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illustrated colourful parrot in jungle wallpaper in trendy restaurant

29/04/2020   POSTED BY

Feature Wallpaper Murals for Every Room (Even your Business)

At Wallsauce.com, we know how to "sauce" up any wall with a feature wallpaper. For years we’ve been discovering the hottest trends for your bedroom, lounge and even your work’s office. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for a feature wallpaper mural, then we’ve got you sorted.

Feature wallpaper is handy for any room that is in need of a bit of pizzazz! After all, there’s only so much you can achieve with a pot of paint and brush. Instead, wallpaper feature walls completely alter the look of a room in so little time. With a huge choice of feature wallpapers to choose from, you can transport yourself anywhere. From tranquil lake views and enchanted unicorn lands. Or maybe you just want to relish in colourful, abstract patterns or romantic bold florals!

In this blog, we show you just the tip of the iceberg of our collection of feature wallpaper murals to get your interior design juices flowing!

info graphic explaining how to find a wallpaper for every room

Which type of wallpaper is best for your living room?

country style living room with illustrated vintage landscape wallpaper in blue and white

Mural in photo: Customer's own image

Choose something that will look great with your current pieces of furniture! We just love this antique wallpaper taken from an image a customer uploaded themselves. It looks right at home with our customer’s leather seating and wooden flooring – a real cosy, country house feel.

We absolutely adore the mix of white and blue painted walls that frame this vintage landscape wallpaper. The statement ceiling plays off the feature wall and brings out that beautiful shade of blue. Not only this, but it boosts the cosiness level of the space, making this living room the perfect cosy nook.

To really make the feature wall POP, the owner has added touches of white and blue scatter cushions as well – such an economic yet effective way to flow the wall mural's shades into the rest of the room.

And just look at that dog – so adorable!

How to choose your bedroom feature wall

dusty pink and maroon floral wallpaper in bedroom

Mural in photo: Gothic Bouquet

All feature walls need to be embraced for what they are – “features”. If you want to make a statement, there’s really no point going for something so minimalist that you don’t even notice it’s there.

The trick is to choose a big, bold colour pattern. Surround it with décor that gives a gentle nod to the mural design without taking the attention away from it. For example, this Gothic Bouquets wallpaper. What a gorgeous dark floral wall mural! Place this floral wallpaper behind your headboard and have dusty pink duvet covers and maroon scatter cushions. DO NOT have dusty pink duvet covers, curtains, a rug, dressing table all in the same colour. No, no... Simple touches will mirror the design – not overpower it.

Bathroom feature wallpaper that's sultry and exotic!

late 18th century painting of tiger in jungle wall mural in stylish bathroom

Mural in photo: Tiger in a Tropical Storm

Moving from the bedroom to the bathroom. Yes – your bathroom will also absolutely boss a feature wallpaper.

Often, the bathroom gets forgotten and the most adventurous we seem to get is painting the walls white and adding a grey bath mat. Yawn. Who says that this is the only way to decorate a bathroom?

This Tiger in a Tropical Storm design is a great classic art wallpaper. A print of one of Henri Rousseau’s best works of art, the celebration of pattern, colour and texture looks amazing in this quirkily shaped bathroom. 

When buying a bathroom wall mural, we recommend choosing our premium wallpaper. It contains anti-mould properties for those most vulnerable spaces. Just make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated and water won't come into direct contact.

Children’s feature wallpaper mural that will ignite the imagination

magical unicorn land wall mural in pink and white child's bedroom

Mural in photo: Unicorn Bridge

Yes. Even our little ones would LOVE a feature wallpaper – especially when it comes in the form of a unicorn magical land! But don’t worry. We don’t only offer unicorn wall murals.

Choose from roarsome dinosaurs, colourful safaris, football pitches and more. The list is endless in our collection of children’s feature wallpaper murals. This Unicorn Bridge wall mural works wonderfully in this child’s bedroom!

By placing the mural behind their bed, it acts as an extension of their headboard. Not only this, this unicorn landscape really opens up the room as it brings the eye forward – ideal for any box room bedrooms!

Should I wallpaper my dining room?

colourful retro geometric wallpaper in '70s style dining room

Mural in photo: Seamless Diamond Geometric

A big, resounding yes! Definitely wallpaper your dining room if it’s lacking personality. This is something we can certainly say isn’t lacking in this customer’s dining room. What a fantastic statement wallpaper! When choosing a geometric, it’s never about blending in. Let those geometrics stand out.

The surrounding white walls echo the white sections of this Diamonds Geometric mural. Not forgetting to mention the ‘70s style brown leather dining chair and fur-trimmed bench really add the cherry on top!

When it comes to the dining room, we can often opt for food and drink wallpaper. Of course, they look fantastic for the room where you eat, but that’s not your only choice. Be creative with geometric art wall murals, maps, marble and more.

Customers coming back for more = feature wallpaper for workspaces

illustrated parrot wearing crown in green and pink jungle wall mural in industrial trendy restaurant

Mural in photo: Parrot King

With so much competition out there, it’s crucial to make a lasting impression on your customers in your restaurant or commercial business.

Of course, the food and drink do the talking, but the interior of your venue also makes an important lasting impression. After all, similar to having an interview, it’s within the first five minutes that a customer will make a solid judgement about your restaurant. Therefore, seeing a fantastic statement wallpaper as soon as they walk through the door will have them hooked from the very start.

We adore our designer Andrea Haase and when you see this Parrot King wallpaper, it is easy to understand why. A union of style, colour and artistic talent oozes through her designs, making them great for feature wallpaper murals whether in the home or business.

Inspire your team every day with office feature wallpaper murals

lake view with surrounding trees and snowy mountains wallpaper in modern office space

Mural in photo: Lake Moraine

When owning a business, keeping up staff morale and motivation is the number one priority to success. By having an inspirational wallpaper feature wall, you will bring your employees' creative side to life!

We recommend calming landscapes such as this Lake Morraine in Banff National Park wallpaper for an office space. As well as bringing the outdoors in, lake scenes, forests or beaches are great for mental well-being - a hugely important factor in the workplace. Don't let them become overly stressed. Instead, create a calming environment that leaves more room for productivity and immense results.

We hope that you have been inspired by this small selection of stunning feature wallpaper murals. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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Tyler Johnson


That's a good idea to get a mural for the office. I like the idea of mixing things up around the office since it looks a bit bland. I'll have to consider getting someone to help me do that so I could hopefully make it a better place to work.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thank you for your comment Tyler! Yes - a striking wallpaper is a really great idea for an office, whether at work or working from home. Our murals are great for DIY-ers, but of course get the help of a friend, a colleague or a professional if you feel more comfortable. :)

Tranh tường Hồng Thanh


Thank you for sharing wall mural ideas for office. I think I can use it for my job. I am artist in Vietnam.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Tranh :) We're glad we have inspired you with our office wallpaper ideas. Whether for your place of work or home office, we have some stunning office wallpaper designs here https://www.wallsauce.com/commercial-work/offices.

Ana Cristhel Torres Morales


Presupuesto en papel pintado para pared, así como muestra en las fotos gracias

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hola Ana, para cualquier consulta sobre precios, comunícate con nuestro equipo de estudio en info@wallsauce.com y estarán encantados de ayudarte! :)

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