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blue and pink bird chinoiserie wallpaper in pink lounge

24/06/2021   POSTED BY

The Duck Egg Blue Wallpaper Style Guide

Luckily for us, duck egg blue wallpaper is still a firm favourite in the world of interior design! The perfect alternative to paint, a mural showcasing this calm tone is a great way to incorporate this colour into any space. Whether you are searching for blue bedroom ideas or tips on how to create a duck egg blue kitchen, install a blue wallpaper and you needn't do anything else! See how quickly your room goes from bland to beautiful!

If you are keen to find a duck egg mural to bring your home to life, then read on to see our top 10 favourite wallpapers. In this style guide, discover tips on how to accessorise with each of these stunning designs.

1. Step back to the ‘70s with a retro-style paisley wallpaper

blue and white paisley wallpaper in boho dressing room

Mural in photo: Vintage Blue Pattern

If you want to feel psychedelic and love the ‘70s, then why not adorn your walls with a vintage-style wallpaper? Perfect in a funky lounge, a boho bedroom, or a unique kitchen space, this retro pattern design may seem far from versatile but you will be surprised at just how good it looks in any type of room! And retro wallpapers don’t just belong in retro homes. If you own a new property but are a vintage lover at heart, this hip design will bring old-time vibes into your brand-new home!

Tip: This groovy blue mural will look best with organic, vintage-style décor. A 1970’s winged-back wicker chair or an egg-shaped hanging seat would be funkalicious! Find a woven circular rattan rug and a huge monstera leafy-green plant that will reach up to the ceiling!

2. Abstract duck egg blue wallpaper for utter bliss…

white and duck egg blue wallpaper in room with white ladder shelf

Mural in photo: Cool Ether

We don’t know about you, but this Cool Ether mural makes us feel utterly blissful… The watercolour blots of blue and green shades paired with flower silhouettes are gorgeous. They make us feel like we’ve stepped into a beautiful dream. Designed by the fabulous Katy Clemmans, this stunning designer wallpaper would make you feel totally zen in your duck egg blue living room after a hard day's work. Or, if you are in great need of a relaxing space in your bedroom, this abstract design is the one to choose.

Tip: Because of the abstract and minimalist feel of this designer wallpaper, we recommend keeping the rest of the room as simple as possible. Stick to white furniture and paint the walls in an off-white shade. Incorporate small touches of blue into the room with a select few room accessories in this calm shade.

3. It’s time to plan your next adventure with a blue map wallpaper!

white, green and blue floral map wallpaper

Mural in photo: Blue Floral World Map

Calling to all wanderlust souls! You certainly do not need to settle for plain blue walls. Instead, start planning where you will jet off to with this stunning Blue Floral World Map. Taken from our Rosana Laiz Garcia collection, this green and blue world map wallpaper isn’t just any old map. Just look at those delicate florals and watercolour tones… It’s the perfect map and flower wallpaper combined in one! So where will you go next? A trip to South America? A tour of Europe? Or a road trip around Australia?

Tip: Because of the graceful florals, this design would look beautiful in a romantic bedroom, a girl’s room or anyone who loves the delicacy of flowers. Paint the walls in a very pale shade of greeny-blue and choose wooden furniture to mirror the natural feel of this design.

4. Be on-trend with a panel effect duck egg blue wallpaper

antique duck egg blue panel wallpaper in bathroom with gold tub

Mural in photo: Duck Egg Panel

If you want to be hot on the latest trends, then it’s all about panelled walls. The easiest way to achieve this is by installing a gorgeous panel effect wallpaper like this Duck Egg Panel design! Forget about cutting pieces of wood to the exact same size. Don’t bother finding your leveller and saw. Just tell us your wall’s dimensions and we will create a custom-made mural to fit your wall! Perfect for any room in the home, this stunning panel effect wallpaper would look amazing in a lounge paired with a range of grey accessories.

Tip: When cropping this panel mural to the size of your wall, try to not cut away the frames of the panels. This will make sure the effect is as realistic as possible.

5. A duck egg blue geometric wallpaper for modern art lovers

grey, white, blue geometric wallpaper in cool home office

Mural in photo: Ocean Tones

If you can’t think of anything worse than vintage or antique style panel wallpapers, then try out a blue design like this Ocean Tones mural! Created by Twisted Pixels Illustration, this abstract blue toned wallpaper would make a fantastic modern feature wall in an office, whether at home or in the workplace.

