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15/11/2017   POSTED BY

Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Is it time to start thinking about redecorating your guest bedroom? During the upcoming weeks, most of us will be visited by family and friends who may just need to stay a night or two in our beautiful homes! Make a stay at your home a night to remember by taking inspiration from our favourite guest bedroom decor ideas listed below.

Luxurious Guest Bedroom

When receiving a guest for the festive season, an elegant and luxurious bedroom is a sure fire way to make your guests feel like you’ve gone ‘all out’ for their visit. The colours associated with luxury (golds, silvers, blacks, whites) are also a great match for Christmas decor. Opt for traditional 'English' style decor with elegant touches. The ancient world map wallpaper below uses rich colour and the choice of a map is a thoughtful touch for guests who have travelled to see you. Add a small Christmas tree and decorate the bed with festive lights for an extra special touch. Depending on your budget, a basket filled with mini shower gels, shampoos etc will make an extra special treat for guests. 

Mural in picture: Ancient Map

Small Guest Bedroom

If your guest bedroom is small, using a wall mural that expands out into the distance or creates the illusion of more space is a great way to add depth to make the room appear more spacious. There are many styles and designs that can help to make a small room look bigger. 


Mural in picture: Natural Bookcase


Mural in picture: Moon Seascape

Calming Guest Bedroom

Have your guests travelled far? Or, perhaps they are visiting with you to celebrate a special occasion? Whatever the occasion, your guests will probably appreciate a calming and restful space to enjoy during their stay. Use serene decor and calming colours to create the ultimate relaxation zone. Greens and blues work perfectly. The relaxing cloud wallpaper by John Constable featured below uses calming brush strokes and clouds which is a perfect solution. Your guests will feel like they have their own space to call their own during their stay. Bonus points for great hospitality and a hot breakfast!


Mural in picture: A Cloud Study Sunset 1821 Oil on Millboard

Attic Guest Bedroom

An attic or loft space can be the perfect choice for a guest bedroom as it offers guests that extra bit of privacy during their stay. The sloped ceilings are usually a change from what your guests are used to at their own home, and the room being secluded at the top of the house is also a special touch. Using a wall mural in this guest bedroom will add that wow factor to the room and create a focal point for your decor. View our wallpaper installation tips for installing a wallpaper mural on a sloped or angled wall.


Mural in picture: Muted Cubes

Guest Bedroom in the Basement

Just like an attic guest bedroom, a basement guest bedroom will add an extra sense of privacy for your guest. Make the most of this unique space by creating a real rustic feel, which is also a great look for the colder months. Use exposed materials combined with copper/ silver/ gold colours. This stone wallpaper would be the perfect way to complete the look. Alternatively, other 'exposed' style feature walls can be created with a mural from our faux surface wallpaper collection.


Mural in picture: Natural Stone

Family Friendly Guest Bedroom

Will you be having different family members staying in your guest bedroom? Go all out and create the ultimate homely place to rest for your guest by kitting out the space with a few simple touches. Ensure there are spare hangers, towels and extra bedding waiting for your guests, and perhaps a few classic novels for different ages, fruit, and extra pillows would make an excellent addition too. If there's space consider adding a desk and other pieces of furniture that will make the room feel like more than just a bedroom - a pull out sofa is a great solution. A classic skyline wall mural will add a sophisticated and luxurious touch, instantly. The black and white skyline wallpaper featured below is perfect for Christmas as the lights of Trafalgar Square are very reminiscent of Christmas time without looking out of place throughout the rest of the year.


Mural in picture: Tourists in Trafalgar Square

Themed Guest Bedroom

Creating a relaxing tropical themed guest bedroom is a great idea if you are looking to create something a little different. This tropical print wallpaper combined with dark wood colours is perfect.


Mural in picture: Exotic Summer Leaves

Romantic Guest Bedroom 

A romantic guest bedroom is perfect for hosting couples and is an easy look to create. Use sophisticated colors that are typically associated with romance (reds, greys, pinks) or delicate patterns. Forest murals are atmospheric, impactful and perfect for creating this look. The red forest wall mural below from our 1x Photography collection will infuse the room with romance.


Mural in picture: Red Carpet Forest

Are you redecorating for the holidays? Share what you are working on in your home in the comments section below.

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