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Sea Life & Fish Wallpaper

Sea Life & Fish Wallpaper

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Create a tranquil atmosphere in your room with our easy-to-apply fish wallpaper murals. Swim with dolphins, whales, coral fish and even sharks with our stunning photography and illustrative underwater murals.

They’re bold, colourful and have a wonderfully relaxing aura to them. These sea life wallpapers are perfect for both homes and commercial rooms. So whether you're looking to add a shark wallpaper in your teen's bedroom, a tropical fish statement wall in your office or a calming sea life mural to your baby's nursery, this versatile collection is sure to have a beautiful fish wallpaper for your space. Choose your favourite sea life wall mural with a fish design, enter your dimensions and select your wallpaper material before transforming your room into an aquarium!

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120 Sea Life & Fish Wallpaper Designs

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Under the Sea Wallpaper

Freshwater or saltwater, tropical or temperate climate, whatever your underwater or fishy needs, we have a fish wallpaper or tropical fish background to suit your needs. Perfect for a bathroom, aquariums, or for a swimming pool, these wallpapers are sure to be relaxing and tranquil. 

Get lost in the coral reefs of the world with our coral reef wallpaper. Our Photo of a Coral Colony wallpaper perfectly captures the busy tropical fish swimming in and around the many different varieties of coral and sponges. Or, for turtle lovers, our Coral Reef Diversity wallpaper puts the beloved animal at the forefront of this gorgeous fish wallpaper.

Surfers may enjoy catching a wave with our Rolling Waves wallpaper, which would work fantastic in a bathroom with a large bath, where you can recreate the huge watery surf. Another interesting wave wallpaper is our Big Waves, North Shore, Hawaii wallpaper, which is of a more column-like wave than the previous one mentioned. 

For the individuals who enjoy illustrated or patterned wallpaper, we have a few fun and quirky options. Surfing the 8 Legged Waves is a gorgeous octopus wallpaper that is a drawing of a giant octopus crashing amongst the waves, creating bubbles as he thrashes against the stormy waters around him. 

Kids are also well catered for here, with our range of cute cartoon and photorealistic wallpaper options. Our Sunken Ship wallpaper uses bright colours and a sunken pirate ship to create a fun and creative scene that will liven up your child’s bedroom or playroom.

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