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gamer wallpaper soldier wall mural in gaming room

31/10/2023   POSTED BY

Gamer Wallpaper for Every Gaming Personality

Did you know…..there are now more than 2.5 billion gamers around the world? Gamers, of all ages, are everywhere and over 45% of gamers are women. So much for the teenage stereotype!

And with the world of pro gaming becoming a lucrative career option, the way that gaming and gamers are viewed, is changing. If you want to dedicate a space to gaming in your home, whether for yourself, your gaming-obsessed kid or your techie other half, gamer wallpapers give you instant room transformation.

The ultimate gaming setup combines comfort (gaming furniture), configuration (monitor/console placement) and lighting (blackout curtains) with style (gaming décor to match your personality). So what gaming personality are you?

The shooter

realistic soldier gaming wallpaper in dark bedroom

Mural in photo: Sniper’s Nest

You shoot, you kill. You’re usually the sniper or marksman and you don’t mess around. In the Bartle Matrix of Gaming Personalities, there are four main player types: Socialisers, Explorers, Achievers and Killers.

If you excel at first-person shooters and you’re usually the last one standing, you likely fall between a Killer and an Achiever. You get a thrill from getting the job done and gaining points. You also exist to disrupt the gaming experience for others, because you strive to win and get a kick out of seeing your components go down. You’re highly competitive and you may enjoy a bit of recognition from the kill points and accolades you collect on the way.

If this sounds like you, this realistic Sniper’s Nest wallpaper is perfect for your gaming room.

The explorer

dark forest with fantastical character wallpaper in dark gaming room

Mural in photo: Moody Forest

If you’re drawn to this dark Moody Forest wallpaper, you’re probably someone who likes to go on an adventure. As a gamer, you’re curious about new places and you’re open to the idea of entirely new worlds or other dimensions.

Points? Scores? Nah, they don’t bother you as much as knowledge and experience. You could still have a competitive streak, but you’re more driven by being able to unlock secrets and discover things before the rest of your gamer friends.

The biggest prize for you is discovery, so otherworldly landscapes, alien habitats, fantasy worlds and first person exploration games are your thing.

Oh and Easter eggs? You’ve got a track record of finding them first.

The pilot

alien space ships across sunset sky wallpaper in trendy office room

Mural in photo: Alien Planet and Space Ships

Love aviation games? This amazing Alien Planet and Space Ships wallpaper is ideal for gamers who prefer to spend their time in the air. According to psychology, real life pilots tend to be extroverts, but who knows if this is the same for pilots in the gaming community?

Either way, being good at aviator games isn’t just an accolade for the virtual world. A study by the University of Liverpool found that gaming pilots were much better than general aviation pilots when it came to flying drones. Career change, anyone?

The coder

green coding wallpaper in cool home office

Mural in photo: Green Code

This is the ultimate gamer wallpaper for the code-obsessed. For you, tech isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life. Maybe you work as a programmer, a software developer, a computer engineer, or a games designer. Or maybe you dabble in a bit of coding in your spare time. Whatever you do, you do it with skill and you find joy in solving problems and getting behind the scenes to see how things work.

When it comes to your game of choice, you prefer PC over consoles, although you may have an interest in both. While PC gamers are sort of a dying breed, they’re seen as more technically skilled, so display your joystick allegiance with pride with the Green Code wallpaper from Wallsauce!

The heroine

gamer wallpaper with cyber queen in simple office area

Mural in photo: Cyber Queen

You’re not a rare unicorn, but part of a growing revolution of female gamers. You are rising in your numbers and you’re not letting stereotypes or discrimination barriers get in your way. You could be a Socialiser, Explorer, Achiever or Killer according to Bartle. But you’re always the heroine, smashing scores, unlocking levels or other virtual achievements.

There’s a lot to be said of creating gender neutral interior design, we also love female empowerment (because let’s address the gender balance, right?). This Cyber Queen gamer wallpaper mural is a celebration of just that.

The nightrider

purple sci fi road and moon wallpaper with white desk and wooden chair

Mural in photo: City in Neon Light

Are you inspired by dark landscapes or moonlit cities? There’s something very atmospheric about a first person game when you’re walking around at dusk or twilight. Perhaps you’re a fan of evening battle scenes? Or maybe you love open-world games where daylight and nightfall occur just like they do in real life?

If you love life after sunset, a dark mural could work well in your gaming corner. Night sky wallpaper murals are also extremely calming, making this City in Neon Lights wallpaper the perfect gamer wallpaper for bedrooms.

The futurist

purple tinted sci fi city wallpaper in trendy office room

Mural in photo: Futurescape Barcelona

This fantastic Barcelona Futurescape wallpaper feeds the imagination of a futurist or sci-fi nerd. You love cyberpunk or dystopian worlds and games like VA-11 Hall-A, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghostrunner, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Project EVE, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, or X-COM 2, are the ones that capture your imagination.

In terms of the Bartle Matrix, you’re probably part-Explorer, part-Achiever and part-Socialiser. The latter being rather important. Futurists tend to be thinkers and analysers and they consider all aspects of what a future world could be like – including social politics.

You’re fascinated not only by the visual aspect of dystopia, but also the inner workings of society. So you enjoy interacting with virtual features of the game, as well as other players. You collaborate well and you find joy in discovering how other people’s minds operate. Because at the end of the day, life is just one big social experiment!

The racer

orange fire car in room with bed and desk area

Mural in photo: Fire Car

It doesn’t matter whether you love the backdrops of Forza Horizon 5, the retro evening-scapes of Inertial Drift, or the cartoon world of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. If fast travel is your MO, this adrenaline-pumping Fire Car wall mural could turn your room into the perfect gaming nook for speed demons.

Getting behind the wheel in a game – whether in a fantasy world or in a realistic setting – can ramp up competitive behaviours. If you’re an Achiever in the Bartle Matrix, racing games can give you instant gratification quick-wins. And the best thing about track races? You get to have do-overs if you lose.

…and finally, gamer wallpaper for the soldier

sketch style drawing of soldier gamer wallpaper in gaming room

Mural in photo: Soldier Illustration

Military video games aren’t just about shooting and levelling up your kill score. They can be tactical, and could also require some strategic decision-making. If you’re a soldier of the gaming world, you could be a Socialiser, Explorer, Achiever and Killer rolled into one.

You enjoy collaboration and social gaming with your headset on. You like to explore new worlds and landscapes. You also like to collect points and have a badge of honour to show others. A good all-rounder then!

If you love things like Call of Duty or Enlisted, this Soldier Illustration wallpaper could fit your home gaming room perfectly.

Do you love gaming? Tell us what type of gamer you are and which wallpaper is your favourite in the comments below…

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