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Mermaid Wallpaper

Mermaid Wallpaper

Mermaid Wall Murals

If you mer-maid to have a home that is both magical and beautiful, then you need to choose one of our gorgeous mermaid wallpapers! Our vast collection of mermaid wall murals has a style to suit every style and age - from toddlers to teens!

Choose from fin-tastic cartoon mermaids, artistic mermaid art and pastel-toned mermaid scales. These pretty mermaid wallpapers would look especially mer-mazing in your child’s bedroom or as a striking feature wall in your teenager's mermaid-themed dressing room!

When you install a magical mermaid wallpaper, you'll get the home interior you have always fished for!

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26 Mermaid Wallpaper Designs

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Mermaid Wallpaper

Our beautiful range of mermaid wallpapers will have all mermaid fans feeling fin-tastic in their own home! And there are so many ways to style a mermaid wallpaper into any space...

If your little one can’t get enough of mermaids, then install one of our adorable, friendly-faced cartoon mermaids in their room! Or if you want more subtle mermaid touches, choose a mermaid scale feature wall to place in their bedroom. We recommend installing their mermaid wallpaper behind their headboard or along the side of the bed as this will draw the eye to the sleeping area and reinforce the purpose of the room. Choose colours from the mermaid design to inspire you for the rest of the room’s décor. For instance, pastel pink walls, as well as a matching rug, will help the design to flow swimmingly throughout the rest of the room! And don’t forget those all-important ocean-inspired room accessories! Shell scatter cushions, a mermaid dressing table and even a fish tank!

Ordering our gorgeous mermaid wallpapers has never been easier. All we need are your wall’s dimensions and choice of wallpaper material. Choose from classic or premium paste the wall or textured peel and stick. Simply fill out the online order form or give us a call!

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