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red, orange and blue owls wallpaper in dark bedroom

27/05/2021   POSTED BY

Tattoo Wallpaper Ideas for Ink Lovers

If you’re a fan of body art – or you just want to create impact with a bold feature wall – tattoo wallpaper could transform your home. Colourful, striking and full of detail, this sort of wallpaper demands attention, so placement is key.

As a backdrop, tattoo design wallpaper will draw the eye and create a focal point in any space. From a teenager’s bedroom or an open plan living room to a home office or cosy den, tattoo art can be a breath of fresh air for your interiors.

There’s also a rich and vibrant history of tattooing across many cultures in the world, making it an important art to embrace. Recreate the vibe of tattoo studio interiors or share your passion for body ink with an eye-catching mural, and turn any room into a creative paradise.

Here are some tattoo wallpaper ideas to inspire you…

Heart and scroll tattoo mural

heart, skull and fish tattoo wallpaper in stripy black and white bedroom

Mural in photo: Epic wallpaper

“Love kills” – these were the words of Freddie Mercury in his first official solo single in 1984. For anyone who’s had their heartbroken, this classic tattoo wallpaper design is expressionism at its finest.

Combining a mishmash of hearts and scrolls, skulls, koi fish and other animal doodles, this dark Epic wallpaper is a celebratory fresco of all things ink. Perfect for bringing a dreary office room to life.

Tattoo meaning:

Heart tattoos can have a multitude of meanings. Generally, they are worn as an expression of love, desire, and even friendship. For some, the heart tattoo is used to commemorate a loved one. But what’s penned with the heart can alter the meaning too.

For instance, winged hearts symbolise freedom or emancipation, as well as being a free-spirited person. Adding a scroll can give the heart a specific meaning or reference, such as someone’s name or a quote.

Festival inspired skull tattoo mural

pink skull wall mural with green bed

Mural in photo: Tattoo Skull Hearts and Flowers

Inspired by the Day of the Dead, a unique Mexican festival that celebrates the deceased in a vibrant and colourful way, this gothic Tattoo Skull Hearts and Flowers wall mural adds instant positivity to your home.

The festival is recognised for its happy skull art and beautiful costumes, and plays on the fact that the dead would be offended by mourning or sadness. Instead, this event celebrates with food, drink, parties, and any activities the dead would have enjoyed while alive.

Tattoo meaning:

Sugar skulls represent departed souls and as tattoos they can mean death and remembrance of someone close to you. Or very simply, they can be a symbol of spirituality. There’s an entire subculture of Day of the Dead fans, as these tattoo designs are often coveted for their bright colours.

Eye and butterfly tattoo wallpaper

delicate female butterfly eye tattoo wallpaper in bedroom with terrazzo patterned bed

Mural in photo: Tattoo Eye Butterfly

This beautiful Tattoo Eye Butterfly mural adds bold colour to any living, dining, bedroom or office space without overcrowding. A white background means that you can still practice elements of minimalism in your home, with a burst of colour to create a focal point.

The eye itself has been a big trend in recent years too, with ocular wall décor being hot property. Things such as evil eye wall art or eye-shaped mirrors have been shared across social media, and add an interesting edge to any room.

Tattoo meaning:

This tattoo mural brings together two different symbols. Firstly, the eye which could be interpreted as the ‘all seeing eye’ and omnipresent figure that watches over humankind. While eyes represent benevolent guidance from a divine source, the butterfly adds a sense of rare beauty.

Butterflies in a tattoo are feminine and can also be worn to honour a loved one who has passed away. They also represent transformation and change.

Dragon tattoo wallpaper

dark illustrated dragon snake wallpaper in light room with plant

Mural in photo: Japanese Dragon

If you love dragon wallpapers, this Japanese Dragon mural combines body art with fantasy – finished with a nod to the East. Bold colours and intricate detailing are what makes this oriental dragon design such a showstopper, one that will instantly become a talking point.

There’s a big focus on Japandi and oriental wallpaper trends at the moment, making this mural even more current. In East Asian culture, the dragon is a prominent fictional figure linked to power and good fortune.

Tattoo meaning:

Dragon body art is a sign of appreciation of Eastern cultures and can mean an openness and acceptance, as well as a willingness to explore new places and people.

The Chinese dragon in particular is all about protection and good luck, as well as wisdom, strength and success.

Folk Art Owl Wallpaper

red, orange and blue owl tattoo wallpaper in dark wooden bedroom

Mural in photo: Owl Heads

It doesn’t get any more on-trend than wise owls and skulls, the perfect combination for creating a gothic look in the home. With a light background and warm red and orange graphics, this folk art Owl Heads Tattoo wall mural is perfect for exploring hip interiors, a trend that is blowing up all over Instagram.

Tattoo meaning:

Many people believe that the owl represents wisdom, but can be mysterious and intriguing as well. Years ago in ancient times, people believed that these birds were protectors of the dead and were overseers of the spirits. So if you are spiritual, are wise and feel that you are a secretive creature, then a tattoo owl wallpaper is for you.

Skulls and dice tattoo mural

dark skull tattoo with snakes and dice wallpaper

Mural in photo: Dice and Skulls

Another twist on skull tattoo art is the combination of skulls and dice, which may interest those who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and take a gamble.

This bold and artistic Dice and Skulls wallpaper brings together classic skulls and roses, with snakes and dice doodles. It makes a great feature wall for a boy’s bedroom, a study, a den or a music room. It’s also an edgy mural for livings spaces, particularly in an open-plan apartment.

Tattoo meaning:

Dice in body art can mean a multitude of things. It can say that you’re a risk-taker. It could mean that you’re a daredevil or someone who like to take chance. Or that you’re simply someone with luck on your side.

It can also be interpreted as a personality trait – suggesting that you like to be uninhibited with your decisions and roll with the punches.

What’s your favourite tattoo wall mural? Do you have any meaningful tattoos you want to turn into wallpaper? Let us know in the comments below!

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