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pink jungle wallpaper behind bed

30/09/2021   POSTED BY

13 Banana Leaf Wallpaper and Palm Leaf Ideas

The indoor jungle look and banana leaf wallpapers are big features this year. Not only is this home design concept vibrant and on-trend, but for those without access to a garden, it’s a great way to escape the concrete. For the true jungle connoisseur, it’s all about discovering the beautiful foliage of the tropics. Swaying palms evoke memories of the beach, mesmerising Monstera plants bring a touch of the exotic, and banana leaves transport us to the dark depths of the rainforest where they grow so verdantly.

If there’s one botanical trend to covet, it’s got to be the banana leaf trend. One of the most beautiful and symbolic leaf prints in interior design. For years in Hindu and Buddhist culture, these leaves have been used as decorating materials in festivals and events, and are still used today to wrap and serve food in many countries. Now, the humble banana leaf makes its way into our living rooms. Mixed with palms, ferns and tropical flowers, there are so many ways you can create a tropical paradise at home.

Here are some of our favourite tropical leafy murals to inspire you…

1) Bold and beautiful banana leaf wallpaper

navy and green leaf wallpaper in dark lounge

Mural in image: Tropical Banana Leaf Palm Tree

A statement wall mural that breathes botanical life onto any wall space. This Tropical Banana Leaf Palm Tree wallpaper is unapologetic by design. Bulky leaves are set on a brooding navy background, adding an air of sophistication to something that would otherwise be rather novelty. With the navy living room being one of the hottest home trends, this stunning mural is going to be so sought after. Bright green jungle feature wall

2) Bright green jungle feature wall

bright green jungle wallpaper in kids bedroom

Mural in image: Exotic Leaf Pattern

This Exotic Leaf Pattern wallpaper celebrates tropical flora of every kind, including Areca palms, ferns, Monstera, and the lovely Aralia leaf. With a white background, this mural has a light and airy feel, and can brighten up a dark space. Create an interesting feature wall in the bedroom, or add a touch of greenery to an open living area. Finish off with natural wood and incorporate organic materials such as wicker and rattan for boho chic.

3) Blooming bananas and psychedelic florals

pink banana leaf wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Bloomin Banana

Banana blossom is the deep purple flower that grows at the end of each cluster of fruit found on the banana tree. If you’re looking for a more colourful alternative to banana leaf, this Pink Banana Blossom mural is ideal. Despite its flowery appearance, the banana flower is actually used in traditional Indian cooking and has a fleshy and flaky texture, making it a fantastic substitute for fish.

Perfect for floral wallpaper fans who are looking for something different – or perhaps even a little psychedelic.

4) Bamboo chic for a minimalist home

white and green leaf print wallpaper behind white bed

Mural in photo: Green Palms

Not all jungle wallpapers have to be loud and flamboyant. Botanical prints can be soft and calming and can create a relaxing space for rooms where you might want to rest and wind down.

This beautiful Green Palms mural is an example of how therapeutic and minimalistic leaf print can be and will add light to any room in your house. A touch of bamboo will complement East Asian design themes, transporting you to the Orient.

5) Dark and mysterious leaf prints

dark leaf wallpaper in living room

Wallpaper in image: Leafy Jungle

If the thought of tropical hues like ‘flamingo pink’ makes you run for the hills, opt for a dark design like this Leafy Jungle wallpaper. It features a mix of Areca and Monstera, a contrasting brace of leaves to add depth, dimension and mood to your interiors. The striking melange of blue, green and black combines aquatic with the more sinister – a colour palette with attitude.

6) Swaying palms for urban escapism

palm tree wallpaper behind cot in nursery

Wallpaper in photo: Watercolor Palms

Scenic wall murals such as forest wallpapers or beach wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular in interior design. Not only do they bring a sense of calm to your home, but they can help to maximise modest spaces through the clever depth of field. But if you don’t like photorealism, stick with something arty. This Watercolour Palms wallpaper sets the scene just perfectly.

7) Tiger in the wild wallpaper design

hidden tiger wall mural in home office

Mural in image: Tiger Hide and Seek

You can have lots of fun with animal wallpaper designs and they make stimulating wall features for a kid’s bedroom. But we think this Tiger Hide and Seek Wallpaper looks just as great for a grown-up space, including living and kitchen areas, home studies or an office. Lose yourself for a moment and escape to the depths of a forest far, far away.

8) Perfect pink wallpaper for Instagram

pink jungle wallpaper with leaf pattern in home office

Wallpaper in photo: Pink Jungle

Give your tropical home the pink treatment with this fabulously feminine Pink Jungle wallpaper. A great design for an on-trend bedroom or office. Style with light coloured woods and Scandinavian grey to keep it simple and chic, or experiment with gold metal finishes for a luxurious look. Whichever you choose, the wallpaper is totally Instaworthy.

9) Palms, banana leaves and pink flamingos

pink flamingo wallpaper behind bed

Wallpaper in photo: Blue Palm Flamingos

Not all palm and banana leaf wallpapers have to be green. This one is all about electric blue and pink. A bright, bold and dominant design that only works in an uncluttered space. The Blue Palm Flamingos wall mural demands attention, so keep your décor clean and your colour choices simple.

There’s a beautiful mix of flowers, palm leaves and banana leaves here, but the flamingo takes centre stage. Be sure to take a look at our other gorgeous flamingo wallpapers if you love tropical interiors.

10) Wallpaper to inspire your imagination

jungle photo wallpaper behind bed

Mural in room: Exotic Jungle

The Exotic Jungle wallpaper is escapism at its best. Add this feature to any room in the home, shut the door behind you and you’ll be transported to an entirely different world. The rich vegetation adds depth, making it suitable for even the smallest of spaces, and the layers of foliage will make you feel like you’re lost in paradise.

Like many of our nature wall murals, this one is designed to soothe the soul – so save it for your favourite room for relaxing in.

11) Contrasting parrots for a statement wall

palm print and parrot wallpaper in living room

Mural in image: King of Parrots

This King of Parrots mural is not for the fainthearted. Combining a dark setting with the blue-green hues of foliage and a bright pop of pink, this palm leaf wallpaper is a serious design statement. Ideal for a teenager’s bedroom, an office redesign, for adding colour to a stark dining area, or for sprucing up a master bedroom.

12) Recreate the tropics in autumn

pink banana leaf wallpaper in neutral bedroom

Mural in bedroom: Tropical Leaves

Green not your colour? Then get the jungle vibe with warmer, autumnal hues with this Tropical Leaves wallpaper. It is one of the many bright, colourful and artistic mural designs from our designer wallpaper collection, and has been created by the designer called Di Brookes.

13) Break the rules with blue and green

blue and green palm print wallpaper

Mural in image: Blue and Green Palms

They say that blue and green should never be seen. But who knew rule-breaking could look so elegant? The Blue and Green Palms mural is simple yet stylish, whilst catching your attention through an intense colour narrative. A design that works in open spaces, where bare walls are screaming to be decorated!

Do you love our collection of palm leaf and banana leaf wall murals? Let us know your favourite one in the comments below!

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