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fantasy wallpaper with castle in forest

18/11/2019   POSTED BY

Unusual Wallpapers to Add a Flair to Your Home

It’s time to stand out from the crowd! Forget white canvas rooms, grey painted homes or the typical duck egg blue look. Stop opting for the easy route! Get creative! There are many tricks to transform your home. Choosing unusual wallpapers will give your home such a unique flair that it won't be long until a home magazine will be knocking on your door for an interview!

The beauty of an unusual mural is that it can take you anywhere! Explore mythical lands where unicorns roam. Soar high above the earth with an aerial view. Transport yourself to the London Underground with our space-making 3D wallpapers. Excited yet? Do you want to be more adventurous with your interior design but aren’t sure what unusual wallpaper for walls to use? Maybe you're baffled by how it can work in your home? Look no further, my friends. We’re here to help...

geode crystal wallpaper in modern master bedroom

3D wallpaper to make your living room more spacious as well as unique

If you're looking for unusual wallpaper for living rooms, you’ll love a striking 3D wallpaper.

There are many benefits to 3D wallpaper. As well as being totally eye-catching and fun, they open up a room and create the illusion of having more space. It's perfect if you live in a small flat or have low ceilings. Just like Harry Potter himself, you’ll almost convince yourself that you can literally step through our 3D walls.

Don't miss catching these underground tunnel wall murals for your living room

london underground mural in modern living room

This mesmerising Red and Blue Underground mural, by Assaf Frank, will create a whole new dimension to your living room. This unusual wallpaper for living rooms will help you to achieve a quirky, fun interior design in your cosy lounge. Somewhere to sit back and relax after a hard day at work – blissful!

This gorgeous 3D wallpaper allows you to get in touch with your creative side. Have fun selecting décor and other room accessories… Why not keep the transport theme flowing throughout the room? 'Route' through local antique fairs and online preloved websites to find retro metro signs and other underground train memorabilia. Maybe you’d like to opt for a British theme to reflect that London vibe? There are many ways to make your home patriotic. Select Union Jack cushions and throws. Why not find some British bulldog ornaments such as a cute door stopper?

3D murals you’ll be tempted to step through and grab a bottle!

We really did mean it when we said you will feel like you could step through the wall and enter another dimension!

3D wine cellar mural in modern dining room

Here, one of our customers did a fantastic job at incorporating one of our 3D mind-tricking wine wallpaper into their home! This eye-catching Wine Tunnel wallpaper has completely altered the feeling of space in their dining room.

On-trend unusual bathroom wallpaper to make you rise above it all

Can there be anything more unusual than looking at the world from a completely new perspective? A mesmerising bird’s eye view is a fantastic idea when it comes to unusual bathroom wallpapers.

aerial view beach mural in minimalist bathroom

We have recently introduced a fantastic range of aerial view wallpaper and one of our favourites is this Instagram-worthy Pink and Blue Coast wallpaper. Completely on-trend and colourful, this striking wallpaper will look spectacular in your lavatory.

You’ll almost be able to hear the calming rush of waves as they froth on the sand...With high-quality definition photography, this bold and beautiful bathroom wallpaper will really bring the sea into your restroom!  For your colour-scheme, find pink and blue towels, bath mats, and for a touch of luxury, add some tasteful rose gold furnishings. You won't be able to wait until you can soak in the tub and admire your new bathroom.

Be as creative with your walls as you are in the kitchen!

Are you bored with plain kitchens where the only characteristic element is a wall clock? Yep. Boring, isn’t it? If you are dreaming of going for a more wacky and wonderful kitchen, get your oven mitts on our mind-blowing collection of unusual kitchen wallpapers designed by illustrator Colin Thompson.

artistic colourful wallpaper in homely kitchen

This animated Kitchen Cupboard wall mural is perfect if you want an individual look in your home. With a wild collection of items ranging from kittens in baskets and a bacon hotel to pie-drinking mice and biscuit-grabbing parrots, your brain will certainly be stimulated by this far from normal kitchen cupboard. If you are a lover of words, like myself, this designer wallpaper is abundant with amazing puns… This artistic kitchen wallpaper is just ‘grate’.

illustrated unusual wallpaper in kitchen

See how one of our customers used this lively The Kitchen mural in her own cooking space. Not only is it bright and eye-catching, but it also creates a really effective optical illusion. This customer has cleverly installed the wallpaper's cupboard space above her actual cupboard space. It makes you confused as to what is real and what is fake! Are those taps genuine? Hmm…

Unusual bedroom wallpapers to make your eyes pop

It’s seen as an easy option to go for plain walls and soothing colours when it comes to bedrooms but it doesn't have to be that way.

Obviously, we all want a calm bedroom wallpaper that helps us to rest after a busy day. But why not achieve that as well as throwing in a splash of creativity? These unusual bedroom wallpapers provide you with an alternative look that will make you the envy of all your friends.

Stylish geode murals to sparkle up your life

If you fancy a decadent feel in your boudoir, then choose this on-trend Earthy Geode mural. It will completely alter the look of your interior design. Designed by GCC Artworks, these geode-style wall murals are a fantastic way to add a twist to your bedroom.

geode patterned mural in minimalist bathroom

Choose key colours used in this design such as sapphire blue and golden orange. Why not find gold accessories to accentuate the golden orange tints? Take a look at Urban Outfitters’ collection of gold home accessories for more inspiration.

pink and black crystal wallpaper in quirky bedroom

We adore how this customer has designed their bedroom around this stunning Geode wallpaper. Notice how they have carefully chosen décor to complement the colour scheme used in this dazzling wall mural: a pink tassel lampshade to match the shade of pink and tropical plants and bedcovers to reflect the shades of green - absolutely gorgeous as well as inspirational!

Mythical unusual bedroom wallpaper that dreams are made of

If geode effect wall murals aren’t your cup of tea, take an adventure through our amazing Sci Fi & Fantasy wallpaper collection.fantasy castle mural in bedroom

Transport yourself to another world and enjoy this enchanting Quirky Castle wall mural from our jaw-dropping fantasy collection by designer Danny Flynn. Have fun selecting bright and colourful décor to reflect the colours used in this unusual bedroom wallpaper. Or keep everything simple. Choose white furniture and accessories to ensure the mythical mural is at the centre of attention. Or if you’re looking for a sci-fi space bedroom, create your own spacecraft living quarters. Why not use one of our space or sci-fi wallpapers as your backdrop?

Forget double-glazed and be amazed by a 3D window wall mural


We love how amazing this entire wall of windows looks. It immediately opens up the room, creates a fresh feature wall and really gives the room an on-trend feel.

But how expensive must this be? Well, don’t worry. We have a much cheaper alternative! It’s time to make that small room look bigger with a window wallpaper.

3D window wallpaper in dining room

See how one of our customers created an illusion window with this gorgeous Big Sunlit Hall wallpaper. They have skillfully installed this unusual grey wallpaper in their open plan dining room and living room area. This has created more space and has cleverly separated the dining section from the living area. Before installing your 3D window mural, think where this illusion effect would look its best. Make sure you use a long stretch of a wall so that you don't cut out the whole effect of the window.

Have we inspired you to move away from conventions and install an unusual wallpaper? We really do hope so! If you have any comments or want to tell us how you achieved your new individual look, let us know in the comments section below.

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