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17/03/2017   POSTED BY

How to NOT Get Striped Wallpaper Wrong!

Wear stripes in the wrong direction and the consequences can be unflattering! The same can be said for hanging striped wallpaper. Hang it in the wrong direction and your room could appear small, overwhelming and certainly not a place of relaxation. But before you stop reading this, get it right, and your home can become fit for a modern-day palace!

The Dos and Don’ts of Vertical Striped Wallpaper

Vertical striped wallpaper tends to be great for rooms with low ceilings. As with clothing, vertical stripes elongate an area and can help walls stand tall and proud. Choose to hang it in a room with already high ceilings and you risk creating a cold and lost room.

Something else to consider is the density of the stripes. For busy rooms with lots of ornaments or existing patterns in cushions and throws, opt for spaced and neutral stripes.

If you’re looking to create a feature wall from striped wallpaper, go for detailed stripes like this wallpaper by Twisted Pixels.


Teaming bold block coloured accessories with striped wallpaper like this will tie your space together.

Is Horizontal Striped Wallpaper Right for Your Room?

Horizontal striped wallpaper is ideal for small rooms yearning to stretch the space and give the illusion of creating a longer room. Adding horizontal striped wallpaper to one or opposite walls will work wonders for your space!


For larger spaces, it can work if you consider hanging it on two or more adjacent walls to effectively hug the room and create a cosier space.

The Alternative Striped Wallpapers

For rooms crying out for dynamic design, perhaps look into alternative striped wallpaper such as zig-zag wallpaper or animal print wallpaper.


This zigzag wallpaper, in particular, can work in many sized rooms. As the stripe widths are quite bold, it can withstand larger rooms, whilst the horizontal direction can elongate the width of a smaller room.


Sunglasses at the ready - Our ‘Multicolour Magic’ wallpaper is another great alternative to horizontal and vertical striped wallpaper. The directions of the stripes can both heighten and elongate a room whilst the colours and print add a sense of texture and fun. Teaming it with bold block colours will only emphasise on the bright tones.


For a grown-up look, our zebra striped wallpaper might be for your room. Although this stripy wallpaper may be overwhelming in smaller spaces, for larger rooms, it can create the ultimate feature wall!

No matter what size or shape your room, we hope we’ve inspired you to make stripes heighten your room. View our full range of striped wallpapers and let us know in the box below your favourite stripy wallpaper.

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Hello.This post was extremely motivating, especially because I was browsing for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

Nicole @ Wallsauce.com


Thank you for your comment Smithd641 - glad you found it useful :)

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