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interior design trends 2020

13/08/2019   POSTED BY

Interior Design Trends 2020: Our Predictions

It’s getting to that time of year again. As seasons switch and we approach the third quarter in our calendars, we’re beginning to think about new interior trends. Blink too long and it’ll be Christmas before we know it. By January, our new year’s resolutions will be filled with all things DIY. Those wallpaper repairs you had in mind? The tired living room furniture you hate? Or that new lick of paint you always talk about? It’s time to put plans into action.

To inspire your home improvements for next year, here are our predictions for interior design trends in 2020. From fab yet familiar colours to wallpaper designs that are really ‘out there’, decorating enthusiasts have so much to look forward to.

Grey WILL stay

A steadfast trend, the colour grey remains a strong choice for decorating the home. It looks stylish in every room and isn’t just limited to grey wallpaper or wall paint. Grey furniture has been making appearances too, and layering different shades will be an interesting way to use this haute, heavenly hue.

blue grey wallpaper in living room

This Neutral Swirls wall mural combines warm greys with cool greys for a unique effect. Watch out for grey mixing in wallpapers next year, as grey-green or grey-blue will become even more popular.

Light wood becomes dark wood

Unlike previous years where light wood has been centre stage, next year we may see darker tones creeping in as an interior trend. Dark, sumptuous wood finishes will bring a sense of elevated luxury and elegance, a grown-up version of the lighter woods we’ve come to love so much. But don’t just jump to mahogany – be more creative than that. There are so many wood styles and wood washes that make the list for interior design trends in 2020 – including gorgeous cocobolo wood or muted walnut.

stacked log wallpaper in dining room

This Pile of Fire Wood feature wall is a genius way of incorporating a darker mood into a light, white and airy space. Don’t you just love the contrast?

Vegetable fibres will be the hippest interior trend in 2020

This one will come as no surprise as the boho bedroom trend has made such a huge comeback in interiors this year. The theme of organic materials and vegetable-based fibres is set to continue for seasons to come. The presence of wicker, jute and rattan will become commonplace, and rich textural expression will be the headline story.

wicker baskets

But there’s more. The hippest homeowners may even explore this narrative further, delving into natural silk upholsteries, hemp curtains or cork walls. As long as it’s raw and untreated, it’s going to be welcome in the home.

Embrace a splash of purple (just a smidgen)

Not too much that it’s retro, and not so little that it’s understated. The use of the colour purple is all about being bold. But never garish. It can be tricky to strike the balance, but pick a few key pieces to play with and try to be selective with colour coordination. Purple is predicted to be one of the main interior colour trends of 2020, all set to replace the popular pink hues we’ve seen in 2019.

purple floral wallpaper trend in living room

This ‘Jewels’ mural by Katy Smeets works exceedingly well with a white-washed bedroom. Other cool wallpapers featuring purple tones are our amazing agate wallpapers.

The best wallpaper will be inspired by nature

Nature calls and we’re answering back with beautiful botanical prints. From quirky fabrics to lush wallpaper, art no longer needs to live inside a frame. Wallpaper is the protagonist in 2020, and plants are the supporting artists.

botanical wallpaper trend in living room

Evoke nature with our collection of botanical murals or exotic jungle wallpapers, designed to calm, soothe or stimulate creativity. They can even be surreal or fantastical, like this Nostalgic Cockatoo Jungle mural by Andrea Haase which celebrates the natural world with a fun, retro twist.

Indoor gardens will blossom in 2020

Indoor gardens are the chicest thing around and we’re expecting them to become even more prominent next year. House plants have been heavily promoted as wellbeing essentials, and as more people focus on inner calm and mental health, miniature gardens will make their way inside.

hanging plants with bulb lights

The whole nature thing has already been a massive trend, so don’t be surprised if your most stylish friend shows off their new wall planters or has trailing succulents hanging from the ceiling.

Art Deco Revival

Your choice of material is very important in any art deco home. The same ones tend to pop up again and again. Copper, gold or stainless steel are used in furniture, mixed with plush fabrics and luxurious prints in the upholstery. Glass and lacquer are also go-to styles, plus very expensive ebony and marble.

art deco style room with marble wallpaper

But you don’t have to be a millionaire to achieve all this. Wall finishes like marble can be recreated with beautiful marble effect wallpaper, and a few second-hand art deco furniture pieces can transform your room into something that looks expensive.

Patterns will be key, particularly 3D patterns

As seen at Milan Design Week 2020, patterns are key and everything’s getting multi-dimensional. If you don’t fear optical illusion induced headaches and have enough open-plan space to experiment with, adding 3D style prints and bold geos can be a great way to update your home interiors. Explore our range of classic geometric wallpapers – or try something different with our spiral wallpaper or square pattern wallpaper if you dare!

3d wallpaper in home office

If you want a modern 3D wall in next year’s trendiest colour scheme, check out this 'Subtle Tones' wall mural. This mural is both intriguing and soothing for the soul, bringing an air of contemporary calm to communal areas.

Don’t Do be vanilla

Purples, greys and greens may be front-page news. But the design industry also has a lot of time for creamy vanillas, pale lemony yellows and soft champagnes. Vanilla isn’t boring in 2020. It’s the colour upgrade from plain, sterile white.

magnolia floral wallpaper in lounge

Don’t be cold when creating light and airy spaces. Turn up the temperature and indulge in wallpaper hues that resemble clotted cream or rich vanilla custard. This Damask Cream wallpaper mural is the perfect example of how the off-white colour trend can be so stylish.

Love our 2020 design trend predictions? We’re excited to see what our customers have in store for their home renovations next year. Show us your snaps on social media, and tell us about your favourite interior design trends of 2020!

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I love all of these wall murals, especially the art deco style wallpaper. I need this wallpaper in my living room! :)

Amy @ Wallsauce


So glad you loved reading this blog, Antonia! Yes, this art deco style wallpaper is gorgeous. It's called Gold Dust Grey Marble and is designed by Lara Skinner. :)



Grey is the new black, I see it that way too! But I think that in terms of materials, not only wood and plant fibres will be used, but also marble. High-quality materials and manufacture will probably continue their triumphal march. Just like biophilic designs. I'm already a big fan of indoor gardens which loosen up the clean lines of minimalism!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Grey has definitely become one of those classic colours to pair with, Helena. We also love your mention of marble becoming one of the more popular materials. We have a fantastic range of marble effect wallpaper available on our website. :)

Studio cube


Thanks for sharing your content and designs. Keep doing the good work.

Noshin Oskoee


Can you please send for me your brochures? and can we use them for vet area? Thanks

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Noshin! Thank you for your comment! Of course you can use our wall murals in a vet area! 😊 For medical centres, we recommend our anti-microbial or anti-bacterial wallpaper. For more information please visit this page - https://www.wallsauce.com/commercial-work/antimicrobial-antibacterial-wallpaper We don't provide brochures, but we offer samples. Firstly, we have some small pre-printed samples (please be aware, they are not design specific) so that you can look at the material and feel the texture. The only other thing we can do is create a full panel which we charge for. The panel size and price are based on your finished wall size so what you see will be a real representation of the scale, print quality and colours. If you have any more questions, please email info@wallsauce.com.

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