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Rainbow Wallpaper

Rainbow Wallpaper

Rainbow Wall Murals

Bright, colourful and inspiring, rainbow wallpaper is just what you need if you are looking for a cute wallpaper that is both adorable and stylish!

Literally abundant with every colour of the rainbow, this collection of rainbow wall art will splash colour onto your walls and create a happy ambiance in your baby’s nursery, your child’s bedroom or your teen’s cool boho room!

To order one of our rainbow wall murals, just call us or fill out the order form on this page. All we ask for are your wall’s dimensions and choice of wallpaper material. Before you know it, you’ll have your rainbow wallpaper on the wall and feel like you’ve found the end of the rainbow!

Please note: Some of these rainbow pattern wallpapers can be repeated. Simply call us or email us at info@wallsauce.com to find out more.

Rainbow Wallpapers & Rainbow Wall Murals

Experience every colour of the rainbow in your home with one of our beautiful rainbow wall murals! Showcasing on-trend boho rainbow murals for effortlessly cool interior design to cute rainbow wallpaper perfect for your baby’s nursery!

We even have pastel rainbow wallpaper adorned in pretty pinksbluesyellows and more - ideal for a teen or a child’s bedroom. Just paint the surrounding walls in another similar powdery shade to mirror the colours in the design.

Or why not opt for a on-trend boho rainbow wallpaper to give your own bedroom a bohemian feel? Pair your stylish rainbow wall art with dreamcatchers, wicker furniture and hessian baskets brimming with tropical plants for the perfect boho look.

If you’d love to get started with your new rainbow wall decor, all you have to do is order by calling us or filling out the order form on this page. Simply tell us your wall’s dimensions, which wallpaper material you would like as well as the part of the image you’d like to crop to have printed. It’s really as simple as that!

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10 Rainbow Wallpaper

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