Tip: Place this futuristic blue shape wallpaper on the wall behind your desk so that you can enjoy it whilst working. Paint the walls off-white or in a shade of grey to bring out the tones in this duck egg blue and grey wallpaper.

6. Duck egg blue and gold wallpaper to transport you to icy waters

gold, blue and grey abstract ocean with whale wallpaper

Mural in photo: Light Beneath

One of the latest additions to our SpaceFrog Designs collection is this whimsical Light Beneath wallpaper. Although the gold in the design is only colour and not shimmery, this stunning whale wallpaper still exudes a sense of luxury. It is a truly special feature wall for a bedroom or lounge. It would also go swimmingly in a decadent bathroom. When looking at this soothing ocean wallpaper, it’s easy to see why duck egg blue is named as it is. It looks like the same colour blue as duck’s eggs but also has lots of ocean connotations. We can just picture greeny-blue Mediterranean waters.

Tip: If installed in a bathroom, go big on the gold accessories. Choose gold faucets, door handles, and even a gold-coloured shower head for utter luxury!

7. Bee happy with this beauty of a duck egg blue wallpaper

off-white and duck egg blue wallpaper with bee and clock illustrations

Mural in photo: Bee Kingdom

You can’t help but feel happy when you see beautiful bee designs like this Bee Kingdom mural by Michelle Freer. The combination of vintage-style drawings of these little creatures and florals have a Secret Garden feel to it which will add a sense of whimsy to any room in the home. And the pairing of flowers and clocks reminds you to slow down and to, “Stop and smell the flowers”…

Tip: This stunning floral wallpaper would look picture-perfect in a room that is adjacent to a garden. The flowers and bees will mirror and complement the beauty of your outdoor area, bringing the garden indoors.

8. 3D effect duck egg blue wallpaper for the modernist

off-white, green and blue 3D triangle wallpaper lounge with open brick walls

Mural in photo: Triangular Pastels

Did you know that this shade of blue is one of those colours that looks great paired with patterns? This Triangular Pastels design clearly shows this with its collection of triangular 3D shapes bursting from the wall! The beauty of this shade is that you can pair it with a range of contrasting patterns to create the perfect maximalist look. Choose chevron cushions, a tribal-inspired patterned rug and more.

Tip: Place this 3D effect duck egg blue wallpaper on a wall with as little clutter in front of it as possible. Get the most of the full effect of the entire design.

9. Regency peacock wallpaper for the period drama fan

pink and duck egg blue wallpaper in vintage lounge with pink couch

Mural in photo: Bird Paradise

If you are a keen follower of period dramas or have always been Mr Darcy’s number one fan, this Bird Paradise is the wallpaper for you! Can you imagine sitting in your “parlour”/ living room with this chinoiserie tree design growing up the wall? All that would be left to do would be to dress in your favourite ball gown and host the most wonderful afternoon tea with your friends! Do you take Darjeeling or Earl tea, my dear?

Tip: We can’t help but feel that this vintage blue wallpaper would look perfect with antique furniture. Choose a dark walnut wood cabinet to display a vase of roses. Upholster a reclaimed armchair with a pale pink silky fabric. Or adorn your floors with a floral Turkish rug…

10. Duck egg blue wallpaper with a chinoiserie twist

blue, white and pink floral wallpaper in minimalist bedroom

Mural in photo: Duck Egg Chinoiserie Dreams

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably fed up with plain painted walls. You probably want something to bring that certain je ne sais quoi to your duck egg bedroom. This beautiful Duck Egg Chinoiserie Dreams designed by Michelle Freer is sure to do just that… The stunning combination of white, black and pink in this gorgeous oriental floral wallpaper just shows how versatile this tone can be. The black illustrations of the cranes in this duck egg blue bird wallpaper bring a calming sense of nature and the flurry of florals will add a romantic touch to your boudoir.

Tip: This classic shade of blue is not a single colour but a wide spectrum of lovely blue shades. So before considering a wallpaper, think about which tone you are going for.

Tell us your favourite duck egg blue wallpaper by leaving a comment below!

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