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white desk area with colourful galaxy wallpaper

18/01/2022   POSTED BY

8 Ways to Use Night Sky Wallpaper

Night sky wallpaper is the craze that everyone can’t get enough of! The mix of lucid colours, galaxy-inspired vistas and dreamy constellations decorated with fluffy clouds has got everyone very excited about interior design! Are you ready to take flight with a starry sky wallpaper but aren’t sure how to use it? Then you have landed on the perfect page!

Read on to see 8 ways to use dark night sky wallpapers! From adding a sense of calm to your bedroom to making your laundry room somewhere you don't want to leave, let us show you just how fabulous a starry night sky wallpaper can look in a wide range of spaces! Trust us. You will love these sky wallpapers to the moon and back!

1. Bring calm to the master bedroom

blue toned starry sky wallpaper in dark grey bedroom

Mural in photo: LH 95 in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Let’s begin with the room you would most expect a night sky wallpaper to look right at home: the bedroom! There is something very special about a starry night wallpaper in a bedroom. It mirrors the night sky as you drift off to sleep, setting a relaxing ambiance perfect for catching plenty of zzzs. And did you know that stargazing relieves stress? So what better reason to enjoy your own constellation in the bedroom?

This gorgeous LH 95 in the Large Magellanic Cloud wallpaper looks out of this world in this dark blue and grey master bedroom. Mirror the dark shades in this photo by choosing grey bedding to mirror the moody black tones in the sky. Embrace touches of white decor to reflect the bursts of off-white stars. These will bring pops of light into the room. This sky wallpaper is truly an ideal mix of dark and light shades.

2. Add the night’s beauty to your zen living room

grey cloudy sky with moon wallpaper in grey and black lounge

Mural in photo: Moon Seascape

Another spot to enjoy a night sky wallpaper is the living room. As well as a sociable space, the lounge should purposely be a place of calm to enjoy after a long day. We love the gentle clouds, the glowing moon and still waters in this serene Moon Seascape mural. Paired with black and grey room accessories, this beautiful moon wallpaper really comes to life.

3. Make your laundry room unique with a starry night wallpaper

navy night sky wallpaper with washing machine

Mural in photo: Star Cloud

Who knew it, but a dark sky wallpaper can completely make your laundry room unique! And if this is a room where you spend a lot of time, then why not make it beautiful with a striking star wallpaper? Sometimes laundry can be stressful. By choosing a navy mural like this Star Cloud wallpaper, you will feel utterly zen - even when you're trying to match up odd socks!

4. Set your little one up for a perfect night's sleep

night sky hot air balloon mural in nursery with white chair and toys

Mural in photo: Midnight Hot Air Balloon

Another perfect room to install a mystical night sky wallpaper is your baby’s nursery. It’s all about creating a relaxing environment for your little one so that they feel comfortable enough to sleep alone - something every parent is very grateful for! This dreamy Midnight Hot Air Balloon wallpaper will look perfect paired with off-white nursery decor items such as a white nursing chair and rug. Simply place it next to their cot so they can look up at it as they fall asleep!

5. Choose guest bedroom sky wallpaper to impress all!

purple and blue night sky wallpaper in neutral guest bedroom

Mural in photo: Cloud Wave

Instead of playing it too safe when it comes to guest bedroom decor, why not choose a night sky wallpaper to really wow your guests? This purple-tinted Cloud Wave wall mural will undoubtedly impress anyone who comes to sleep over at your house!

Just imagine their reactions when they walk into the room! Simply place the moon night sky wallpaper behind the bed and choose bedding in lilac and off-white tones to mirror the shades in the design.

6. Sit back and relax in a zen bathroom

colourful stars wallpaper in bathroom

Mural in photo: Colourful Nebula

Who knew that a starry wallpaper could look so calming in a bathroom? This relaxing Colourful Nebula wall mural looks absolutely zen in this minimalist washroom. This mystical night sky wallpaper is so beautiful that it almost doesn’t look real! Choose dark tiled flooring to mirror the black tones as well as turquoise towels and a bath mat to reflect the pale blue clusters of stars.

7. Promote productivity in the office with night sky wallpaper

purple and blue star cluster wall mural with white desk area

Mural in photo: Galaxy Wallpaper

If you are looking for an inspirational feature wall in your home office, choose a galactic sky wallpaper like our popular Galaxy wallpaper. The dreamy hues of blue, purple and emerald-green will not only bring splashes of colour to the walls but will invigorate the mind and promote productivity in your office. Place this night sky wall mural on the wall in front of your desk so that you can look up and take a break to refresh your mind! Why not choose decor to mirror the shades such as a purple desk lamp and a navy leather desk chair?

8. Create a gender neutral kids bedroom with a sky wallpaper

dark blue starry night sky wallpaper in black and white kids bedroom

Mural in photo: Beautiful Background Nightly Sky

As well as the nursery, a night sky wallpaper looks ideal in a gender-neutral kids bedroom! This Beautiful Background Nightly Sky wall mural will create a sense of calm for your little one’s room, promoting a good night's sleep so that they are fresh for the next day! Just choose neutral decor in white and pastel blue tones to mirror the glowing white moon and clusters of pretty stars.

Now do you feel like you can use a night sky wallpaper? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Arthur Mccann


Hi there, I would like to use, The Beautiful background night sky mural for my ceiling, and, The Star Cloud mural coming down the wall. Firstly, would these two "match"? And secondly, if so, how can I order them? Many thanks, Arthur.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Arthur. Thank you for your comment. We will get in touch with you to help with this query.

Judith Reid


Very impressed with your wallpapers - I live in Victoria Australia - how do up go about with ordering or samplesAppreciate your help -thank you

Nicole @ Wallsauce


Hi Judith, if you head to your favourite designs, there's an option on each one for you to order a sample :)

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