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Beauty salon design ideas with a pink and blue pop art wall mural on the wall of a beauty salon

14/11/2022   POSTED BY

Beauty Salon Design Ideas to Complement Your Business

The beauty salon is the place customers begin their treatment, as soon as they walk through the door. Beauty salon design ideas to complement your business don’t need to be overly expensive or complicated - a great way to inject atmosphere into your beauty salon is with a custom-made wallpaper.

The beauty salon is an environment that should feel like a home from home; comfort, cosiness and warmth are what will make your customers remember you. To make sure your customers return to you as regular clients (and hopefully recommend you to their friends and family) you need to provide them with a 360-degree experience.

Your clients should feel that your beauty salon is an escape from their busy lives. It is a platform outside of their workplace and home life where they can take time for themselves, which is why it is important to build your client base not just through your work, but through the experience you can offer.

It starts in the waiting room

Custom made beauty salong ideas with neutral marble wallpaper

Mural in photo: Dreamy Marble Effect

From the moment your client crosses the threshold to your waiting room, they are yours to care for. They have come to leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind for a few hours to feel reinvigorated and rejuvenated - busy professionals will come to you to forget their responsibilities for a while, and you want them to start their experience from the moment they arrive.

Whether you have a larger beauty salon with the room to create a waiting area away from the treatments, or a more compact or open-plan space, you can still set the scene for your client as they wait to be whisked away to paradise. The type of custom-made wallpaper you choose will inherently define the vibe and feel of your beauty salon, so it is worth taking the time to decide what experience you would like your customers to soak up - if you want to create a luxury tailored experience, you can’t go wrong with a custom-made marble-effect wallpaper.

As is the nature of the customer service industry, appointments can occasionally run over their allocated time slots, but if your client is waiting in a soothing home-from-home, potential delays quickly become far less problematic. A waiting area that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye is less stressful for both you and your client.

Bronze, brown andbeige marble effect wallpaper

Mural in photo: Creamy Caramel Geode

Our marble-effect wallpapers are an excellent choice if you want your beauty salon to look high-end and professional. This can be accentuated further by choosing a custom-made wallpaper which is full of rich golden browns - this particular style of wallpaper is a cost-effective way to make your interior look luxurious without straining your purse or wallet.

Customised beauty salon design ideas

Beauty salon with a bright pop art wall mural

Pop art is a fun, vibrant and exciting design style, making it perfect if you are wanting to create a beauty salon experience with a laid-back atmosphere. This Pop Art Wallpaper was custom-made for one of our customers, and adds a playful sense of humour to their beauty salon; if you prefer a lighter, less formal style, our pop art murals will not disappoint. This style of wallpaper is also great if you have a smaller floor space to work with - the colourful design will brighten up any space and add lovely bursts of colour, without the need for any additional items that may make your space feel cluttered.

Custom-made wallpapers don’t only mean custom sizes, but can also mean custom images; if you have a specific idea in mind or design you would like to be transformed into your perfect wallpaper, simply contact our studio team, who will help you bring your creation to life.

Bright pop art wall mural

Mural in photo: Selfie Pout

According to a publication in July 2022 by the Statista Research Department surveying the rise in beauty establishments from 2008 to 2020, it was determined that by 2020, the appetite for hairdressers and beauty salons in the UK had reached an all-time high over the last 13 years; data also suggests that between 2015 and 2016 alone, more than 10,000 beauty establishments were opened in the United Kingdom.

These statistics should clearly illustrate that it is imperative for you to keep your décor fresh and exciting; the atmosphere and feel of an establishment play a huge role in what makes clients want to return. We realize this is no easy feat, especially with the increased competition of today’s market; beauty salons serve as escapism in a demanding world, and in an increasingly stressful society, there are more and more to choose from - this is why creating your salon based on a full experience, rather than just the treatment itself, is how you will stand apart from other establishments.

Make sure your client feels relaxed

Client room with a forest wallpaper mural

Customer mural in photo: Misty Jungle

Whether you have your own establishment or run your business from home, making sure your client feels comfortable and relaxed should be the number one rule, no matter where you are based; realistic, nature-inspired wallpapers are perfect when it comes to creating an instantly calming atmosphere.

Forest wall mural with tall trees and a lake with a setting sun

Mural in photo: A New Day in The Forest

Studies indicate that the simple act of looking at nature can help to calm and relax the mind, and even help us to recharge - humans have an intrinsic love of nature, so including a realistic woodland or landscape wallpaper could be the perfect choice for your beauty salon; the effect it will have on your clients (and yourself) can be extremely positive. The above wall mural could evoke feelings of warmth from the setting sun, or the faint chatter of birds in the distance - we have many Forest & Tree Wallpapers that will help transport your clients into the loving arms of mother nature as they relax into their treatment.

Not only are our pre-designed wallpapers visually beautiful, but can be made to your specific wall dimensions - you can even create your own design to provide a more personalised touch. They are also available in three different materials, including “Classic”, “Premium Paste the Wall”, and “Textured Peel and Stick”, which allows the wallpaper to be easily removed if you’re looking for a more temporary design; all of our wall murals are also supplied in evenly, pre-cut panels so that installation is simple.

If you feel inspired to choose a custom-made wallpaper to transform your beauty salon and see an extensive range of designs perfect for Salons and Spas, please visit our commercial section.

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