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UFO Wallpaper

UFO Wallpaper

Alien Wallpaper

Believe all of the conspiracies and theories with our fantastic selection of UFO wallpaper and wallpaper murals. Take your room to another planet with a UFO wall mural. From crazy cartoon alien murals to black and white spacecraft murals, our vast collection of alien wall murals offer a funky alternative way to decorate your kid's bedroom wall, man cave or games room. 

You’ll want to believe with our range of flying saucer wallpapers and UFO backgrounds.  Simply choose your preferred UFO wallpaper mural, selecting from a choice of wallpapers for print and see how your room can go out of this world! 

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5 UFO Wallpaper Designs

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UFO Wallpaper

Our pieces of alien art and spaceship backgrounds are perfect for a child’s bedroom, or for someone who loves sci-fi fiction and movies. We have UFO backgrounds of alien spacecraft flying away into the night, as well as these spaceships on other worldly planets and terrains.

You can use one of our sci-fi alien wallpapers as the backdrop to your living room, a games room, or for yours or your child’s bedroom, along with alien ‘artefacts’ and sci-fi movie memorabilia. These unexplained events and abductions will no longer be a mystery when you buy an alien wallpaper with us, as we take all of your wall measurements to create a wallpaper that will fit your wall exactly.

This wallpaper will also be delivered in easy to apply wallpaper panels, minimising the time it takes to get it up onto your wall. Feed your child’s imagination with our sci-fi wallpaper options, and get lost yourself in the stories told by many people around the world, for many hundreds of years. A UFO wallpaper mural is brilliant for adding personality to many rooms in your house, and can definitely be a talking point for when guests come over to visit.

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