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bold print wallpaper in living room

02/10/2019   POSTED BY

Bold Print Wallpaper: This Year’s Biggest Trend

Stripes, spots, animal prints or foliage. Whatever the print, we’re absolutely loving it as long as it’s bold and impactful. We’re talking blow-your-mind, stop-you-in-your-tracks, have-to-post-on-Instagram-right-now impactful. The interior design world hasn’t made time for passive prints and patterns. Instead, it’s rolled out the red carpet for the intense, the garish, the loud, and the ever so slightly mad. The wilder and wackier the design, the better it looks.

This is a fun, affordable way to make a statement – without the stress of redecorating the whole house. With one feature wall, you can transform the entire look and ambience of a room. Making your mark in interiors has never been easier or more accessible.

If you’re looking for a stand-out design or a real talking point amongst friends and visitors (not just a pretty backdrop) these are the bold print wallpaper prints to covet.


Get your stripes on with black and white zebra print

zebra wallpaper in modern living room

This year, we’ve been losing our minds over jungle print wallpaper and this striking design with zebras is a celebration of nature in all its glory. While many of us associate print with textiles, inspiration has always been drawn from the natural world around us. Nothing oozes as much monochrome magic as this exotic creature of Africa.

For those who love to travel and enjoy adventures in the wild, this is how you can make your own personal mark in the home. By choosing a bold wall mural, you can keep the rest of your décor simple and create perfect harmony with monochromatic furnishings.

The 'Dancing Zebras' Mural by Michael Zindell is one of the many unique artistic creations in our extensive designer wallpaper range.


Wild bird prints to set your creativity free

Cockatoo jungle wallpaper

Another nod to nature, this time to the beautiful and intelligent cockatoo. A bird species that is remarkably handsome with eye-catching head feathers in a variety of colours. Not only that, but cockatoos have the ability to talk by mimicking human sounds. Making them a regal choice for bird print designs in the home.

Adorned on this pretty foliage backdrop with flowers and butterflies, this bird has pride of place on any living room wall. Styled with simple, elegant furnishings, bold print wallpaper murals like this one really makes a statement.

This 'Cockatoos And Butterflies' Mural is by Andrea Haase, who frequently features birds in her designs.


Multi-coloured bold print wallpaper that wows

abstract rainbow wallpaper with frame

Impress your guests with a multi-coloured print that takes you through the rainbow. If you’re trying to add something extra to a minimalist apartment, this 'Fooling Around' Wall Mural by Shandra Smith will bring your home to life. If you’re one of the many who have opted for all-grey interiors (because it’s super chic) a colourful feature wall is exactly what you need when you’re looking to press that refresh button.

A feast for the eyes and an assault on the senses, this flamboyant piece of art is ever so slightly geometric, ever so slightly mosaic and is ever so slightly pixelated. Whatever your interpretation, you can bank on it turning heads and striking up conversations.


Create a foliage party in your living room

green and purple leaf wallpaper

This ‘Moody Foliage' Mural by Michael Zindell is everything 2019 has celebrated so far. Beautiful botanical prints and leafy wallpaper designs have dominated glossy interior magazines. The jungle theme has also been rampant. A growing appreciation for indie designers and illustrators has inspired us all to move away from high street shelves. Instead, we’re all looking for one-of-a-kind wall coverings: the ones that have our friends asking, “Ooh, where did you get that from?”

More and more homeowners are discovering their own discerning tastes in print design. Each season the fabrics and wallpapers get bolder and bolder. If, like illustrator Michael Zindell, you like designs with impact and a serious wow factor, be sure to take a look at the rest of the Michael Zindell collection at Wallsauce.


Oversized floral prints for a macro indoor garden

navy blue and flower wallpaper

Flowers have been getting bigger and bigger for fabrics and walls. While it’s true that chintzy floral wallpapers are a hot, new trend, oversized is still the way to go if you really want to grab people’s attention. This ‘Tropical Flowers on Navy’ Mural also earns you style points with the navy living room trend. For those who are scared to dip their paintbrush in the navy paint pot for fear of too-dark-a-finish, navy and florals strike the perfect balance.

Our full range of fabulous floral wallpaper features everything from macro to abstract floral prints. With nature-inspired wallpapers and indoor gardens being key trends for next year, everyone should give floral prints consideration when refreshing their interiors.


Overdose on psychedelic purple patterns

painterly wallpaper in modern living room

Another trend to watch for next year is painterly wallpapers that bring together watercolour techniques, big paint splodges or brush strokes. If your favourite colour is purple, you’re in luck. Purple is going to be big in 2020 and every shade is welcome, from deep plums and berries to Willy Wonka purple.

This 'Confetti' Wall Mural by Kathy Shimmield is utterly mesmerising but we’ll leave the artistic interpretations up to you (and your awestruck guests). Whether it reminds you of a Jackson Pollock style paint fight, granny’s patchwork quilt or a psychedelic dream, this mural is truly unique.


Rocking Prints that bring back memories

retro speakers wallpaper in on trend living room

If jungle prints, sprawling leaves and bright pink birds aren’t your thing, this abstract Retro Speakers wall mural will take you back in time to your favourite rock concert.

In case you didn’t get the memo, time travel is all the rage in the world of interiors. What better mode of transport than a wallpaper pattern that takes you back to your favourite gig?

Whether you love or hate how intense these murals are, there’s no denying their wow factor. Tell us about your favourite wallpaper styles below…

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Patty Concannon


Hello. I love all your murals. How do you chose the artists to work with?

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Patty. When an artist sends us their portfolio, our design team decides if we think there is a market for their work and if our customers will love them.

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