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interior design trends 2022 green painted walls and green accessories with grey couch

6 AUG 2021      POSTÉ PAR

Interior Design Trends 2022: What’s Coming Next

It’s been a tough couple of years. There have been highs and lows, and there are still many challenges being faced across the globe. But if the pandemic has taught us anything – it’s that our homes really are our castles.

In the face of adversity, home interiors can bring joy and a sense of security. So it’s no wonder people are turning to interior design for escapism. Everyone’s gone DIY mad, and we can’t wait to share our predictions for interior design trends 2022!

Here are some key themes you could be seeing in the coming year.....ready, set, decorate!


Organic remains the key interior design trend in 2022

rattan baskets and wooden walls and plants

Hold on to your wicker plant pots! Nature and all things raw and organic are still part of the main narrative this year. As we discussed in 2021’s trend predictions, vegetable-based fibres and raw materials are the keys to happiness.

The intrinsic connection between the outside world and humans runs so deep that it’s so much more than a trend that dips in and out of fashion. The truth is, our love for natural elements inside the home will likely never fade.

So go on, embrace those woven baskets, revive your rattan, and dust off your wallpapering brush to welcome next year’s big botanical wall coverings!


Cottagecore is making a big comeback

green and pink floral wallpaper in grey and pink lounge

Murale en photo Vintage Green

If you loved shabby chic back in the day, 2022 is your time to shine. But just know, this interior design trend is about much more than nostalgic countryside scenes and romantic floral wallpapers.

It’s actually a way of life, and the concept of cottagecore is built on embracing a simpler, more sustainable existence. And not just in interiors either. If you make your own sourdough bread, wear vintage Laura Ashley, upcycle anything and everything into planters, you’re a bit cottagecore yourself.

Think grandmillennial crafts, think reusing and recycling to tackle textile waste in landfills, and think Scandinavian living concepts but done in a very British and ever so slightly chintzy way.


It’s all about the green living room…

interior design trends 2022 sage green walls and carpet with pink chair in fashionable lounge

Nature-led colours are key for nailing interior design trends in 2022, and the hottest hue is going to be green. Move over navy living rooms – we’re all about green wall coverings and wall paints next year!

Deep emerald and quartz are still hot, but multiple shades will come into play, including earthy, herbal or vegetal tones like sage, as well as hues on the green/blue spectrum for an oceanic touch. Mixing different greens to create an organic story will be popular, and house plants will be centre stage.

To bring green walls to life, add texture with leafy palms or succulents, contrast with terracotta furnishings, and add metallic finishes such as gold and brass to make everything pop. The more texture you can add, the better – so don’t be afraid to indulge in tactile rugs, cushions and throws either.


…but make room for optimistic orange

orange and coral leaf line art wallpaper in simple hallway

Murale en photo Coral Line Leaves

When it comes to the overarching interior design trends 2022 has to bring, there’s a clear theme of optimism, hope, recovery and reinvention. Between social unrest and the pandemic, there’s enough to drag anyone down. So joyfulness is the number one goal.

As we navigate a post-COVID world, we’re clearing out the negative and bringing in the positive. Cue Pantone Sunflower 16-1054 TCX, which has been predicted to be a biggie in home decorating.

This shade is a burnt golden yellow/orange that tells the tale of a summer afternoon. It’s a story of simple pleasures and carefree living, and it adds instant warmth to any space. But there’s definitely longevity in a deep brownish palette because it can transition seamlessly from summery to autumnal, giving you a year-round colour that delights the senses.


There’ll be mad love for all things retro

interior design trends 2022 1930s style orange velvet chair and dresser with tropical green plants

Retro is nothing new. We’ve witnessed the marble comeback, followed shortly by the throwback to terrazzo. So it’s clear that nostalgia makes us tick.

But 2022 could be the year where the 1960s, 70s and 80s really come to life. So much so that it could feel as though we’ve popped back in a time machine. The big obsession next year is likely to be furniture, and we’re talking serious investment pieces that last for decades to come.

When it comes to style and shape, anything round and circular will be all the rage. Think smooth, egg-shaped seating, globular footrests, and things that simply look “squishy” to touch. Not only is this a nod to a happier era in our imaginations (pre-Covid and pre-social media), but it’s a cry for comfort. Something that so many of us are desperate for now we’re spending more time working/living in our homes.

According to psychology, rounded edges are good for the soul! This is because they create a sense of flow that doesn’t overstimulate. Smooth edges calm and soothe us, putting our minds at ease and helping us relax.


Multifunctional space will be a priority

home office under staircase in trendy home

For over a year, our homes have been a place of work and recreation. They’ve been busy offices accommodating multiple family members throughout the working week. They’ve been the restaurants we missed in lockdown. They’ve been to the cinema, the playground, and even the gym.

So rooms that can serve more than one purpose are more important than ever, particularly when it comes to office space. But instead of just turning dining tables into hot desks, there’s a growing trend for creating stylish home offices in unexpected (and tight) spaces.

It could be a desk under the stairs, a cupboard desk that can be hidden away, or a dedicated corner of a room that is sectioned and defined by a feature wall. Bold wall murals like les dessins géométriques can make an area of a room stand out – and this is key in separating the work zone from the ‘time to switch off' zone.


Fabrics and wall coverings become one

interior design trends 2022 green vintage floral wallpaper in grey and green lounge

Murale en photo Chrysanthemum Pattern

One of the most prominent interior design trends in 2022 is the textile wall trend, an amalgamation of texture, illusion and wallpaper. This is where our favourite fabrics throughout time come to be revived.

Think wall murals that have a tactile surface, wall coverings that look like Toile De Jouy, or recreation of granny’s favourite chinoiserie table cloth. And inspired by cottagecore, there are William Morris designs to embrace, as well as those vintage florals that clash charmingly with your grandmillennial curtains!

This trend is all about texture, or the illusion of texture, and it oozes a certain quality. A quality that says every inch of your home – even the walls – is carefully considered.


What’s your favourite interior design trend for next year? Let us know in the comments below!


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Madeleine Tétreault


Wicker plant pots and the terracotta figures design for the bathroom since the bedroom is already in a shade of sage. But what to do with my dark blue wall in my bedroom. I have a kind of dark rose oriental carpet and a beige velvet headboard.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Madeleine! We always think that dark blue looks fabulous paired with white and yellow gold accents. Please let us know how your bedroom progresses! :)

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