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Orchids Wallpaper

Orchids Wallpaper

Orchid Flower Wallpaper

Embellish your home with one of the most fashionable ornamental plants, the orchid. Representing love, beauty and luxury, our orchid murals can flourish any room with splendour and romance.

Orchid blossoms are both sensational and impactful when used as accent walls, or even as an all-round wallpaper design. Use your new orchid wall mural in your living room, bedroom, office space, or as a talking point for your florist or garden centre business. 

From striking photography to stunning illustrations, we've got a variety of orchid wall murals available on premium wallpapers made to fit your wall. Simply choose paste the wall or peel and stick.

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4 Orchids Wallpaper Designs

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Orchids Wallpaper

Both colourful and fragrant, the orchid flower is found all over the world, with over 30,000 different species of the flower that have been discovered or created at this present moment. Known mostly for being an ideal gift for your mother, this ornamental plant is also perfect for use as a feature wall in many different rooms in your house. So, we’ve collected together some of the best orchid wallpapers available for you to choose from.

Our orchid wallpaper murals come in many different styles, varieties and colours, from abstract prints to painted versions, to photographic close-ups, to even creative patterned designs. To order an orchid flower backdrop with us, simply input your measurements into our online wall dimensions form, and we’ll create your chosen orchid wallpaper on premium quality materials, perfectly measured for your chosen wall. It’ll also arrive perfectly packaged in wallpaper panels that make wallpaper application simply a breeze.

You can use many different forms of exciting decor and design along with your orchid wallpaper mural, such as ornate gold furniture, or bright and bold accessories to reflect the vibrancy of orchid flower petals. 

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