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24/01/2019   POSTED BY

10 Giant Wall Murals That Will Make an Impact

It’s a blessing and a curse to have a huge, blank wall space. Those gallery walls you keep seeing on Instagram are actually doable. But thinking of exciting ways to fill large empty walls can bleed you dry of inspiration. That’s why interior designers love using giant wall murals to create interesting features in apartment buildings, open plan living rooms and cool city centre offices.

If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings and more space than you know what to do with, a giant wall mural could look great in your home. From eye-catching conversation starters to seamless colour schemes, the design concepts are endless. Here are 10 ways you to make an impact with giant wallpaper murals.

1. Bring fine art into the home


Art lovers will find an amazing collection of works in our Bridgeman Art Library. Imagine Monet’s famous waterlilies, tricks of light and wild oceans by Turner, or a beautiful forest by Van Gogh. When you’ve got a big blank canvas to fill, a fine art wall mural can completely transform the look of a room. Abstract and expressionism will cram your home with colour, energy and personality. High Renaissance will transport you back in time and ooze grown-up grandeur. And impressionist murals will give a feeling of life and set an incredible ambience.

2. Study space with giant galaxy wall murals


Our range of space wallpaper works well in vast open spaces that are clean, minimal and white. Large office buildings are perfect for the galaxy trend, but we also love this look for the home. Open plan apartments will benefit from having such a unique feature, or if you’re looking for ways to transform a kid’s bedroom or playroom, go for giant rocket wallpaper, official NASA murals or giant murals with the solar system. These are magical and educational all at the same time…

3. Embrace the giant world map trend

Another trend that interior decorators can’t get enough of at the moment is the world maps trend. They’re being used everywhere in home design. From vintage maps and framed atlas prints to rustic decorative items such as lamps and letter holders, we’ve moved on a lot since the light-up globes of the 90s…


World map wallpaper can inspire travel and adventure, create meaningful connections between homeowner and house, and update a dull space with intrigue and interest. Ancient maps, vintage maps and city maps all make great wall coverings, and can even be used on the ceiling.

4. Create an indoor garden scene

Don’t you just love this idea for a yoga room? Or perhaps your living space needs a lift? Creating an indoor garden scene with a glorious garden mural can instantly add light to your room. The illusion of lush greenery, tranquil lakes and ponds, and blue skies not only helps to ‘open up’ your space – but it will feel like you’re bringing the outside in. For city apartments with no garden, this is a fantastic solution. Nature has a way of creating calm and happiness in the home. Bring your mural to life with air-purifying plants, and use bright accents like lime green and yellow to make a serious design impact.


5. Get creative with giant fresco walls

There’s something incredibly regal and romantic about a fresco wall and Renaissance art. Fly to Rome and stand under the giant Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel or visit Raphael's Villa Farnesina in Rome’s Trastevere district and you’ll know exactly what we mean. Whether the religious fervour is relatable or not, the wow factor is undeniable. Frescos of the time symbolised wealth, intellect and a passion for the arts – not just religious beliefs. And in the same way as a luxury book on your coffee table, they can be the high-end, high-brow interior touch you’re looking for. Our Raphael wallpaper range is a good place to start if you’re curious about this wallpaper design theme.


6. Make a wedding photo wall mural

Upload your own images for custom photo wallpaper, and turn the memories of your wedding day into a work of art for all to see. This makes a wonderful alternative to framed photographs in your house and will add a personal element to your walls. It works well in a big master bedroom or large living areas where walls are boring and vacant. Furnish with soft whites, romantic creams and coordinating colours to create a stunning impact.


7. Add depth with a giant feature wall

It’s not easy to build dimension and depth when your colour scheme is light and airy, and your floor space is vast. Large open plan rooms need interesting features and focal points, and our beautiful bookcase wall murals can help you create those effortlessly. From ancient library books to colourful spines, there are bookcase wallpapers in every interior style. And if you’ve ever had the joys of flat-packing, these are the easiest bookshelves you’ll ever assemble (bonus).


8. Use watercolour backdrops for plain walls

A quick and simple way to inject colour into a lacklustre room is with watercolour effect murals. They blend seamlessly with bedroom décor, and are a match made in heaven for geometric prints and bold black and white patterns. Ideal for the bedroom, watercolours can conjure up a sense of calm and relaxation, whilst also adding vibrancy and light into your zone of rest.


9. Get bold with giant geometric shapes

Giant wall murals demand attention. That’s why geometric patterns are such a go-to for interior designers and decorators. You’ve likely been seeing geos everywhere, from soft furnishings and cool cushions for the living room to hallway rugs and hand-woven baskets. It’s exciting coordinating all the clashing shapes and prints when you’re renovating. But the simplest way to add geos to your home is with a feature wall. Geometric wallpapers come in all colours, and in all levels of intensity and vibrancy to suit your home.


10. Shift your mood with scenic wallpaper

Giant wall murals featuring scenic landscapes have the power to completely change the ambience of a room. Reflective lakes and snow-capped mountains can instil tranquillity, gushing waterfalls can transport you to a faraway place, and coastal sunsets can inspire feelings of romance.


Wild outdoor scenery, just like our garden murals, is good for the soul and could even boost your mental wellbeing. We think they’re perfect for living spaces, reading rooms, home workspaces, artist studios…..or anywhere you might be inclined to sit and think.

Love our wall mural trends? Do you have any creative inspiration for giant wall murals in your home? Share your wallpaper ideas with us in the comment below...

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Derek McDoogle


I found it interesting when you said that a big wall mural can totally change the look of a room. My sister is an art lover and she would love to have a piece of art in her house not that she just bought it. I will recommend her to think about a big wall mural in her bedroom.

Amy @ Wallsauce


That's excellent news, Derek. It's true: wall murals really do transform a room and installing a mural adorned with a piece of art is a great alternative to displaying canvas or framed artwork.

Kathy Green


Looking for something Victorian and for a baby girls room as well.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thank you for your comment, Kathy. :) For a baby girl's bedroom, please search through Wallpaper Murals - Shop by Room - Nursery Wallpaper or Girls Wallpaper. For a Victorian-style wallpaper, please search through Wallpaper Murals - Pattern - Floral Pattern Wallpaper. There are some Victorian-patterned ones that you may like in there. Or, have a search through our Extended Range which you can find at the bottom of the list under Wallpaper Murals.

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