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02/17/2017   POSTED BY

6 Sexy Bedroom Murals That Would Intrigue Christian Grey

To coincide with the premiere of Fifty Shades Darker, we’ve searched thousands of our images to bring you the sexiest bedroom wall murals that would even leave Christian Grey intrigued.

Here’s how you can strip your bedroom’s dull, innocent décor and induce it with explicit design as inspired by Christian Grey’s penthouse. 

1. The Seattle Skyline

Granted, we aren’t all fortunate to parade around a 5000+ square foot penthouse with floor to ceiling windows, showcasing the impressive Seattle skyline. So here’s to improvisation! Achieving the Seattle views in London isn’t impossible - so to speak. Any skyline outside of its city isn’t impossible to achieve! We’ve a wealth of city skyline murals, including Seattle’s, all made-to-measure to fit your bedroom walls floor to ceiling. For the ultimate Grey bedroom, consider opting for a night time skyline mural.


'Seattle Sunset' wall mural

2. Something Less Dominating

If a Seattle skyline could dominate your bedroom’s space, perhaps consider a more submissive mural that has a mysterious charm about it. The ‘Light in the Dark’ mural is perfect for achieving this look!


'Light in the Dark' wall mural

3. The Submissive Look

‘Red Carpet Forest’ wall mural is our other suggestion for a submissive look. With its sensual red tones, there’s something erotic as well as mysterious about this image.


'Red Carpet Forest' wall mural

4. Ana Steele's Bedroom

Inspired by Ana Steele’s bedroom at Grey’s penthouse, we’ve chosen our ‘Floral Pattern’ wall mural. It’s completed muted compared to the other wall murals featured in this post, but it has the elegance and innocence of Anastasia’s bedroom.


Ana Steele's Bedroom - View image source


'Floral Pattern - Grey' wall mural

5. Seductive Textures and Patterns

Christian Grey’s penthouse is filled with different seducing textures and patterns. Damask patterns are great for achieving this seducing and luxurious look. 


'Damask Detailed' wall mural

6. Luxurious Marble

Finally, nothing screams luxury and wealth more than marble. It showers Grey’s floors and walls throughout his penthouse. In accordance with interior trends for 2017, we’ve applied a dazzling range of marble murals to our website for you to achieve marble luxe at a fraction of the cost, including this sensual white marble mural.


'White and Blue Marble Effect' wall mural

With thousands of made-to-measure wall murals available, you're sure to find your sexy. Search our extended range images to find your mural that will intrigue Christian Grey. Alternatively, please feel free to discuss below, your ideas on creating a luxe bedroom.

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