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minimalist japanese art of beach and birds wallpaper

09/05/2023   POSTED BY

Simple Wallpaper for Sleek Interiors

It’s so true that keeping things simple by decluttering the home declutters the mind. Not only this, but by keeping the home tidy and selecting a tasteful selection of décor also improves a home’s interior design - we’ve all been witness to Marie Kondo working her magic. By simply reigning in on your home’s clutter and keeping your interior simple and organised, you can achieve that much-desired minimalist look with the added bonus of making tidy-up-time a LOT easier.

But you don’t want your home organisation to do all the talking. Go that one step further and choose a simple wallpaper to make a tasteful style statement. So, sit back, relax and relish in our collection of simple wallpaper to mirror your love for sleek interiors and a simpler way of living…

Delicate botanical wallpaper to freshen up any room

botanical leaves wallpaper

Mural in photo: First Spring Leaves

There is nothing as lovely as mirroring nature in interior design - whether for your home or workplace. And I think it’s due time that we take a tip from Mother Nature on how to achieve a beautiful yet simple look.

This First Spring Leaves wallpaper, designed by Julia Dreams, is a graceful botanical wallpaper that depicts the simple beauty of nature’s greenery. The gentle brush strokes and different hues of green make you appreciate the life of every individual leaf. What’s more, the simple white canvas background encourages the gorgeous greenery to stand out and hang over this minimalistic bedroom with grace and poise – what a beautiful example of minimalist interior design

Thunderful cloud wallpaper - now a head in the clouds is a good thing

painted clouds art wallpaper in trendy room

Mural in photo: Cloud Study, c.1821 (oil on canvas)

Moving from the ground way up to the skies, Mother Nature wins again when it comes to simple wallpaper.

If you’re anything like me, I adore the humble beauty of the sky. Changing from day to day, even minute to minute, we take so much pleasure from this simple joy in life. From burning red sunsets, dramatic skylines to heavenly white clouds, there’s really something quite satisfying about sky wallpaper.

Painted by renowned artist John Constable in 1821, this iconic Cloud Study wall mural celebrates the texture of a simple brush stroke. Stare for hours marvelling in the talent and ability of this artist who could capture even the modest beauty of a fluffy, white cloud. Constable's art is one of many works from our collection of Bridgeman Fine Art.

Terrazzo simple wallpaper will add a subtle modern twist to your wall

white background and pastel pink and lilac terrazzo wallpaper old record player and astronaut ornament

Mural in photo: Pale Terrazzo

Are you more into modern, sleek interiors rather than nature-inspired designs? Then choose a terrazzo wallpaper, like our chic Pale Terrazzo wall mural. Gorgeously minimal and blessed with soothing pastel shades, it provides the perfect backdrop for a calming and simple home.


When choosing a minimalist wallpaper, remember to mirror the simplicity in the rest of the room’s décor. Especially if you don’t want to go maximalist and ruin your simple wallpaper efforts! Pick out one or two shades from this terrazzo design, such as dusty pink and lilac and choose a tasteful yet small selection of room accessories in these colours. Powder-pink scatter cushions and lilac candles can be all you need to allow the colours to flow throughout the room.

Geometric wallpaper for fans of abstract, modern art

geometric colourful wallpaper

Mural in photo: Diamonds Geometric

If you are choosing a simple wallpaper, then we can only assume that you like to keep a minimal, de-cluttered home and are aiming for a simpler life. By surrounding yourself with minimal décor and decluttered spaces, you will certainly simplify your life.

But that doesn’t mean beige-painted walls – oh no. Instead, a modern, geometric wallpaper, like this artistic Diamonds Geometric wall mural, will complement the simple interior look you are going for while also adding subtle patterns and colour.

Perfect for a home office, lounge, bedroom or anywhere, geometric designs are not only hot in the world of interior design but add a depth of form and shape that will set your home’s interior on fire. Don’t be scared to add even more patterns. Rules have recently been broken and mixing pattern is a big must if you prefer maximalism rather than minimalism.

Simple wall statements that revel in oriental works of art

simple japanese art of beach in sleek lounge

Mural in photo: Beach Scenery

Japanese interiors certainly know a thing or two about minimalist design. By choosing basic materials and keeping a tasteful selection of decor, it easily achieves that simple, sleek look. It’s all about reigning back the fuss and bringing interior design back down to the basics. It’s a pleasure to give your eyes and mind a rest, soothing them in something that is pretty in a very simple way. So why not inject some of that simple living into your home with oriental wallpaper?

This gorgeous Beach Scenery wallpaper is simplicity in itself. The thoughtful strokes of every dot of paint bring movement and life into this 19th-century work of art. With a minimal choice of three colours, this oriental Japanese wallpaper is basic – yes – but that doesn’t mean it won’t create a jaw-dropping feature wall in your home.

Do you love our range of simple wallpaper? Surrounding ourselves with simple beauty is not only an easy way to achieve a sleek look, but it feeds the soul in making you focus on the beauty of the smaller things in life. Please leave a comment below if you have enjoyed our range of simple wallpaper or if you just have a question that you would like to ask us.

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