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03/05/2023   POSTED BY

Hottest Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2023

Remodelling a room can revitalise your entire home, breathing fresh life into a space and bringing a completely new feel to how you use and enjoy that room.

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, you’re going to want to get it right. Your kitchen is where you begin the day, where you eat, where you entertain, and where the whole family comes together at the end of a busy day.

To help with some remodel ideas, we’ve compiled some 2023 kitchen trends that may spark some inspiration.

Remember, when remodelling a room, it’s important to consider the rest of your home to keep things cohesive and flowing nicely. Happy remodelling!

marble white kitchen remodel

Mural in Photo: White Marble

Five 2023 Kitchen Trends 

1. Social Kitchens 

After the pandemic kept us locked inside for long periods of time (I know, let’s not talk about that too much), the desire for social spaces has increased. We now appreciate our family and friends coming together a whole lot more, which has translated into how we model our homes.

Remodelling a kitchen into a social space may mean adding a rounded breakfast bar, making the perfect space to place nibbles on a hot summer’s day whilst entertaining friends in the garden. Or alternatively, a breakfast bar could double up as a dining area or an area for the kids to do homework. Socialising may be at the heart of your kitchen remodel, so think of multi-functional or open-plan spaces.

2. Minimalism with Luxurious Touches

An ongoing trend from 2022, minimalist kitchens harness the power of clean space, and accentuate the functionality of a kitchen in its most basic form. With minimalism, less is often more, but in 2023, were combining minimalism with luxury to create the perfect mix of practicality and comfort.

Floss Kelly, the co-founder of TileCloud, expresses that she expects to see the continuation of all-white kitchens, using different textures, finishes and shapes to avoid a sterile look. She suggests combining matte and glossy finishes or incorporating tiles/ wallpaper with a 3D finish. If you need some inspiration, you can view our range of wallpapers, perfect for kitchens.

Think of marble countertops with gold taps; cupboard handles, or accessories for luxury. Remember, less is more with minimalism, so hiding away small appliances to avoid a cluttered environment can also lift a space and make it feel far more luxurious. 

white brick wallpaper with in white kitchen

Mural in Photo: White Brick

3. Sustainable Kitchens

Sustainability is now at the heart of everything we do, In a world moving towards greener energy, second-hand shopping and upcycling, it’s inevitable that sustainability as a trend is going to influence home décor in 2023. Interior Design Consultant at Land of Rugs, Zara O-Hare says;

“Sustainable kitchen designs are taking centre stage. Incorporating eco-friendly materials in your kitchen is not only a sustainable choice but a stylish one too. You can use items such as reclaimed wood cupboards, recycled glass for countertops and energy-efficient appliances. All of which will reduce your carbon footprint."

Other suggestions may include shopping for bargains in charity shops or on Facebook Marketplace; you know what they say; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Sustainable kitchens could also pair with minimalist kitchens, focusing on less overconsumption and simple designs.

4. Stylish Splashbacks or Accent Walls

Using a stylish accent wall or splashback in your kitchen remodel can really bring your kitchen to life by adding a focal point or as a way to break up plain walls with a design or colour.

In general, the accent wall should be the wall you initially see when you walk into the kitchen; it will always be in view of you and your guests this way. However, it could also be placed around a feature such as a fireplace.

Accent walls can be done with paint, tile or wallpaper. If you want a quicker alternative to tiling the kitchen, how about using tiled wallpaper? It gives the desired effect but in a way that is easier to install and is often cheaper.

Accent walls are also great for making a small space look larger than it is. Opting for wallpaper that maximises space is a good way to remodel a kitchen in an easy way. Think light, bright wallpapers for space optimisation.

5. Neutral Colours

Wave goodbye to grey and hello to greige! Gone are the days of grey being the go-to neutral colour; in 2023, were talking about beige, taupe, and coffee colours.

