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Circle Wallpaper

Circle Wallpaper

Circle Patterned Wallpaper

Circle pattern wallpapers are fantastic for adding in both an abstract and unique touch to your home decor. From optical illusions to infectious patterns, we have a huge variety of circle wallpaper murals.

Use your new circle pattern wallpaper in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, as well as in your office or home cinema.

Choose large circular prints to make a space feel larger, or smaller patterns to fill a space with interest and see how your room is transformed.

Available in a variety of colours, there’s a circle wallpaper mural to suit everyone’s décor. 

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35 Circle Wallpaper Designs

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Circle Wallpaper

Our circle wallpaper range includes optical illusions, tunnels, tubes, vortexes, for you to choose from. You may even like our retro and vintage circle wallpaper designs instead. Even psychedelic wallpaper designs pop up within our circle pattern wallpaper collection. You can definitely create stunning 60s decor using our circle wallpaper range.

Vintage circle wallpaper options include floral offerings in both cherry blossom and other beautiful flower designs. We also have polka dots and concentric circle design wallpaper.

Add in other circle patterned items around the rest of your room for the full effect. You can also go the other way, and keep the rest of your room decor simple, in order for your chosen circle pattern design to shine. All you need to do to makeover your room with a circle pattern wallpaper mural is to use our handy online form and input your chosen wall measurements. We’ll then make a wallpaper that is made to measure to fit your exact wall and is printed on the quality wallpaper material of your choice. It’ll also come to your door in easy to apply wallpaper panels so that you don’t have to spend hours applying wallpaper.

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