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09/04/2018   POSTED BY

Ceiling Wallpaper: Ideas and Designs for Any Room

Ceiling wallpaper, as you know it, is an alternative to materials like plaster. It's great for covering cracks and uneven surfaces. However, in 2018, ceiling wallpaper isn’t so much of a convenience anymore. Instead, it’s embracing the fifth wall.

Back in the Victorian era, ceiling embellishments were at their prime. Decorators would continue designs from the walls up onto the ceiling. Although wallpaper has had its peaks and troughs (as much as we hate to admit it) it’s not until now that ceiling wallpaper is making a big comeback.

Here’s how you can create this hot new trend for 2018 and introduce the fifth wall in your room.

Sky ceiling wallpapers

Let’s start some ceiling wallpaper ideas with a popular style. Who doesn’t love lying back in the garden or beach, watching the clouds sail by? 


Mural: 'A Detailed Look at Spiral Galaxy M101' from the NASA collection

Sky ceiling wallpapers are a great way of bringing the outdoors in and creating a relaxing space. For evening entertainment rooms, cinema rooms or bedrooms, explore our range of space wallpapers. You’ll discover a vast range of starry night sky wallpapers and breathtaking imagery from NASA to bring a cosy cosmic feeling to your room.


Mural: Take from our extended range

For a sky ceiling that’s more refreshing and uplifting, check out our beautiful range of sky wallpapers. From bright blue skies with sunlight peering through the clouds to dramatic lightning bolts, there’s a wealth of sky ceiling wallpaper opportunities!

Alternative ceiling wallpaper ideas

At Wallsauce, we have a huge range of wallpaper styles that you can enjoy on your ceiling. If skies and stars aren’t your style, or you’re looking for something a little more trendy, here are your alternative ceiling wallpaper ideas.

Mural: 'Antique World Map' by Lovell Johns

Love to travel? Imagine laying in bed and planning your next adventure! Opt for a map mural in a neutral colour for your bedroom if you're an aspiring travellor. Find yourself drift asleep as you get excited about your next trip. 


Mural: 'Garden Whispers' by Carol Robinson

Floral wallpaper is another great alternative for adorning your fifth wall. Available in many bold and colourful prints, we have a vast range to suit any existing colour theme. Gorgeous pattern wallpaper, in general, is particularly great for creating a centrepiece on your ceiling.


Mural: 'Blue Marble Effect

If you’re design-conscious, you might want to check out our stunning marble wallpapers. Along with statement ceilings, marble is a hot interior trend for 2018. Combine both trends and create the ultimate feature wall!

Wallpapering a pitched ceiling

We realise that ceilings alone are tricky, but what do you do about choosing wallpaper for a pitched ceiling? First of all, note that the shape of the ceiling and the angles may hug the room. Therefore, consider any dark colours in the wallpaper as too much may overwhelm the room.

Something like this Carina Nebula wallpaper is perfect for creating a cosy nook, no matter the time of day. Its dark background with washes of light creates a perfect balance for this type of room.


Mural: 'The Carina Nebula: Star Birth in the Extreme' from the NASA collection

No matter what room you’re looking to introduce this bold new trend too, there are many options to suit your personality, style and any existing themes in your décor. Simply explore our full range of wall murals.

Which style of ceiling wallpaper would you decorate your fifth wall with? Comments are welcome in the section below.

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