Behr’s colour of the year for 2023 is ‘Blank Canvas’, a soft cream with warm, beige undertones, very much fitting the neutral kitchen trend of 2023.

Include neutrals in your kitchen by choosing neutral paint or wallpaper, or opt for nude cupboards and appliances, such as a matching neutral kettle and toaster.

Alternative Trends for Your Kitchen Remodel

If the norm isn’t for you, and you enjoy a unique look to your home, here are a couple of suggestions for those that want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with their kitchen.

1. Fruit Wallpaper

Let’s get fruity! If you’re someone that enjoys maximalism, why not try a striking and colourful wallpaper such as our Mediterranean Wallpaper, adorned with bold colours and striking patterns of lemons, blue, green and yellow.

Don’t be scared to pattern clash! Embrace your space and let your personality shine with colour and pattern galore.

Or, let the eclectic wallpaper be a feature on its own, surrounded by neutral furniture to allow the pattern to pop

2. Bold and Bright Furniture

Along with fruity wallpaper, bold, bright furniture can fit perfectly into your kitchen.

Imagine a marble dining table with tangerine orange dining chairs, showing that your kitchen is the place for fun and practicality.

Lisa Alwood of Bella Vie Interiors predicts that bold patterns and saturated colours will be seen in kitchens throughout 2023, through multi-coloured benchtops and splashbacks to geometric tiling. Elements such as these make a statement and complement natural elements in the rest of the kitchen.

fruity wall mural over counter tops in kitchen

Mural in Photo: Meditteranian Summer

What are the Benefits of a Remodel?

Once you’ve taken a look over 2023 kitchen trends, it might be a good idea to consider what the benefits of a remodel are, and which might apply best to your home.

Firstly, a kitchen remodel can breathe new life into the entire home, not just the kitchen itself. If you want a communal or multi-use space, remodelling a kitchen may create a new purpose for the kitchen as well as all the usual practical elements. This could include a study space or an open-plan kitchen dining area that the whole family can commune in.

A kitchen remodel is also the chance to create your dream space, the space you’ve always thought about when imagining yourself in your ideal home.

In practical terms, a kitchen remodel adds value to your home when the day comes to sell, and makes sure everything in your kitchen is working and up to date! It can also increase energy efficiency, making sure you’re saving those all-important pennies on what’s really important (enjoying a glass of wine in your brand-new kitchen on a Saturday night).

Finally, sometimes older kitchens lack functional space and fail to use the room in the best way it can be used; remodelling a kitchen can optimise space, making more use of the room for everybody.

marble wall mural with wooden dining area for kitchen remodel

Mural in Image: Neutral Marble 

Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodel Options

You may hear, ‘Kitchen Remodel’, and automatically start seeing pound signs flashing around your mind, but it doesn’t need to be like that! There are lots of ways to give your kitchen a fresh feel on a budget.

1.Paint your Cabinets Instead of Replacing

Painting your cabinets is a budget-friendly way of updating your kitchen to match current trends. You can buy cupboard paint easily in DIY shops, and choose the colour you like best. Simple!

2. Upcycle Furniture

That old dining table you’re thinking of getting rid of, why not upcycle it instead? By sanding it down or painting it, you could give elements of your room a new life, whilst also saving money and reusing materials which makes a positive environmental impact.

3. Shop Second-hand

Along the same lines, you could also shop at vintage or second-hand shops, which can result in obtaining some really unique pieces for a fraction of the price they’d cost to buy brand new.

4. Add Lights

Sometimes all a space needs to feel brand new is additional lighting! Add under-the-cupboard or LED lights around the bottom of cabinets to brighten the room and create a modern touch. Alternatively, use warm lighting to make the room feel homely, paired with Behrs colour of the year, ‘Blank canvas’.

botanical dining area for kitchen remodel

Mural in Photo: Herbal Branch Leaves

Have we managed to inspire some ideas for your dream kitchen? We hope so! Comment below and let us know how you’d remodel your kitchen.

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