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dutch tulip and flower garden wall mural

22/07/2023   POSTED BY

How to Create an Indoor Garden

Want to bring the warming vibes and fresh scents of a summer garden into your home? Perhaps you don’t have the luxury of a garden? Maybe you just love the great outdoors? In which case, here are our top tips on how to create an indoor garden.

info graphic all about how to get an indoor garden

Set the scene with landscape wallpaper

Whether you’re looking to create a typical English country garden, or tropical oasis, our range of landscape wallpapers are sure to set the scene to your indoor garden. 

tulip garden wallpaper in trendy white and purple room

Mural in photo: Keukenhof Flowers Gardens

With over 200 designs to choose from, a landscape wallpaper can be great for incorporating greenery into your décor or adding breathtaking views that are priceless. What’s more, as they’re made to measure, you can opt to make a feature wall or if you’re daring, wrap the view around your home. Our team of graphic designers are able to help you decide.

Indoor hanging planters

Hanging planters are currently, the most-wanted home accessory! They’re super stylish and a lot more interesting than regular planters. 


Available in a choice of designs, including hanging macramé planters and geometric terrariums, there’s something for every style home.  For more inspiration on hanging planters for your indoor garden, read this article at House Beautiful.

Air-purifying houseplants

What’s a garden with plants? Also, your indoor hanging planters are going to need a pretty plant to show off its stylish design! Air-purifying houseplants are a great introduction to your indoor garden and will benefit any room.


From steamy bathrooms to slept in bedrooms, air purifying plants are excellent for bringing fresh, cleansed air to your indoor garden. For an ultra stylish look, opt for Boston Fern of a Spider plant. For adding height, check out a Dracaena.

Garden accessories

To finish off your styling, check out any garden departments in homeware stores. You’ll often find pretty plates and crockery to lanterns and cushions as part of their displays that would look great in an indoor garden. 


Get started on building your indoor garden by viewing our colourful garden wallpapers. Alternatively, feel free to leave your comments and tips below.

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