this wallpaper is ideal for adding a big burst of colour while still celebrating those safe neutral hues.

Gentle marble with a touch of rosy pink

light pink and white marble wallpaper in dotty pink bedroom

Mural in photo: Soft Tones

Marble wallpaper is utterly timeless, and is often used to elevate interiors without breaking the bank. With a marble effect mural, your home will ooze elegance, luxury and charm at the fraction of the price of real marble.

This pastel-toned Soft Tones wallpaper adds texture, bringing a plain wall to life while also fitting in seamlessly with a simple, chic design theme. We love the warm peach tones in this marble mural too, which helps to bring warmth to a cool space.

Orange tones for that Mediterranean feel

orange marble effect wallpaper in terracotta bedroom

Mural in photo: Orange Marble

It really doesn’t get warmer than the colour of Mediterranean sand. If you want to channel summer holiday vibes in your home, opt for earthy orange hues that wrap you up in a cosy glow. Got a north-facing bedroom? Not to worry. This stylish Orange Marble wallpaper will instantly add warmth during the day, while giving you a homey snug to retire to at the end of the night.

Mix orange with classic neutrals such as beige or greige, and use layers and fabric textures to create a comfortable yet interesting space. It’s absolutely perfect for bedrooms and guestrooms, but this orangey neutral wallpaper works just as well in a living area too.

Do you like the look of this year’s warm, earthy neutrals trend? If you’ve managed to pull off neutral walls with a different twist, share your decorating tips in the comments below!

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