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Customer photo of a hotel room with white bedsheets and a realistic woodland wallpaper

23/12/2022   POSTED BY

A Look Back at Our Customer Photos 2022!

We will never tire of seeing our customers' amazing photographs of their installed wallpaper murals! These images are so good, we HAVE to share them with you. From dining rooms to beauty salons, dark florals and breath-taking photography images, you will be amazed at the wonderful home and business transformations our fantastic customers have achieved. Not do our customer photos need to be in your life, but they are the perfect source of inspiration.

If you have been toying with the idea of a home makeover, transforming only one room, or sprucing up your business interior, our customer photos are sure to bring you all the creative inspiration you need. Get ready to be amazed and experience some serious home envy as we share with you our awesome customer photos!

Dining room envy alert!

Blue and gold themed dining room with a blue and gold marble wall mural and blue dining chairs

Wall mural featured: Extended Range

Can we get a ‘WOW!’ over here?! This beautiful dining room by @deeee_davis looks fit for royalty! We adore the combination of royal, rich blues and golden hints to create a truly elegant dining room. The wall adorned with beautiful gold and blue marble effect wallpaper lends a suave feel to the room, whilst creating a beautiful focal point. We can’t wait to be invited for dinner!

Stunning dark florals in a living room

Deep red and white living room with a red sofa and white chairs with a dark maroon floral wallpaper

Wall mural featured: Moody Maroon

Now, this is what you call a show-stopping living room! We adore how our customer has styled their living room with moody, oversized floral wallpaper. The combination of crisp white chairs and a rich berry red sofa makes us want to don our silk dressing gowns and drape ourselves over the sofa with a glass of wine! (Careful not to spill any on the beautiful rug, of course). A dark wallpaper is guaranteed to create a jaw-dropping feature wall.

Create a stunning feature wall anywhere!

Muted yellow and beige tropical bird jungle print wallpaper with dark wooden furniture

Wall mural featured: Tropical Birds Jungle

There is nothing we don’t love about this stunning, tropical inspired feature wall! The combination of jungle wallpaper and dark, vintage furniture is simply a match made in heaven! @fairlight_restoration has created a beautiful focal point within their home with a simple style and a keen eye for perfect colour schemes.

Realistic woodland wallpaper for a tranquil stay

Customer photo of a hotel room with white bedsheets and a realistic woodland wallpaper

Wall mural featured: Morning Sunlight Forest

Nothing could possibly make this hotel room by @thebarnallington look any more beautiful! Their gorgeous choice of a realistic, misty woodland wall mural transforms this hotel room into a tranquil and relaxing space all guests will appreciate. The style of the room, with crisp white bedsheets and soft grey cushions, will allow you to sink into a peaceful slumber and wake up to a stunning woodland view from the comfort of a warm and cosy bed!

Garden rooms are so in right now

Yellow and green garden room with floral wallpaper, mustard yellow chairs and a green sofa

Wall mural featured: Alliums and Heleniums

This stunning garden room from @smartelle2973 radiates summer warmth and fresh spring vibes with its green and mustard yellow colour theme. The feature wall adorned with oversized botanical wallpaper makes you feel as though you have wandered into a beautiful golden meadow. We are jealous that our customers get to sit and relax in this stunning room!

This marble makes us green with envy!

Large wall with a green and gold marble effect wallpaper with a dark wooden floor

Wall mural featured: Deep Foliage

Marble is a beautiful material, but it can be expensive! Especially if you want to put it on your walls, but our customer Jade, from Vancouver, has adorned her wall with a stunning agate wall mural by designer Lara Skinner to create a luxurious feature wall! The rich, green wall mural combined with her dark wooden floor instantly transforms her space into a striking focal point (even the pooch agrees!)

A brilliantly decorated beauty salon wall

Colourful pop art mural with a speech bubble in a salon with a black chair

This beauty salon wall from @lolasmsm6 is beautiful, vibrant and let’s face it, rather hilarious! This custom-made mural was chosen by our customer and printed by ourselves and let’s face it, pop art is a brilliant way to inject life and colour into a room quicker than you can say ‘Andy Warhol’ – this beauty salons clients will certainly remember them for their décor as much as their awesome treatments!

Bathroom décor that oozes class

White bathroom units with a pale pink marble wall mural decorated with black framed mirrors

Wall mural featured: Stone Marble

If you want to know how to create a beautiful but understated bathroom wall in your home, Gary Barrera has the answer – you install a beautiful marble effect wallpaper! The gorgeous soft pink and beige tones in this wallpaper blend perfectly with the soft white cupboards and cream worktop. We especially love the black framed mirrors which add a stunning contrast of colour to the wall.

