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halloween wallpaper

04/10/2023   POSTED BY

8 Halloween Wallpaper Ideas that WILL Scare You

We all have our different ways of decorating at Halloween. Some of us carve a pumpkin, stick a candle inside and put it in the front window for all to see. Others go BIG by decorating their front lawns with faux gravestones, skeletons popping out of rose bushes and ghosts hanging out of trees! And that’s just the outside! Others transform the insides of their homes into haunted houses with bloody handprints on doors, cobwebs strewn across ceilings and bats scattered across walls!

But if you really want to give your kids (and big kids) the real heebie-jeebies, you need a creepy Halloween wallpaper. From dark, never-ending tunnels, spooky castles, petrifying ghosts and zombie apocalypses, wallpaper is the new must-have for the dedicated Halloween fan! So read on to see our top 8 scary wallpapers and give yourself some serious goosebumps!

1. How do you decorate for Halloween?

spooky tunnel wallpaper in halloween lounge

Mural in photo: Light at the End of the Tunnel

The answer to that question changes from person to person! Do you go mad with fake blood? Get crafty, making your own spider to hang from the ceiling. We have an easier and less messy alternative: our eery Light at the End of the Tunnel wall mural.

Transform your lounge so you feel trapped in a haunted basement with only the spirits to keep you company… Not only great for the spooky season, but this tunnel wallpaper won't pass its sell-by date after Halloween. Perfect all year round, this space-enhancing 3D wallpaper will open up any room that is lacking space.

Spooky fact: Moonville Tunnel in Ohio is one of the US’s most haunted tunnels. It is said that a railroad brakeman was hit by a passing train there in the late 1800s. He continues to haunt the same spot! (the-line-up.com)

2. Halloween wallpaper to make you feel like you’re at wizardry school

owl flying past old castle wallpaper in cosy halloween lounge

Mural in photo: Flying Owl Bird

Most of us know someone who can’t get enough of tales of wizards: characters who go on dangerous quests with the help of their school friends and trusty pets such as owls, rats and cats. Well, bring that much-loved fantasy world into the home at Halloween.

Just imagine decorating your lounge like a magical dining room: a long, wooden dining table full of unusual, magical foods. You could even place a chair at the top of the room with a large, familiar-looking witch hat placed on top. Maybe it will tell you which house you belong in...

Spooky fact: Although we know a certain young wizard has an owl for a pet, owls actually make terrible pets. They are wild animals and will really injure you if not handled properly! (thesprucepets.com)

3. Happy Halloween wallpaper for a Day of the Dead party

day of the dead wall mural in living room

Mural in photo: Mexico City Never Dies

Not all All Hallows' Eve wallpapers have to scare the living daylights out of you! Some of us want something that is a bit scary but not nightmare-inducing for children (and some creeped-out adults). That’s what makes this fun 'Day of the Dead' wallpaper ideal.

As well as splashing some colour onto the wall, this fantastic wallpaper is perfect if you want a Day of the Dead-themed party this Halloween. Have fun choosing an array of skull decorations, such as skull lanterns. Why not create a colourful family shrine-come-buffet table to feed and wow your guests at the same time?

Spooky fact: Sugar skulls are used during The Day of the Dead festival. They come in all shapes and sizes and are often made from sugar and decorated with sugar icing. Yum! (www.cbc.ca/kidscbc2/)

4. How can I decorate my room for Halloween? With a spooky mural

spooky wallpaper for halloween party in living room

Mural in photo: Spooky Ghost wall mural from our Extended Range

As mentioned earlier, installing a Halloween wallpaper at this spooky time of year is much easier and impactful. For this frightening ghost wallpaper and all our murals, we recommend choosing our peel and stick wallpaper. This means that you can install the wallpaper onto a well-prepared wall, and when the scary season is over, remove it without causing any damage to the wall! Simples.

Spooky fact: It is said that ghosts can form immediately after the person dies or even centuries later. (wiki.kidzsearch.com)

5. Spooky gothic wallpaper to be enjoyed all year round

black and white scary forest wallpaper in room with orange and white pumpkins

Mural in photo: Ghost Forest

Great for Halloween, this scary Ghost Forest wall mural would also make a fantastic gothic wallpaper to be enjoyed all year round. Throughout the year, stick to a black and white colour scheme to complement this stunning tree wallpaper for a minimalist look. Then, when the Halloween season comes around, use orange and black decorations, such as pumpkins and oversized bats, to transform this forest wallpaper from sleek to spooky. Many of our black and white wallpapers would make a fab All Hallows' Eve feature wall.

Spooky fact: The world’s most haunted forest is Hoia-Baciu in Romania. It is said to be the Bermuda Triangle of the country and has a reputation for paranormal activities and unexplained events. (hoiabaciuforest.com)

6. Scary Halloween wallpaper to give you night terrors

hands drowning a man wallpaper in green lounge

Mural in photo: Consumed wallpaper

Striking, terrifying and strange, this zombie-themed Consumed wallpaper is certainly the ideal Halloween wallpaper if you really want to creep everyone out! From our designer range, this Twisted Pixels terrifying montage of hands “consuming” this man is actually based on the real designer's face and hands!

Why not keep the zombie theme going throughout the room by placing a zombie mannequin on the floor so that it looks like it is emerging from the grave? Don’t forget to smear fake blood all across the walls as though someone has been trying to escape from the room!

Spooky fact: Apparently, Australia is the safest place to be if there was ever a zombie apocalypse. Help us all if we're not Down Under! (www.seriousfacts.com)

7. Halloween themed wallpaper to make you howl with fright!

black wolf silhouette howling against orange moon mural in halloween decorated lounge with fireplace

Mural in photo: Wolf Howling in Silhouette

How-l you use this amazing Wolf Howling in Silhouette wallpaper in your home? This striking moon wallpaper would look great in most rooms. Make the most of the oranges in the glowing moon by having orange candles and pumpkins throughout. 

Spooky fact: Did you know that wolves don’t actually howl to the moon? They howl to communicate with each other about the wolf’s location and where prey or predators are. (nationalgeographic.org)

8. Don’t settle for pumpkin lanterns. Enjoy a pumpkin wallpaper!

cartoon pumpkin wallpaper in halloween lounge

Mural in photo: Halloween wallpaper from our Extended Range

Although spooky, this pumpkin mural is also a cute Halloween wallpaper. And it will certainly set the scene in any home on All Hallows’ Eve! This creepy pumpkin wallpaper can be found in our extended range by searching ‘Halloween’. Here, you will be able to find a huge selection of scary wall murals that will suit any style of decoration!

Spooky fact: Halloween comes from the pagan festival Samhain, which is still celebrated by some at this spooky time of year. It is said that from 31st October to 1st November, spirits visited their former homes and haunted people. To scare the spirits away, people lit bonfires and carved pumpkin jack-o-lanterns! (gardencollage.com)

We hope you have been thoroughly freaked out by our spooktacular collection of Halloween wallpaper. Tell us how you will use a scary wallpaper in your own home this year by leaving a comment below.

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