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Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage Style Wallpapers

Add vintage glamour to your decor with a vintage wallpaper mural! Enjoy antique world maps, chinoiserie designs and vintage floral wallpapers. Not forgetting black and white snapshots of by-gone times as well as simple photography of antique collectables such as cameras and suitcases. There’s a stylish retro wallpaper mural from every era!

Perfect for any room, from bedrooms to offices, you can reminisce about the good old days with a made-to-measure antique wallpaper.

Just select your preferred design from our top-selling range. Enter your measurements and choose your material before simply hanging your old fashioned wallpaper.

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204 Vintage Wallpaper Designs

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Vintage Wallpaper

Step into a time machine and transport yourself back in time with a nostalgic vintage wallpaper from Wallsauce.com! Choose from romantic, oriental chinoiserie patterns as well as Victorian jungle illustrations and vintage rose wallpaper! Not forgetting our range of black and white snapshots which will take you back to the good old times... enjoy a swinging ‘20s party that makes one of Gatsby's soirées seem bland or take in the views of the Big Apple as you zoom by in a DC-3 aeroplane! We even have utterly romantic dark floral wallpaper and photographs of classic cars that will give any car fanatic the goosebumps! With so many designs to choose from, we’re sure there will be an antique style wallpaper to take you back to the era in which you belong!

There are so many ways that you can utilise your new vintage style wallpaper. You can install these fabulous antique wallpapers in your living room or bedroom! They are even gorgeous in an office space and some are even ideal in a child’s bedroom! Especially if you have a teenager who feels like they were born in the wrong era!

Why not choose to include other vintage-style accessories in the room to go with your fantastic new retro wallpaper? Opt for beautiful antiques and collectables to stress the vintage vibe of your new home makeover. Picture art deco velvet tub chairs, a distressed, white writing bureau or even a tartan grandfather's armchair.

Order your new funky retro wallpaper mural online with us. It only takes a few clicks! Simply enter your wall’s measurements into our online form or give us a call - we’ll do the rest! Before you know it, you’ll receive a wonderful old fashioned wallpaper that is made to measure to fit your wall! Not only this, but our luxurious murals come in easy-to-apply wallpaper panels so that applying your wallpaper is an easy process. You can even choose which quality wallpaper material you would like it to be printed on! Choose from classic or premium paste the wall or textured peel and stick!

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