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interior styling tips 2022

14/09/2021   POSTED BY

Interior Styling Tips 2022: Ideas for Wellbeing

Our homes have been our sanctuaries, our safe places, our personal design projects. They have been our only constant in these unpredictable times – and uncertainty is what we’ve become accustomed to. But 2022 is set to be a year of transformation, the start of the world’s journey to recovery.

This is a great time to makeover those important rooms in the house. Whether it’s designing that much-needed home office or your living space is crying out for a style revival, there are many ways to freshen up the aesthetics.

As we settle into a more stable future, where the new normal is just normal, key themes will include optimism, opportunity, renewal, and of course, a big focus on our mental health and wellbeing. In interiors, it’s all about remembering what’s important, so design concepts have to speak to the individual, impacting how we think and feel.

If you want your home to be the epitome of happiness, here are some of the best interior styling tips (2022 and beyond).

Top interior styling tips 2022 - Dip your brush in every shade of green


Mural in photo: Marigold Pattern

Green is the colour to covet, and the party is totally inclusive. All shades of green are welcome in 2022, and layering is fully encouraged too. Go bold with emerald or deep forest greens, choose down-to-earth herbal hues like olive and sage, or dabble with the marine spectrum for blue/greens that transport you to the ocean.

There’s no right answer, as long as the result is soothing, relaxing or uplifting. Green interior design does amazing things for mental health – for many, it’s the colour of life, of safety, of renewal. In colour psychology, this nature-inspired shade is associated with growth, harmony and positivity – and that’s exactly what our homes need in the year of recovery.

Explore a range of paint colours, and mix and match with our William Morris wallpapers to bring a touch of biophilic beauty to any space.

Throw some shapes into the mix


Smooth, rounded and globular. Or sharp, edgy and linear. Shapes can affect our mood just as much as colour. While square and rectangular shapes create feelings of security, reliability and strength, circles and ellipses can be harmonious and cosy-looking. Or triangular shapes can create a brave sort of energy that awakens your senses and makes you feel alive.

With us spending more time in our homes, and more companies upholding the hybrid working promise (part-time in the office and part-time at home), 2022 will be the year for seriously considered, well thought out home design. And shapes can be used to create different moods and stories.

For the cash-strapped or time-poor, one of the simplest ways of adding interesting contours is with decorative pieces such as vases. Whether you populate with fabulous foliage or keep them looking bare and slightly austere, they can really add something to a room.


Mural in photo: Colourful Portraits

Shapes will also be seen in wall coverings, like this ‘Colourful Portraits’ mural, which injects pleasing orbicular silhouettes as well as on-trend colours into your space.

Refresh tired furniture with peel and stick wallpaper


Our homes are becoming increasingly multipurpose, thanks to the remote working experiment which saw a huge percentage of the global workforce setting up desks at home. So being able to update our humble abodes in a low-cost, time-efficient way will be on everyone’s priority list.

When it comes to interior styling tips, 2022 is all about instant transformation. Whether you own or rent your home, making the space fit in with your life is key. Wellbeing-led interior design is more important than ever, and there’s no reason renters should miss out.

If you want a fast, affordable and adaptable way to hit the refresh button on tired walls, surfaces or furniture, peel and stick wallpaper can be the versatile answer you’ve been looking for. From giving old cupboards a new lease to life to wallpapering unexpected corners of the home, there are so many ways to use peelable coverings to decorate.

Something like a marble covering can add a rich millennial finish to your home, while geometrics can add pattern, texture and intrigue.

Invest in house plants that make you happy


Green is the go-to colour, and nature is the overriding theme. There’s a huge (and continued) appreciation for all things botanical, and house plants can bring your house to life.

Spring/Summer 2022 will be led by bright and breezy plant trends, so look out for colourful Brooms, big leafy Caladiums, and deep indulgent hues like Wood Sorrel. By Autumn/Winter 2022, towering Aralias and the otherworldly Elkhorn fern will become firm favourites.

But no matter what’s hot in the world of horticulture, the most important theme is happiness. Our homes are our castles, and that means making them a safe, relaxing place, where the air is clean and free from toxins (yes, plants are that awesome).

Tropical mural in living room with pink sofa

Mural in photo: Green in the Jungle

For foliage layering, something like this ‘Green in the Jungle’ mural by Andrea Haase can provide the perfect indoor garden backdrop! You can let the organic theme take over soft furnishings such as cushions and throws too, because biophilic patterns will never get old, and they’re great for reducing stress and anxiety.

How will you transform your home interiors in the coming year? What’s on your ‘Interior Styling Tips 2022’ list? Let us know in the comments below – and spread the positivity by sharing this post with others who care about wellbeing at home.

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