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Relaxing blue wallpaper - Cloud Wallpaper

31/08/2017   POSTED BY

Blue Wallpaper - Relaxing Decor Ideas

Our decor can do many things for our home; from creating atmospheres and themes to following trends and helping us to display our passions. One of the most beneficial things our decor can do is to help us to unwind, relax and de-stress. There are many ways we can do this with our decor but one of the most effective, easiest and fun ways to do this is with colour. Many colours have relaxing properties, such as pale green and pastel grey but blue has powerful ties with humanity. Being the colour of the sea and sky gives blue strong ties to nature and therefore relaxation. The calming properties it has can be found in almost any shade and blue also works well with many different colours - making the perfect colour to appease both our minds and stylish eyes! 


Use blue wallpaper with pastel shades

Use light blue with other pastel shades (especially green, as this colour also has relaxing undertones) to create light and airy decor that won't over power a room. Your decor will still benefit from the calming effects of blue and other pastel colours whilst still keeping stylish. The brush strokes seen in the wallpaper below also create a calming effect making this wallpaper a great choice for anyone looking to subtly create calming vibes in their home. 

Relaxing Blue Wallpaper

Blue wallpaper in picture: The Alpilles by Vincent Van Gogh

Clouds and sky blue wallpaper

One of the most relaxing activities a person can take part in is spending time in the open air. Nature is a naturally relaxing place, as this is the place where humans are supposed to be! The use of clouds and the blue sky will instantly uplift any room in your home, be it the bedroom or communal areas such as the living room. The birds featured in the wallpaper below make it particularly relaxing as they symbolise freedom - which is one of the main positive feelings experienced by people who take part in outdoor activities. 

Wallpaper in picture: Cloud Study 1821 by John Constable

Blue wallpaper featuring calming water scenes

The sound, feeling and sight of water can be an extremely moving experience. Doctors often advise patients experiencing stress and anxiety to take up swimming as a hobby to encourage them to relax because the benefits of water are so powerful. Part of the reasons blue is seen as such a powerful colour is because of its ties to water, the sky and nature. The scene painted by ? in ? is a powerful and calming piece of art that will transfer these values to any room it is displayed in.

scenic mural in home office

Wallpaper in picture: The Sea by Gustave Courbet


Blue floral wallpaper

Flowers, just like water and the sky carry benefits that naturally relieve stress. This illustrated pattern by Valentina Harper (best known for her therapeutic colouring book art) carries the benefits of relaxing colours and shapes. The simplicity of colour used makes it perhaps more relaxing than other floral patterns as it encourages the mind to relax 

Relaxing blue wallpaper - Valentina Harper Flowers and Doodles
Wallpaper in picture: Flowers and Doodles by Valentina Harper

Different shades of blue together

It's often that only certain shades of other colours are seen as relaxing, for example; pastel greys are relaxing yet charcoal is not, pastel pink has calming properties but fuchsia does not. Blue is the most versatile calming colour around which makes it really easy to keep on trend. The blue wallpaper below uses varying shades of blue to create subtle mountains (again, with uplifting nature related benefits). It will look great with block colour decor, in particular white, blues and greys to create a room devoted to de-stressing and style. 

Relaxing blue wallpaper - Blue Mountains

Wallpaper in picture: Purple Mountains


Blue wallpaper with grey decor

When used with white and grey, blue not only looks extremely on trend but works to de-stress the mind. The simplicity of white helps the mind to unwind and used in a bedroom, as seen below, will create plenty of places for light to reflect from. 

Relaxing blue wallpaper - marble wallpaper

Wallpaper in picture: White Marble

What colours do you find relaxing? We'd love to hear any comments, questions or suggestions in the comment section below.

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