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halloween decor ideas with two skeletons laughing with each other outside of a house

30 SEP 2021      PUBLICADO POR

BOO-tiful Halloween Decor Ideas to Lift Spirits!

If you’re like me, Halloween decor takes me back to when stick-on witches' fingers, an itchy pointy hat and a make-shift cape using a black trash bag would suffice as a witch’s costume! It reminds me of mine and my brother’s home-carved pumpkins whose crooked smiles would glow proudly from our front window. And I remember the excitement of being out of the house así que a altas horas de la noche (probablemente sólo a las 7pm) mientras íbamos a hacer truco o trato!

But the most magical part of Halloween was the amazing decorations. The extra efforts made by our parents and neighbours made all the difference. Whether shop-bought or homemade, decorations always made this spooky season even more exciting (and terrifying)!

In this spook-alicious blog, we have provided you with some fa-BOO-lous Halloween decor ideas which are sure to make this creepy time of year even more spine-chilling for the kids (and big kids)!


Pumpkin Halloween decor ideas

grey zombie hands in graveyard wallpaper in pumpkin decorated room

Mural in photo: Zombie Hand from Extended Search

Pumpkin decor has forever been the go-to option for Halloween. And we’ve all had a go at carving our own jack o' lantern. Just the sweet smell of a pumpkin's insides brings back those treasured childhood memories from All Hallows’ Eve. Both traditional and new, we have some great pumpkin Halloween home decor ideas…


Pumpkin carvings and warty pumpkin displays

carved orange pumpkin lanterns on a hay bale

Carving your own pumpkin decor isn’t just about creating great homemade Halloween decorations. It's about the experience of doing it as well. Halloween wouldn’t be fulfilled without a friendly pumpkin carving competition! Who is the best carver in your family? Or for more laughs, who is the most useless at carving?

As well as pumpkin carving, others are getting really creative with stunning Halloween pumpkin displays. We’re not just talking about orange pumpkins here. We’re talking about warty and marbled pumpkins that come in green, red, yellow and even white shades!

elegant hallowwen decor ideas for a table set with small decorative pumpkins

Fuente de la imagen:

Todas estas calabazas raras y locas han sido perfectamente dispuestas en los escalones del porche y en las repisas de la chimenea. ¡Incluso se han usado para las decoraciones de moda de las mesas de Halloween! Hay tantas calabazas hermosas disponibles en la mayoría de las tiendas de comestibles y supermercados locales. Además de ser agradables a la vista, son excelentes decoraciones baratas para Halloween.


Adorables luces de calabaza para decorar la chimenea o el pasamanos de la escalera

smiling orange pumpkin lights hanging from a fireplace

Fuente de la imagen

Si no tienes la paciencia para crear tu propia exhibición de calabazas frescas, ¿por qué no cuelgas estas lindas luces de calabaza en tu chimenea o en el pasamanos de la escalera? Fáciles de colocar pero efectivas, estas adorables caritas te harán reír con las travesuras de Halloween!


Pretty glass and ceramic jack o' lanterns

white ceramic and glass pumpkin ornaments for Halloween decor ideas

Fuente de la imagen:

Beautiful ceramic pumpkins are a big hit. They are the new, stylish alternative to traditional carved pumpkins. Not only ceramic, you can buy pretty glass pumpkins which look fabulous with lights lit up inside. They aren’t scary, but they are definitely chic. What’s more, they don’t have a ‘use by’ date and can be enjoyed every year.


Regálate un mural de Halloween..

spooky graveyard wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Halloween Graveyard from Extended Search

Pumpkins are very nice (or shall we say spooky), but if you REALLY want to have your guests under your spell, choose a Mural de papel tapiz de Halloween. Desde las sonrisas de las linternas de calabaza, los cementerios nebulosos con espíritus ocultos, los hombres lobo aulladores hasta los aterradores apocalipsis de los zombis, nuestra espeluznante colección de extrañas paredes te asustará cuando entres en la habitación

halloween decor ideas misty wallpaper in living room with pumpkins

Mural en la foto Bosque nebuloso ahumado

Did you know the smartest way to choose Halloween decor ideas is to make sure they last all year long! This Smokey Misted Forest wallpaper is a perfect example. It is a gorgeously calm nature wallpaper that will provide a zen ambiance throughout the year. But when the spooky season comes around and you pair it with pumpkins and other halloween decor, the misty trees turn from calming to eery... Spookily clever, huh?

