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Panoramic Wallpaper

Panoramic Wallpaper

Panoramic Wall Murals

Whether you have a long wall in your home that is screaming for attention or a huge office space that needs some life injected into it, choose from our range of beautiful panoramic wall murals. Our selection of panoramic wall art can be used for large wall spaces, but they also offer more of an image for you to crop from if your wall is much smaller.

Not only do our panoramic wallpapers add depth and style, but they can also be used to wrap around an entire room – whether small or large. Choose from sunlit forests, expansive mountain ranges, chinoiserie florals, artistic jungle scenes and much more.

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112 Panoramic Wallpaper Designs

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Panoramic Wallpaper

The beauty of panoramic wallpaper is that you are given more choice when it comes to one image. If you don’t have room to enjoy the entire image, crop your favourite part and order it as a wall mural. Not only this, but panoramic wall art gives you the opportunity to wrap more than one wall with a landscape or pattern without having to repeat it.

Above all, we love our range of landscape panoramic wallpapers. When installed on a long wall or wrapped around a room, you can really feel like you’re stood in Brooklyn looking across at Manhattan or hearing the crickets as you stand in a Mediterranean forest. You could even feel like you’re stood in a London park hearing the birds sing in the trees or that you are under the sea, enjoying the coral reef with rare species of sea life.

This is one reason why we think panoramic wall murals make great choices for children’s bedrooms as well as educational centres. They are highly stimulating and inspiring! Not only for children, but this factor also shows how successful panoramic wall murals can be in the office space!

So get ready to enhance your space with a beautiful and motivating panoramic wallpaper!

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