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understairs storage ideas

11/06/2024   POSTED BY

7 Understair Storage Ideas That You Need to See

Broomsticks, bulky vacuum cleaners, and giant piles of shoes…when it comes to understair storage, that’s as creative as it usually gets. If you can relate to this *raises hand*, here are some understair storage ideas that will change the way you organise.

Making the most of the area below your stairs not only increases the amount of storage you have, but it can give you an efficient way to tidy things away and keep big items out of sight. It can also add value to your home as smart storage is a hugely sought-after feature!

Furthermore, having a bespoke space means that it’s completely tailored to your needs, so you can really make it your own. Want to elevate your understair space? See some of these amazing transformation ideas below…

1. Turn your space into a reading nook


Calling all bookworms! We’re in love with this idea – are you? This is the perfect understair transformation idea for avid readers. Add shelving units for all of your favourite novels, invest in a luxury armchair, and voila!

If you need somewhere to keep little bits and bobs, baskets that slot into the shelving unit can be super handy too. You can also add your own personal touch to the shelves by choosing a patterned wallpaper. Not only does this add depth and dimension to your space, but patterns like geos can instantly modernise your home.

If you love black and white patterns, art deco can be just as striking as geometric. This ‘Black and White Pattern Vintage’ mural brings instant class, making it easy to elevate your reading corner, even if you opt for budget shelving.

2. Design the perfect home office

botanical mural in home office

Mural in image: Blue Wild Meadow

Home offices are now a vital part of modern workplaces. Remote and hybrid roles are still on the rise, with many companies offering flexible arrangements to support working parents or those who are required to commute long distances.

Don’t have extra rooms? Your understair area is a great place for adding a computer desk. There are so many ways you can do it too, while maintaining flow and consistency with the rest of your home interiors. We love how this office example uses wood to differentiate the hallway area with the office area.

If you love this transformation, you can achieve a similar look with our fabulous floral wallpaper.

3. Create a sensory play room


If you currently have dead space under your stairs, why not create a sensory play zone for your little ones? Not only does this expand their territory in the home, but it gives them somewhere to decompress, relax or engage in independent playtime.

For children who are sensory-seeking or kids who struggle to regulate, sensory play spaces can help them manage their feelings while improving their sensory awareness. Plus, sensory rooms like this one can actually accelerate cognitive growth, increase fine motor skills, boost language development and promote problem solving.

Colours are key when it comes to sensory rooms, so opt for a rainbow wallpaper.

4. Make a chillout zone for toddlers


This is one of the best understair storage ideas for families where space can be a problem, or families with a large brood. Quite often, little ones need to tune out the noise and chaos, and simply relax on their own. An understair cosy corner gives kids (or adults alike) somewhere to think.

Encouraging moments of reflection is especially important in early childhood, so if you have toddlers, this idea could be life changing. Kids who spend time practicing self-reflection build memory skills as well as investigative skills, and these skills are crucial for both school and everyday life.

Children who are great at reflecting on events in their day are also excellent problem solvers, so design a cosy area that enables quality alone time. And don’t forget to make it appealing with a stylish wall murals.

5. Or how about the perfect cloakroom?


If you never have anywhere to store your coats, shoes and hats, utilising the understairs area could be the answer. Before you know it, coats and jackets can pile up in a corner, and shoes are often kicked off on your way in, causing tripping hazards in your hallway. Hats, gloves and other accessories are dotted around the house, and no-one can find anything when they need to leave the house. Hands up if you can relate! raising hand and jumping in the air.

An understair cloakroom is one of the top understair storage ideas for anyone who wants better organisation for outerwear items. Elevate the nook with some wood panelling, which is one of the hottest trends in home design right now. Or if you want to do it without the cost or hassle, why not try a wood panel wallpaper instead? It’s a cost-effective way to get the luxury look without the hard renovation work!

6. Understairs storage ideas for wine


Yes, we’re 100% guilty. This is perhaps our favourite understair transformation! Not just because of the ample wine storage (guzzle guzzle), but because this storage idea just screams ‘classy and sophisticated’. Because anyone with a wine cellar must be totally refined and cultured, right?

Well, if you don’t have a cellar, this is your next best thing. Or actually, it might be better because it’s on full display to all of your guests and you don’t need to bat away the cobwebs every time you head down under.

Wood panel wallpaper can be a great alternative here if you don’t have the budget to fully deck out your storage units, but we also love some of the wine-themed murals in our collection for a bit of fun.

7. Discover nature’s dark side


If it’s not storage you’re after, why not turn your understair space into a seating area? For large hallways and entrance areas, seating can be hugely beneficial. It gives you a mini reception space, somewhere to chat, or just somewhere to wind down alone.

It’s also pretty handy if you design underseat shoe storage, giving you somewhere to sit comfortably while putting your shoes on.

What do you think to these understair storage transformations? If you’ve done something amazing with dead space beneath your stairs, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear more ideas for maximising space in the home…

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