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Santorini Photo Wallpaper

22/06/2017   POSTED BY

Your Favourite Holiday Destinations on Wallpaper

Has the summer got you thinking about your favourite hoilday destinations of all time? This travel photo wallpaper of the ultimate getaway places we all love will make your holiday mood last all year round, because let's face it who likes rain?

Santorini, Greece

Greek decor is very patriotic. It's all about whites combined with blue and white stripes, taking inspiration from the Greek flag. This beautiful wallpaper of Santorini, considered the most beautiful of the Greek islands will infuse any room in your home with a relaxing vibe instantly. 

Mural in picture: Santorinin Traditional Church

The Caribbean

Fill your home with the atmosphere of a Caribbean holiday by using lots of light grees and blues, plants with palm like leaves and lots of layers and throws. 

Caribbean Photo Wallpaper

Mural in picture: Tropical Lagoon Heaven

Rome, Italy

Complement this wallpaper of one of the world's most beautiful cities with grande, rustic decor. Use dark woods accompanied with white and dark brown decor.

Italy Photo Wallpaper

Mural in picture: Rome

The Maldives

If you've been to The Maldives, you'll know that Indian decor is fun, luxurious, and most importantly colourful. Use bright pinks and blues complemented by gold and patterns to create an Indian wonderland in your home. If you really want to go the extra mile, burn Indian spice inscense. 

Maldives Photo Wallpaper

Mural in picture: Maldives Jetty Sunrise


Spanish decor really allows you the freedom to have fun with your style. It's full of textile patterns, dark woods and like most European destinations, white. 

Ibiza Photo Wallpaper

Mural in picture: Ibiza Eivissa Town

The South of France

French decor is elegant and peaceful, just like the beautiful street pictured below in Aix- en -Provence. Frech decor is all about using one grande piece of furniture such as an armoire or sofa and complementing with elegant embellishments. You can almost taste the wine...

The South of France Travel Photo Wallpaper

Mural in picture: Street in Aix

What is your favourite holiday destination? We' d love to hear about it in the comments section below. 

Can't see the destination you love? Our travel wallpaper category will probably have waht you're looking for. 

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Neil Peart


I am after a wall mural of Saltburn by the sea, North Yorkshire, UK. Can it be printed off a digital photo? It's just to cover a small wall behind my sofa.

Paula from Wallsauce.com


Hi Neil, Thanks for your query. I have emailed a response to you via the email address provided. Paula from Wallsauce.com

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