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outside bar under trees with stools

25/06/2024   POSTED BY

Outdoor Bar Ideas for this Summer [Expert Advice]

When the sun has got its hat on, all we want to do is be outside which is why everyone starts to look for outdoor bar ideas! And who can blame us when having a cold G & T or beer in the open air is the epitome of summer. Outside bars are ideal for using on your own but are also a great excuse to have family and friends over. After all, it’s creating another space to socialise and host whilst catching some rays!

In this article, see advice from home experts about how to create the perfect outside bar. From making sure your bar is made from the appropriate materials to accessorising with wall prints, there are many ways to create an amazing garden bar. Is it nearly happy hour?

Hard-wearing and weather-resistant materials

green and white outdoor bar

Image source: etsy.com via Pinterest

When creating your outdoor bar, it’s important that it lasts for a long time in all sorts of weather which is why choosing the correct materials is highly important. Marcia Castro Socas, Home Stager & Decorator explains the materials she used in her own outdoor bar project.

“The cabinets are made of water-resistant and UV-resistant material to avoid any wear and tear-this was expensive but should last a lifetime. I think that for long-term use, selecting the proper materials, such as this marine-grade cabinetry, can make all the difference in properly setting up an outdoor bar or outdoor kitchen area.”

Making sure that you have a stable bar is essential so that it is long-lasting. The type of bar top is important with regards to how much heat it creates from the sun. Erik Lee Founder of Inyouths knows exactly what we mean.

“Another thing to building both sturdy and durable bar tops is essential. You can use materials like quartz or granite and avoid using any kind of metal like stainless steel because it could generate heat. Each material has its own set of advantages, and all are unequaled in terms of visual attractiveness.”

Security to keep your outdoor bar safe

black outdoor bar with tv

Image source: etsy.com via Pinterest

If you want to keep your outdoor bar well-stocked, make sure security is your number one priority. Not only this, but if you want to display a fancy TV monitor in there as well, then security is an absolute must. Granger McCollough, CEO and Founder of Elite Patio Direct explains more.

“There is one thing that you should think about before installing a garden bar - security. Everything that could be potentially stolen must be placed in a locked cabinet for when you aren’t using the bar, this is especially the case if you don’t have the most secure garden. This could bump up the price and take up more space with locked fridges and cabinets, but it will be worth it.”

As well as a locked cabinet for expensive items, it might be a good item to have shutters around the entire bar so that you can pull them down and lock them shut when you’re not using it. Another alternative is to use a summerhouse as your outdoor bar. Simply padlock the doors when you leave it. All these will become very useful when you are away on holiday so you can have peace of mind.

Creative lighting that will create ambiance

outdoor bar with pretty fairy lights

Image source: idealhome.co.uk via Pinterest

Choose creative lighting if you will be spending many an evening in your outdoor bar. These are essential for creating a sense of ambience, helping you to rewind after a difficult week. Rick Berres, Owner of Honey-Doers knows what he’s talking about when it comes to bar lighting.

“Outdoor bars work really well with creative lighting setups, which is usually the next detail I plan around. String lights look fantastic, but you can also light the bar itself, especially the bottle shelf. Lighting bottles from underneath will always show off the liquor you choose to stock in a beautiful way.”

Size and setting is important when it comes to outside bars

pull out outdoor bar

Image source: cassiefairy.com via Pinterest

Where should you put your outside bar? Ideally, on a patio or decking. However, if you don’t have either and are lacking space, there are other alternatives. Richard Lehmann, Founder and Author at CalculatorABV.com knows exactly how to do this.

“For a smaller bar, you can use a table or countertop. The type of bar you choose will also depend on your space and what type of atmosphere you want to create. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, or wicker. If you want an elegant look, then choosing glass or acrylic furniture is a good option.”

Do you not know how big to make your bar area or where to place it? Then you need to factor in the following.

“The size of the bar will depend on how many people will be using it and what type of bar you want. If you want a full-sized bar, then you'll need a larger space. The location of the bar should be in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight so that guests can enjoy the outdoors even when it's not sunny.” Richard Lehmann, Founder and Author at CalculatorABV.com

If you want to avoid the sun and like to keep your drinks cool, stick to the shade. David Gu Founder of Neutypechic explains more.

“As an expert in this part, it must be under where sun and shade are available, like under a tree or a patio umbrella.”

The most important factor: load the bar!

bottles stacked on shelf

Image source: etsy.com via Pinterest

Of course, the MOST important part of an outdoor bar is making sure it is fully stocked with all your favourite beverages! Laurice Constantine, Founder of Casadar knows exactly what is needed to stock up your outdoor bar.

“For soft drinks, wine, and beer, galvanized or plastic buckets work well when they are filled with ice. Stick to the classics: gin, vodka, rum, and tequila. Stock a range of long-lasting juices, seltzer, and mixers. Make sure you have lots of glasses available. Mix and match for a unique design and keep a few bowls and small platters on hand for light snacks. Ice buckets and tongs, cocktail shakers, amusing napkins, bottle openers, and bar towels are further bar necessities. Don't forget to bring a trash can, a recycling bucket, and bug sprays.”

Keep drinks cool in your outdoor bar

small outdoor fridge

Image source: hgtv.com via Pinterest

There is nothing worse than having put a lot of effort into your outdoor bar and then drinking a lukewarm drink on a boiling hot day. That’s why it’s essential to factor in how you will keep things cool. David Gu, Founder of Neutypechic knows how.

“Most importantly don't forget about the cold storage where you can put all your beverages for no one wants a lukewarm drink. So make sure to keep things cold with the use of a minifridge or a cooler.”

Let us know how you got on making your own outdoor bar by leaving a comment below.

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