Check out the stunning views inside this building!

Large wall with a realistic wallpaper of the manhattan skyline

Wall mural featured: Manhattan Skyline

This stunning manhattan wall mural image from our customer Peter Kosteas at the City View Plaza in Long Island City is breathtaking! What better way to celebrate the ever-beautiful NYC skyline than making it visible indoors? The dark grey interior accentuates the misty city skyline view and adds a wonderfully dramatic twist to a large wall area. You really feel as though you are on top of the world with this one!

What a way to make an entrance!

Long hallway with a framed floral green wall mural with dark green walls and a cream terrazzo floor

Wall mural featured: Garden Sage

Have you ever seen a hallway more beautiful than this? We are in love with how our customer Donna Shenton has utilised this stunning wallpaper mural by designer Carol Robinson. Diving the floral wallpaper into long frames to place on the walls is a wonderful way to showcase their choice of wallpaper, but with a twist! The emerald green colour scheme, combined with neutral, terrazzo flooring has made us need to pick our jaws up off the ground!

A living room with a perfect view

Realistic New York City wall mural behind a large brown sofa

Wall mural featured: New York Skyscraper Lights

Amer installed this stunning NYC wallpaper mural for a client of his in Birmingham and what an impact it has! The stunning cityscape fits perfectly with the brown leather seating and contrasting grey flooring and kitchen. This New York City wallpaper is a perfect way to add character to a small wall or living space.

Feminine and floral in the bedroom

White and pink bedroom with white bedsheets, pink cushions and a long pink floral wallpaper over the bed

Wall Mural featured: Romantic Flower Chandelier

If you love feminine florals and pretty pinks, this bedroom style by Bernd, Germany is all the inspiration you need! The pink floral wall mural accessorised with crisp white bedsheets and deep pink cushions and throws makes you feel as though you are sitting within a beautiful pink rose. For a seriously feminine style, this customer has hit the nail on the head.

A beautiful Jungle inspired living room

Neutral white living room with a white sofa, rattan accessories and a jungle wallpaper

Wall Mural featured: Exotic Birds Journey

The jungle trend has been around for a while and is still as hot as ever, which is why we love this living room from @nada.vergili. The jungle wallpaper styled with crisp, clean white furniture and pops of beige and rattan items, creates a stunning tropical themed living room. I think it’s safe to say even the pooch agrees with this one!

Beautiful nursery rooms with a jungle vibe

Nursery with wooden furniture a tiger jungle wallpaper and rope and leaves on the ceiling

Wall Mural featured: Tropical Tiger

Now, this is a stunning nursery if we do say so ourselves! The jungle print wallpaper accentuated with wooden furniture and the rope and leaves decal on the ceiling – it’s simply amazing! The room feels warm, cosy and looks aesthetically pleasing, even to us adults! @thedipshome has created a truly beautiful room.

An abstract twist on a floral design

Grey and silver bench and flooring with a metallic effect monochrome floral wallpaper

Wall Mural featured: Monochrome Blossom

We love this beautiful feature wall image we received from our Texas customer, Birch Medical & Wellness. They have created a stunning space with one of our floral, abstract wallpapers by accessorising with soft grey and cream tones. It makes the space feel cosy and inviting, which is a perfect way to put their clients at ease.

A beautiful monochrome living room

Misty forest wall mural in black and white with a light cream sofa and dark grey rug

Wall mural featured: Misty Forest with Sun Rays

Carole from Harpenden has created a stunning living room by installing a gorgeous forest wall mural in black and white. The monochrome trees pair perfectly with her light cream sofa and a large, dark grey rug. We can imagine this living room looks amazing dressed up for Christmas!

A metal effect wall for maximum impact

Metal effect wallpaper behind a dark green sofa with a wooden floor and exposed brick wall

Wall mural featured: Core of Corrosion

What a way to create a stunning feature wall! Our customer, Sean Ferigan displays this striking metal print wall mural which is styled perfectly with an emerald green sofa and deep red cushions. We especially love the combination of various materials, such as the wooden door and floor, but also the exposed brick!

Are you as amazed by our customer photos as we are? It would impossible for us to choose a favourite! Have you enjoyed looking back over our customers’ amazing interior talents as much as we have? Let us know in the comments below!

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