silhouette of wolf howling against orange moon wallpaper in halloween room

Mural en la foto Wolf Howling

Si quieres mantener tu papel de pared de Halloween sólo para la temporada de miedo, te recomendamos que elijas nuestro la cáscara y el palo texturizados papel tapiz. Este fabuloso papel de pared removible ha sido diseñado específicamente para que no cause daños a su pared cuando se retire con cuidado.


Skeletons (Halloween decor ideas to rattle your bones)!

pink lit up outdoor skulls

Don’t be a lazy bones! A carved pumpkin isn’t enough when it comes to Halloween home decor. Another classic spooky decoration that you need this Halloween is the skeleton! And you DON'T want to forget asking him to your Halloween party or else he will haunt you forever! Eek! From spooky outdoor ones to creep out the neighbours to life-sized ones to hide around the home, you can have so much fun with a skeleton halloween decor!


¡Esqueletos de Halloween de tamaño real (genial para hacer bromas)!

dove grey pumpkin storage ottoman with skeleton peeking out

Image source:

There's a lot of fun to be had when you own a life-size skeleton. Enjoy constantly pranking on those you live with. Stand him behind their bedroom door, hang him over the banister, stick him in your ottoman, or squash him into a kitchen cupboard. The opportunities are endless (muahahaha). But don’t forget that you hid him somewhere and then accidentally give yourself a fright!  


Cute halloween decor ideas

three mini skeletons hanging from a mantel (great Halloween decor ideas)

If your home is too small for a life-size skeleton friend, there are many smaller alternatives which are great for scattering around the home. Dangling skeleton Halloween ornaments are perfect for an empty shelf or a feature fireplace!


¡Calaveras para que practiques tus líneas de Hamlet!

fake skull with dragon pattern carved into it

Scattering skulls around the home is a great way to spook up any room! Available to purchase in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs, skulls have always been a great choice when it comes to Halloween decoration. Why not have a go at making your own sugar skulls inspired by The Day of the Dead? These Mexican festival skulls are simply made with sugar and icing!

pink decorated sugar skull

Image source: via Pinterest


Festive tree Halloween decor ideas – yes, we’re not tricking you

Christmas isn’t the only time of year when you can get your tree out of storage! It's now a HUGE trend to decorate your own Halloween tree! Not only do they look great, but it's an excuse to keep it up until Christmas comes around! No need to haul it back into storage so quickly!

white christmas tree with black and orange halloween decorations

Image source: via Pinterest

Buy your Halloween tree decorations, like these adorable glass ornaments. Not only a bit spooky, but these Halloween decorations look beautiful with natural light shining through them. Why not hang some of these on your windows as well for pretty halloween window decor?

skull, bat, pumpkin and ghost glass halloween decor ideas

Fuente de la imagen: Crafty Glass London

¿Tienes muchos adornos navideños viejos que ibas a regalar? ¡No lo hagas! Recicladlas cubriéndolas con papel maché y decorándolas con calaveras pintadas y brujas para que se conviertan en bonitas bolas de Halloween. O usa una tarjeta negra o naranja para crear tu propio banderín para envolver el árbol Nos encantan las decoraciones baratas de Halloween.



Una corona de Halloween para dar la bienvenida al truco o trato a tu puerta

skull halloween wreath (unique halloween decor ideas)

Image source: via Pinterest

Although they don’t have to hang on your front door, these on-trend Halloween wreaths will certainly have the kids knocking for candy! Even though you can buy some fab scary wreaths, why not have a go at making your own Halloween or Fall wreath? Use fallen red leaves and conkers to make a quaint wreath to enjoy in your home! Homemade Halloween decorations are always so special! What were your favourite decorations at Halloween when you were growing up? Have you carried on any traditions in your own home?


Whatever Halloween decor gets you excited at this spook-tacular time of year, we’d love to hear about it. Simply leave a message below - IF YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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