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Calm & Tranquil Murals

Calm & Tranquil Murals

Calming Wallpaper

It’s time to breathe and release your troubles of the day thus far… Step deep into a forest at sunrise, feel the cold waves tickle your toes as you meander on a tropical beach or step into a Japanese garden where pink blossoms trickle from the branches.

Ideal for all living spaces, these calming murals are most commonly used in bedrooms or bathrooms to create utter bliss and serenity.

More and more we are learning the importance of mindfulness. It is important for us to have a quiet moment every day, even if it is just a minute. Why not use one of our calm and tranquil murals as a backdrop to help you on your mindful journey?

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It’s true that most of us see our homes as our resting place. Somewhere where we can escape from the world, relax and completely be ourselves. That is why it’s so important that we give our home the respect it deserves. Mirror how you see it in the choices you make for its interior design.

The ancient art of Feng Shui has advised that balance and harmony between elements are crucial towards creating a serene home. It is also important to surround yourself in positive feelings and whatever makes you smile. When asked to close your eyes and imagine your happy place, where would you take yourself? To a tropical beach? The countryside? A misty lake? At Wallsauce, we're sure you’ll find a calm and tranquil mural that is the same as your happy place. Stop closing your eyes and imagining it. Dedicate an entire wall to a calm & tranquil mural so that you can experience your place of joy every day.

Because we want to feel most relaxed before sleep or when we are enjoying a bubble bath, we’ve found that our calm and tranquil murals are most commonly installed in bedrooms or bathrooms. Or do you want to create a calm study area or office? These relaxing murals will definitely help you to focus and stay calm. Pair with simple, lightly shaded décor, lit candles, aromatherapy oils and you’ll have created the perfect place of bliss.

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