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09/06/2017   POSTED BY

Make Your Holiday Last With A Beach Wall Mural

Beach wall murals are amongst our most popular murals on our entire website. With blazing suns, golden sands and breathtaking views for you to take in day in, day out, there’s no surprise that beach murals are a favourite!

Perfect for all rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms and offices, beach wall murals can update and refresh a space as well as savour those precious memories made on holiday. Whether you choose a beach mural because you simply love the image or because it has sentimental value to you, it’s sure to brighten up your space.

In our vast collection of beach murals, we have a huge selection including tropical beach murals, beach hut murals and imagery of some of the most iconic beaches located in the Caribbean, the Maldives and the Virgin Islands.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing with your our most popular beach themed wallpapers, beach murals featuring iconic destinations and if they don’t leave you inspired, we’ll be showing you how you can transform those holiday snaps into stunning wall murals.

Popular Beach Themed Wallpapers

Beach themed wallpapers are ordered by our customers around the world, they really are popular! From dreamy tropical beach wallpaper murals to cute beach hut murals featuring huts propped up on what you may call paradise, there’s a beach wallpaper for every style and desire.

Tropical Beach Wallpapers

Who wouldn’t want to escape the daily grind and end up on a tropical beach? Find yourself getting lost in a daydream with a stunning tropical beach wallpaper. Perfect for any room, these colourful and uplifting beach murals are sure to make your space glow!


Beach Hut Wallpaper

Beach hut wallpaper is another favourite wall mural. Often featuring either straw huts propped in crystal waters of tropical lagoons or brightly coloured beach huts found on the Australian coast, beach hut wallpapers are full of character.


Beach Sunset Wallpaper

Ideal for bedrooms, beach sunset wallpaper can help create a soothing and tranquil room so let your mind wander as it imagines walking along paradise. With an option of fiery orange and red skies to purple hazes, there’s a beach sunset wallpaper for everyone.


Beach Murals Featuring Iconic Destinations

Didn’t want to leave a certain beach? Or always liked the look of a tropical location? Now you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home with a beach mural. Our next lot of popular beach murals that we’d like to show you feature some of the world’s most exclusive beaches. From Bora Bora in the South Pacific to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, have their spectacular views every day with a beach mural featuring an iconic destination.



Upload Your Own Beach Wall Mural

Looking for an extra special beach mural that we guarantee no one else will have? Create your own beach wall mural and upload your favourite holiday snap. Just like our regular beach wall murals, upload your own image murals are made-to-measure and available for print onto a choice of wallpapers.

Upload your own beach mural

We’d love to hear all about your favourite holiday destination! If you could have any beach wall mural in your home, what would it be? Please leave your answer in the comments box below and we'll share the best across our social media platforms.

Alternatively, if you're yet to plan your family holiday, check out this blog post on the best vacation spots for travellers with kids.

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