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abstract blue, orange and pink geometric wall mural in trendy office

18/03/2020   POSTED BY

6 Wallpaper Murals to Boss Your Home Office

With more than 4 million of us earning a living from our home office, the way we work is changing. Without the stresses of lost wi-fi and call signals along with the distractions from co-workers, working from home sounds incredibly desirable. Top experts are even suggesting that working from home can increase productivity. They have also said that it boosts morale making it favourable with employers and good for our mental wellbeing.

But, creating a zone to concentrate in is essential. Often, the distractions of the home can get in the way of our productivity. Do you have to work in a cluttered dining room/office space? Or have to endure a squished desk in your bedroom? Or is your home a constant reminder of all the house chores you need to do? Well, put down that dirty washing!

We have hand-picked six murals to completely transform your work from home area. Not only will you never want to leave your home office, but the quality of your work will dramatically increase! A bonus for both you and the boss.

1. Travel wallpapers to inspire you

pastel toned world map wall mural in room with chair and fluffy white rug

Travel wallpapers are a great choice for home offices and you don’t need to work in the travel industry to enjoy one. For many of us, working hard for a fantastic yearly holiday is something we absolutely strive for. Not only that, when we’re on holiday we feel utterly relaxed and grounded. So by installing a travel wall mural in your home office, not only will it motivate you to get to your next top destination, but it will give you those positive vibes you feel when you’re away from home: perfect for clearing the mind and keeping anxiety at bay.

To help you plot out your next holiday, choose one of our stunning map murals. We have a fantastic range of maps. Each and every one of them are both stylish and awe-inspiring. So why not bring the world to your feet and search through our map designs which are available in a choice of neutral colours?

2. City feature walls for those who are ambitious

melbourne city wallpaper in modern home office

City wallpapers can have a similar effect as map murals and are great for creating a room with a view! From downtown New York and romantic Paris to the colourful streets of Stockholm and the towering skyscrapers of Dubai, choose your favourite city from our vast collection. If you have no windows in your home office, a city mural will also create the illusion of opening up your space. Just look how amazing this Melbourne Skyline wallpaper looks in this stylish home office. It really brings the room to life!

3. Forest wall murals to feel at one with nature

misty morning in autumn forest wallpaper in minimalist office

Perhaps you’re a night owl and find you’re most productive during the evening? Creating a cosy office with a nature wallpaper could help you make the perfect work from home environment. Nature scenes are also invigorating and calming, helping you to keep fresh as you work away during those dark hours. Choose from expansive still lakes and snow-capped mountain views. See wild wolves in wintry woodlands or autumnal forests with orange leaf scattered floors. You’re sure to find a nature wall mural to release tension and calm your nerves. Enjoy our huge range of tree wallpapers to breathe life and fresh air into your home. This beautiful Misty Autumn Forest wallpaper sets the scene for a serene working environment. Feel reassured by the morning mist and produce your best quality work.

4. Wild and wonderful wallpapers to bring the outdoors in

red deer in field wall mural with bedroom desk

Alternative nature-inspired wall murals that are uber stylish are our deer and stag wallpapers. With neutral tones in beautiful landscapes, they give off a calming aura that’s perfect for your work environment. Perfect for those who can't go out in nature as often as they'd like to.

With a stunning piece of photography such as this beautiful Red Deer wallpaper mural, keep the décor simple and subtle. In this bedroom, the uncluttered white desk and chair mirror one another, making sure the main focal point of the room is the stag image. The addition of handy storage units is a fantastic idea for any home office. By storing away important files and unnecessary desk paperwork, you won't only keep your desk clear, but your mind as well. Being organised is one of the most important factors for keeping productive whilst working from home.


5. Add unique style to your office with a designer wallpaper

Let’s face it, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home office! So why not treat it to one of our designer wallpaper murals? One of our illustrators, Twisted Pixels, has some amazing geometric wallpaper murals available in a variety of soft and powerful colours as part of its collection. Not only do they suit all living and work areas, but they are bang on-trend.

Cherry Geomtric Pattern Wall Mural

This year we are seeing a vast selection of pattern and texture in the world of interior design. This fabulous Cherry Geometric Pattern wall mural enjoys a range of textures. From white cloudy skies to teal tinted waves of the ocean, these trendy wall murals are utterly unique and stylish.

We adore how the chair and plant pots in this room reflect the watery blues in the mural as well as the addition of fresh green plants. Plants are great for the office space as they purify the air and create calm and serene energies.

6. Be motivated by uplifting quotes wallpapers

think positive thoughts wallpaper in trendy office

At times, we all get down when it comes to our workload. We can feel like the only answer to solving a problem is giving up or wanting to bang our head against a hard brick wall! So when times get tough, wouldn't it be great to have an inspirational feature wall to keep those positive vibes flowing? This simple yet effective Think Positive Thoughts wall mural from our motivational quotes wallpaper collection will certainly stop you from feeling like you're treading water. It's sure to bring a sense of reassurance and calm into your home office.

Have we missed out your preferred style of home office design? Let us know in the comments box below and we’ll feature you in our next blog post!

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Chris Jackson


There's a lot that I agree with within this article, and I look forward to reading more. Cheers!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Chris! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed this post. Please keep visiting our blog page for the latest tips and trends.

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