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view of earth from out of space wallpaper


Earth Wallpaper to Excite any Globe Trotter!

For various reasons, many of us globe trotters are sometimes forced to stay indoors – never mind travelling across the world at the drop of a hat! But will that stop us from planning our next trip around the globe? No! Will we give up our love for the beauty of Mother Earth? No way! If anything, a lot of us have become more passionate about our planet's beauty and all the places we want to visit in the future! Here's how an earth wallpaper can help...

In this blog, we’re not going to become too much like David Attenborough, but we are certainly going to show you how an earth wallpaper can bring a sense of natural beauty into any space. From maps of our vast world, aerial views from the sky and visions of our planet from out of space, our selection of planet wallpapers will reignite the adventurer within you.


Views of nature to help your physical and mental health

birds eye view of the oceans waves wall mural in blue and grey modern lounge

Mural en la foto Vista aérea del océano

We adore this Ocean Aerial View mural. Unique to all our ocean wallpapers, this stunning aerial view of the sea conjures up feelings of stillness, relaxation and invigoration. You can almost hear the gush of the waves and the touch of the water as it brushes against your skin!

Not only are earth wallpapers beautiful but viewing nature is beneficial to us in many ways. Simply viewing a nature scene, whether physical or in a picture, helps improve productivity and concentration. It encourages positivity, reduces anxiety and stress, boosts our immune system and much more.


Stimulate the senses with a globe wallpaper in your home office!

colourful digital art of the solar system in cool, on-trend office

Mural en la foto The Solar System

Because nature scenes are excellent for stress-relief, concentration and productivity, earth wallpapers are ideal for a home office.

Don't you just LOVE this colourful The Solar System wallpaper in this trendy home study? By choosing a desk and chairs in a minimalist design, this globe wallpaper can really shine! The mix of yellows, blues, reds and purples from this work of art by Adrian Chesterman are also highly stimulating for the senses, making sure you are always alert and ready for whatever the day brings!


Boring painted walls? Take a hike!

aerial view of dry and hot california mountains wallpaper on wall beside shelf with plant and camera on it

Mural en la foto Montañas de California

If you were born to travel and hike across the Rockies, Himalayas and Alps, why put this passion on hold whilst you're stuck indoors? Bring that sense of adventure into your home with this awe-inspiring California Mountains wallpaper.

This stunning landscape wallpaper will make any globe trotter feel like they have conquered a mountain or on a flight to their next destination!

As well as creating a striking feature wall, this globe trotter wallpaper will also take away any feelings of claustrophobia. It opens up spaces wonderfully, making you feel as though you are flying above it all…


World map wallpaper to help you plan your next adventure!

colourful and intricate political wallpaper in trendy hallway

Mural en la foto Mapa político mundial

One great alternative to earth wallpaper is a map! With this Political World Map wallpaper, you can appreciate the geography of our earth whilst being able to plan your next trip! Be able to track the Safari you will take between Namibia and Botswana! Spot the islands you are going to hop on and off when you visit Greece! Plan where to stop off during your Russian road trip starting in Saint Petersburg! With this intricately detailed world map wallpaper on your wall, you’ll definitely feel the buzz of having the world at your fingertips!


Earth wallpaper you will love to orbits!

view of the earth from the moon wallpaper in trendy office with two desk chairs

Mural en la foto La Tierra en ascenso

Just like a shot taken from Blue Planet, this jaw-dropping Rising Earth wallpaper is a hugely popular space wallpaper amongst our customers. We think this is because our world is seen as so beautiful yet so fragile in this gorgeous view from the moon.

A world wallpaper such as this would look wonderful in most rooms in the home as well as in the workplace. It would certainly bring a sense of awe into any office space! Whilst you’re heaving through your truck-load of emails have a break by resting your eyes on this out-of-this-world vista


Bring your travel dreams to life with an earth wallpaper

aerial view of lake and forest wallpaper in minimalist bedroom

Mural en la foto Estanque del Bosque

Let’s come back down to earth slightly with another of our favourite aerial view wallpapers. This stunning Forest Pond mural is the ideal earth wallpaper for the nature-loving kind.

The bird’s-eye-view of the lake is not only calming , but there is a whimsical and dreamy feel to it. Have you ever dreamed that you were flying? Then this sky view of the lake may bring back those dream memories!

Because of its faraway feel, install this fabulous landscape wallpaper in your bedroom to get the perfect night’s sleep.


Earth wallpaper with an extra-terrestrial edge!

sci fi view of planet earth wallpaper in grey, black and green living room

Mural en la foto Realistic Planet Earth

As well as making you feel relaxed and connected to the world, our range of planet earth wallpapers are ideal for any sci-fi fan! This Realistic Planet Earth wallpaper will make you feel as though you are flying on board with Captain Jean-Luc Picard!

With dazzling star clusters and an awesome view of the earth from afar, this breath-taking papel tapiz espacial is not only great for globe trotters but ambitious planet hoppers as well!


Reminisce on past adventures with a map wallpaper

brown/beige and off white world map wallpaper in beautiful grey and beige living room

Mural en la foto Mapa mundial del café marrón

A map wallpaper will definitely bring back memories of your holidaying adventures. That time when you rode on a gondola in Venice. When you first saw the Sydney Opera house or when you were taking the lift to the top of The Empire State building... Relive those wonderful memories every day with this stunning Coffee Brown World Map wallpaper designed by the talented map illustrator, Rosana Laiz García.


Do you feel ready to take on the world with our earth wallpaper collection? We certainly hope so because we think this trend is going to go global! If you haven’t found your perfect earth wallpaper here, why not search through our rango extendido? If you have a question, simply leave a comment below!

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